Ohio State vs. Purdue (part 2) Open Thread



Ohio State 30 Purdue 37

Not related to the game, but the just announced Mike Vrabel was traded to Kansas City. Bummer for him.

Back to the game. How does Ed Hightower continue to be employed?

The Buckeyes started the second half nice and quick but they’ve shot themselves in the foot a couple times and instead of being within 2 are now down by 7. Diebler needs to find his shot. The refs aren’t helping issues, either.


  1. We would be wise to leave all hope at the door for this one.

  2. @Greg – Oh yeah? Not optimistic about the Buckeye chances? Or are you optimistic about Purdue’s? 🙂

  3. Nice way to finish the first half, and maybe I’m being too pessimistic, but I chalked this up as a loss before the game began. I truly believe this is a buckeye team that could pull a couple upsets in the tourney, but they just need to survive the end of this regular season. Take your loss today and close out with wins at Iowa and home for Northwestern. That should do it.

  4. Survival is an issue at this point, but Purdue is hot from outside. I’d like to think we’ve got a chance but with some many turnovers and poor shooting is dooming us.

  5. worst officiating ever…. i hate to put this on the zebras but if i was playing i would just give up and get the game over as quickly as possible. when they can slap your arm, knocking the ball out of bounds and they still get the ball, its not even worth it.

    its one thing to play hard when your being beat, but having the ref’s beat you just sucks…

    that being said, we were crazy cold this game shooting, need to figure that out if we are going to make the dance.

  6. Yeah, the refs were awful. Particularly the black dude…Hightower, right? Man he was awful.

    But the play did not seem very inspired today. The Bucks have made me sick on a few occasions over the last couple years. Today certainly was one.

  7. @lancelott – the shot Turner took across the forehead was egregious. That non-call summed up the reffing effort.

    @Greg – I had to turn it off, and I don’t do that very often.

  8. I did too. I probably give up more frequently than you do though. Remember the tourney game against Xavier in the Oden/Conley run? Yeah…

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