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So the burnout of another season took it’s toll on the MotSaG…or more particularly YNBA…

Surprised? Not Really. It is tough to come up with brilliant material on a weekly basis when nothing is going on in the college football landscape. Here is a quick list of 20 general happenings over the last few months:

  1. Tim Tebow did something magical…not quite sure what it was…
  2. The CBJ made the playoffs and were happy to be there for a week.
  3. Jamal Berry likes to carry the ‘sticky icky‘ in his car.
  4. FC Barcelona won the Champions League against Manchester United and an angel got it’s wings.
  5. Tim Tebow did something philanthropic…not quite sure what it was…
  6. Carlos Hyde is a poor test-taker, or he is dumb, or he doesnt care, or he just really wanted to attend Fork Union next year.
  7. Terrelle Pryor looks like he can read a defense and cleaned up his throwing motion (a little), but there are still 4 QB’s on the Penn State roster that are better than him and a few PSU trainers, as well (Source: Any Ohio State Thread on Audibles).
  8. Ole Miss and North Caolina are in the top 10 in the pre-season polls. Thus fulfilling reason #4576 why polls shouldnt be released until the sixth week of the season.
  9. EDSBS’s Digital Viking Series has won over a nation of blog readers
  10. Deadspin…something is missing over there..well..besides Leitch, “Hirshey is the Closer”, and a gentle dose of “This Week’s Apologies”, but hey, they can embed youtube music videos like no other.
  11. Real Madrid spent over 200 million euros on two players…and that is without including the player salaries for the non-soccer crowd.
  12. The Cleveland Indians bi-annual YNBA soul killing exercise is in full effect this year.
  13. We were kind of ‘witnesses’ to BronBron getting faced…in a Ferris Bueller 31-Flavors kind of way…
  14. The Cavs got Shaq Diesel. Well maybe the Bio-Diesel Version. Doesnt this make Cavs fan hate Carlos Boozer a little more each year?
  15. The US Men’s Soccer Team had a great and completely unexpected run in the Confederations Cup (Spain…really?) and Landon Donovan has been rejuvenated. Did you hear that? That was Bob Bradley getting up from sucking his thumb in the corner.
  16. The Browns continue to be the Browns, but it could be worse…they could be the Seahawks (giggle giggle).
  17. Our Honor Defend’s “Better Know a Buckeye” Series has been top notch work for a slow summer.
  18. David Beckham came back from Italy to sounds of boo’s and a simple chorus of no one really giving a flying crap about David Beckham anymore. Beckham Experiment = EPIC FAIL
  19. Rick Nash signs with the CBJ for 25 years. Oh alright…8 years. Sorry Maple Leaf Fans.
  20. South Carolina really wants Ohioans to leave. It’s like a little kid running a lemonade stand asking someone with a ten dollar bill to get lost.


  1. That one is new to me. Strange.

    For all that has been happening this off-season, I’m still struggling to get excited about anything. The Shaq deal has me intrigued, but I need to crawl out of the funk before September comes around.

    And don’t get me started about the Indians. That is just sad.

  2. Well…the premier league starts in about 2-3 weeks and that should be exciting. Go Liverpool!

    Remember that time when the Indians would spend money on it’s players and not play like crap in the playoffs? That was awesome…

    FC Barcelona is coming to Seattle for a friendly on 8/5. I’ll be there…and it will be an awesome spectacle.

  3. Barca is my “team” back when I lived in Spain (and Figo played for them). Are they playing the Sounders (or whatever the Seatlle team is called)? That would be awesome.

    Don’t look now, but the Indians are on a hot 5-game winning streak!

  4. That must have been quite an experience living there and following that team.

    The Sounders FC play Barca next Wedenesday in a friendly on ESPN2. I’ll be there…it will be a good time…saw them Chelsea a few weeks back and it was weird, but awesome at the same time. I have a feeling Ibrahimovic (sp?) is going to eat up the Seattle back four.

    It was over 100 in Seattle yesterday. That is the equivalent of “hell freezing over”

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