Indians Locking Up Kluber & Carrasco Proves Front Office’s Commitment to Winning

Corey Kluber

In 2007, CC Sabathia won the Cy Young Award. He was traded a year later. In 2008, Cliff Lee won the Cy Young Award. He was also traded a year later. Back-to-back Cy Young Award winners being traded didn’t sit too well with Cleveland Indians fans. Selling away star players can make any fan base jaded and negative. Fast-forward to 2014, Corey Kluber became the fourth pitcher in Indians history to win the Cy Young Award. Indians fans waited for the sky to fall again the following year. But that never had a chance of happening. On Easter Sunday, just before the start of the season, Kluber signed a new contract that will keep him in an Indians uniform for several more seasons. In more ways than one it’s a big moment for the franchise and it’s fans.

Kluber’s new contract keeps him in a Tribe uniform until 2019 and also has club options for 2020 and 2021. According to writer Jordan Bastian, the guaranteed portion of the contract is worth a total of $38.5 million. That’s a pretty great price for the defending AL Cy Young Award winner. According to Ken Rosenthal, this is the “largest guarantee ever” for a pre-arbitration pitcher and contains “unique escalators and trade language.” This deal works out well for Kluber too, as at the age of 29 it’s a safe deal to take and gives him security.

Kluber on signing his new deal:

I’m excited to have it in place and be a Cleveland Indian for a long time,” Kluber said on Sunday. “More than anything, I wanted to be here. The young core that Chris has done a great job of locking up, and everything that [manager Terry Francona and pitching coach Mickey Callaway] have meant to me since I’ve gotten here, that had more to do with it than anything. I wanted to be a part of this.”

It’s encouraging words to hear from an ace pitcher and he hit on the big reason why Indians fans everywhere should be excited about this season and beyond: the young core that has been locked up. Kluber wasn’t the only pitcher the Indians locked up for the long-term on Sunday, as they also extended the contract of Carlos Carrasco. According to Jeff Passan, It’s a three-year extension on top of his 2015 salary with the guarantee close to $22 million. It also has options for 2019 and 2020. Carrasco struggled for good parts of 2014, losing his starting spot in the rotation and was even designated for assignment. After a short time in the bullpen though he turned it around, posting a 2.30 ERA in 43 innings in the bullpen. This earned him a spot back in the rotation at the end of the season where he was lights out. Over 69 innings he had 1.30 ERA and struck 78 batters, while only walking 11. If Carrasco can maintain this kind of performance consistently, the Indians have themselves a pretty potent 1-2 punch at the top of their rotation for years to come.

By signing Kluber and Carrasco to long-term deals before the season, the Indians generate a lot of excitement and reinvigorate confidence in the fan base. These deals symbolize the front office’s dedication to putting a winner on the field. Of course these aren’t the only two young players that are locked up in long-term deals. They’re two parts of a very dynamic and exciting core of players on this roster. 2014 Silver Slugger catcher Yan Gomes is signed through 2019, second basemen Jason Kipnis is signed through 2019, All-Star Michael Brantley is signed through 2017 and several other players have multiple years of arbitration before free agency. It’s not unfair at all to compare this core of young players signed to long-term deals to the core of players in the 90s that were signed to long contracts. And we all know how the 90s were for the Indians.

There are no guarantees of success though and you never know what might happen to a player next. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the contract extensions of Roberto Hernandez (aka Fausto Carmona) and Travis Hafner done by the Indians in the last ten years. Those contracts were complete busts and hampered the franchise for multiple years. I point this out to temper your enthusiasm Indians fans and to remain grounded. A championship isn’t won on paper. The main point of this is General Manager Chris Antonetti and the front office of the Indians should be applauded for doing everything they can to ensure a winning product and put the best players on the field. That is all you can really ask out of a front office. The pieces are in place to succeed and if the players live up to their full potential the 2015 season could be a fun one for the team at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.

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In Case You Missed It

We’re not dead, we’re just hibernating.

After our (my) self-imposed hiatus, I’m trying to get back into the posting groove. Here’s a delayed round-up of some of news and goings-on in Buckeyeland and Blogtopia.

This may only affect a small percentage of MotSaG readers, but earlier this week Gawker (which owns tabloid sports blog Deadspin) suffered a major security breach that included the usernames, emails and passwords to their thousands of user accounts being hacked. If you have ever commented or registered at any of their sites, including Deadspin, you might want to see if your account has been compromised and then set about changing any passwords you might have in common with Gawker sites and other sites you frequent. Practice cyber-security!

The Big Ten Logo and the Big Ten Divisions were announced to much derision and mockery by the fans. We here at MotSaG HQ hate the Leaders and Legends names and will refer to them as “East” and “West.” until something better comes along. (Which might happen sooner rather than later)

Speaking of things I hate (in conjunction with the new Big Ten announcements), I’m not a big fan of the new Big Ten Trophies. It was as if they didn’t want to offend anyone, so they spread as big a swath of recognition possible. Welcome to the Everyone gets a Trophy League! (don’t even get me started that Speil’s doesn’t get a trophy named after him. I think we need to start a blog-movement to get a Chris Speilman trophy).

Iowa – What’s going on over there?!

With ESPN’s stranglehold on the broadcast rights of the Bowl Games you can also now watch them all on your Xbox 360. Something felt wrong typing that last sentence.

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Is this thing on…

So the burnout of another season took it’s toll on the MotSaG…or more particularly YNBA…

Surprised? Not Really. It is tough to come up with brilliant material on a weekly basis when nothing is going on in the college football landscape. Here is a quick list of 20 general happenings over the last few months:

  1. Tim Tebow did something magical…not quite sure what it was…
  2. The CBJ made the playoffs and were happy to be there for a week.
  3. Jamal Berry likes to carry the ‘sticky icky‘ in his car.
  4. FC Barcelona won the Champions League against Manchester United and an angel got it’s wings.
  5. Tim Tebow did something philanthropic…not quite sure what it was…
  6. Carlos Hyde is a poor test-taker, or he is dumb, or he doesnt care, or he just really wanted to attend Fork Union next year.
  7. Terrelle Pryor looks like he can read a defense and cleaned up his throwing motion (a little), but there are still 4 QB’s on the Penn State roster that are better than him and a few PSU trainers, as well (Source: Any Ohio State Thread on Audibles).
  8. Ole Miss and North Caolina are in the top 10 in the pre-season polls. Thus fulfilling reason #4576 why polls shouldnt be released until the sixth week of the season.
  9. EDSBS’s Digital Viking Series has won over a nation of blog readers
  10. Deadspin…something is missing over there..well..besides Leitch, “Hirshey is the Closer”, and a gentle dose of “This Week’s Apologies”, but hey, they can embed youtube music videos like no other.
  11. Real Madrid spent over 200 million euros on two players…and that is without including the player salaries for the non-soccer crowd.
  12. The Cleveland Indians bi-annual YNBA soul killing exercise is in full effect this year.
  13. We were kind of ‘witnesses’ to BronBron getting faced…in a Ferris Bueller 31-Flavors kind of way…
  14. The Cavs got Shaq Diesel. Well maybe the Bio-Diesel Version. Doesnt this make Cavs fan hate Carlos Boozer a little more each year?
  15. The US Men’s Soccer Team had a great and completely unexpected run in the Confederations Cup (Spain…really?) and Landon Donovan has been rejuvenated. Did you hear that? That was Bob Bradley getting up from sucking his thumb in the corner.
  16. The Browns continue to be the Browns, but it could be worse…they could be the Seahawks (giggle giggle).
  17. Our Honor Defend’s “Better Know a Buckeye” Series has been top notch work for a slow summer.
  18. David Beckham came back from Italy to sounds of boo’s and a simple chorus of no one really giving a flying crap about David Beckham anymore. Beckham Experiment = EPIC FAIL
  19. Rick Nash signs with the CBJ for 25 years. Oh alright…8 years. Sorry Maple Leaf Fans.
  20. South Carolina really wants Ohioans to leave. It’s like a little kid running a lemonade stand asking someone with a ten dollar bill to get lost.

Do you hear that? That is the sound of inevitability

…the sound of Columbus becoming an Indians town…

There was nothing more annoying about living in Columbus than hearing about how everyone was a Yankee fan, because the Clippers were the AAA affiliate for the club. I mean really…who wouldnt be a Yankee fan when you would get to watch Derek Jeter play in Columbus for about 12 minutes and then leave for the Bronx. Remember watching Drew Henson get booed nightly for attending UM and sucking at baseball…that was awesome. Finally and thankfully, those days could be over…

It was made “unoffically” official today, the Indians have signed up the Columbus Clippers to be the club’s top minor league team (AAA) for the next four years. This relationship will begin when the Clippers open the 2009 season in it’s new downtown ballpark “Huntington Field in the Arena District.”

I wonder if Mo Vaughn bought into this?

I wonder if Mo Vaughn bought into this?