Do you hear that? That is the sound of inevitability

…the sound of Columbus becoming an Indians town…

There was nothing more annoying about living in Columbus than hearing about how everyone was a Yankee fan, because the Clippers were the AAA affiliate for the club. I mean really…who wouldnt be a Yankee fan when you would get to watch Derek Jeter play in Columbus for about 12 minutes and then leave for the Bronx. Remember watching Drew Henson get booed nightly for attending UM and sucking at baseball…that was awesome. Finally and thankfully, those days could be over…

It was made “unoffically” official today, the Indians have signed up the Columbus Clippers to be the club’s top minor league team (AAA) for the next four years. This relationship will begin when the Clippers open the 2009 season in it’s new downtown ballpark “Huntington Field in the Arena District.”

I wonder if Mo Vaughn bought into this?

I wonder if Mo Vaughn bought into this?


  1. Wow… two movie references in three paragraphs. That was awesome.

    Does that mean Pedro Cerrano is Morpheus?

    BTW: The Clippers have been the Nationals’ affiliate for the past year or two.

    I’m not crazy about the switch back to the AL. One nice thing about the Clippers NL affiliation was that the pitchers actually took up bats and played baseball. Now that they’re going back to the AL, the DH will reappear in C-bus.

  2. Just the simple fact that there is a ‘local’ connection to that team playing downtown in the new stadium will be a really good thing. Also (good or bad), the Indians philosophy to building it’s roster will definitely provide a successful team in Columbus and give the peeps something to do during the summer months besides worrying about JT’s play-calling.

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