Road Test At East Lansing

Road Less Traveled

In the last five weeks, the Buckeyes handled their business at home. With their non-conference schedule, they beat a top five Notre Dame team and they throttled Arkansas State and Toledo. They also went 2-0 in conference play after handling both, Wisconsin and Rutgers.

In week 6 will feature their first trip outside the confines of Columbus against a struggling 2-3 Spartan squad. This could be especially dangerous considering that these very Spartans are winless in conference play.

This could be another upset in the making with all of that considered. Topped off with the ever-increasing amount of injuries sustained by the Buckeyes. This should be another easy week, but let’s not overlook a team that has defeated Ohio State within the last 10 years.

I still have flashbacks of 2015’s walk-off FG and a kicker running around playing air guitar. As much as I am confident in the eventual win, I will not overlook this team. For context, the last successful home defense against Ohio State was in 1999.

Will this cocktail of the cold and injuries derail another promising season for the Buckeyes? Or will they live to fight another day, to inch closer to their season goals? We will find out and I will anxiously wait for it.


Have the Buckeyes played in less-than-ideal weather conditions this season? The projected 53-degree might not be bad, but it’s the cloudy, and potentially windy afternoon might be an issue. Additionally, with the fall in the Midwest, cold weather could also be a factor—especially in Big 10 country.

We all know that Coach Day wants a balanced attack, but with the mounting injuries, who will step up? Who is actually healthy and who will be missing? A lot of questions that will be answered soon enough.

We all know the talent on either side is never lacking, but it will be interesting to see who is out, who steps in, and more importantly—who will step up when their number is called.

Injury Bug Blues

We all know that injuries are a part of the game, but they keep coming this year. JSN with his hammy, Brown and Burke with their issues, and now Williams after such a gutsy performance?

Coach speak or not, there are concerns about the players and their health. Whether legitimate or not, I believe they are working hard with one goal in mind—to win it all.

Will health eventually be an issue? Yes, but I think it doesn’t apply to this years team. Will certain players sit to keep healthy for big games? Possibly. It’s all up to the coaching staff to identify and treat things on a case-by-case basis. We shouldn’t worry just yet.


With all things considered, I think this will be fine, but the injures and weather will play a factor in a possible slow start. Not to mention, the way the Spartans lost in Columbus last year, I can see them coming out the gates on fire.

  • Stroud goes for 250 and 5 scores
  • Rushing attack goes for 150 and 2 scores
  • Defense has 3 sacks, 1 INT
  • Eichenberg/Chambers 20+ combined tackles

Final 49-20