Scarlet Out At The Shoe

After a much needed bye week, the Buckeyes will test their mettle against a stingy Hawkeyes defense at home. They passed their initial test against Notre Dame, they blew through Wisconsin and Michigan State, and they cruised by Rutgers, Arkansas State and Toledo.

The second half of the season has a ton of obstacles and it is important for the Buckeyes stay focused from here on out. Not only should they take this game seriously, the last time they faced the Hawkeyes, they were blown out at Kinnick Stadium.

Stiff Test Ahead

Ohio State has one of the best offenses in the nation, but the fact that they haven’t faced a competent defense outside of Notre Dame. This will be a “prove it” type game and I am looking forward to seeing what this team does and how they adapt. This offense hasn’t been challenged yet, and I feel like the team will set the tone for the second half of the season.

This is very much a memory that Coach Day has on his mind as he revealed the proverbial “scars” that have resurfaced as we approach game day. The offense will certainly have a tough time and a lot will be revealed when the clock hits zero. Not only does Iowa have a sturdy defense, they are also the #1 scoring defense in the nation.

I feel like the fact that everyone outside of Columbus is saying that CJ Stroud and company hasn’t “played anyone yet” and they have had a “cupcake” schedule up until this point will also play a factor in this game. The fact that everyone is discounting their achievements up to this point, it only adds to the intrigue and anticipation.

Feast or Famine

Outside of the Buckeye offense facing this stingy defense, how will this improved defense do against a bottom-tier offense? I could go on-and-on about the offense, but I am interested to see if this revamped defensive scheme can manage to shut out the Hawkeyes offense.

It is possible, but we’ve all seen this team have lapses from time to time and sometimes teams find a way to score. The challenge of earning a shutout is another layer of intrigue. It won’t be easy, but with a motivated team it might be possible.

The Buckeyes have been solid up to this point and dismantled most of their opponents, but this Iowa team might show some offensive fortitude in the form of splash plays. I think the Buckeyes limit those to three or less. The bye week helped a few players on both ends get healthy, and I cannot wait to witness everything.

Health Concerns

With the bye week, JSN, Chop and Hall all got an extra week to recuperate. The Buckeyes haven’t been at full strength since week 1 and it is a scary to think of the possibilities. MHJ, Fleming and Egbuka have been having great seasons so far, and if its either Henderson or Williams, they are still explosive.

Not to mention, if their second team receives reps, they can be just as lethal—especially if Coach Day gives McCord the green light to run the offense. That would be awesome and I’m sure everyone would want to see a preview of what next years offense would look like.

With all things considered, I think the Buckeyes will air on the side of caution and allow the starters to rest for a noon game at Happy Valley. If things get out of hand, look for those “health concerns” to win out. We don’t expect Coach Day to be reckless, but if the game is put away by the third quarter, we will get a little preview from McCord and Brown.


The pre-game hype videos seem like subliminal messages to the public. The “Statement” sounds like we will be making one against one of the best defenses in the country. This will be a test, but I think they pass with flying colors.

Ohio State defeats Iowa 42-12.

  • Stroud shreds this Iowa defense. I don’t think the splash plays will be plentiful but I’d say he has 3-4 and finishes with 275+ passing yards and 4 TD’s.
  • Zone 6 and Stover continues offensive assault. MHJ, Fleming, Egbuka, Stover all score while JSN slowly gets back to form.
  • Henderson and Williams have a day. 180+ rushing and 2 TD’s.
  • Defense makes plays and a statement. 4 sacks, 1 INT and a forced fumble.

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