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The Return of the King:

This was the week that King Cardale Jones returned as the starter of the reigning National Champions Buckeyes.  This was also the week that Captain J.T. Barrett had to sit out after his OVI fiasco from last week.  The Minnesota game was interesting and as expected the Buckeyes pulled away in the second half while Jones is at the helm.  I am not a Cardale hater by any means.  I mean, I have no need or want to because he brought us the National Championship, but I also call it like I see it.  Without the reliable deep threat, he cannot spread defenses out.  The lack of mobility is evident and he just flat out struggles in the offense.  With that being said he also seems to be distracted for some reason.  I don’t know what it is and I cannot put my finger on it, but he looks like something is bothering him.  It isn’t affecting his production on the field, but as a fan, it is getting annoying.  I for one know that the Buckeyes should be destroying everyone they have played, but with Jones as the starter, the offense as a whole plays to the level of their opponents.  It has to stop.  Please make it stop.

Recruiting Battles:

Well it finally happened!  The Kareem Walker drama finally revealed it’s ugly head.  At last it is finally over.  The “I am committed, but I will continue to take my visits” drama is finally over!  Walker would’ve been a nice addition to this years class but he is obviously scared of competition.  I mean we have Mike Weber from last years class and Antonio Williams from this years class.  We sorely needed another slot to maximize the talent pool as well so good luck young man!  I am not bitter, we needed an opening and we can now focus on recruiting more talent.

With the extra slot, we have 3-5 more spots and it will be an interesting couple of months prior to National Signing Day.  I am hoping that we snag a couple of blue-chippers that will contribute as soon as they arrive on campus.  The targets that are still high up on the board are Michigan Linebacker Daelin Hayes, California Linebacker Mique Juarez.   Hayes was present during the Minnesota – Ohio State game and he came away impressed.  Certainly an interesting turn of events, but I do not expect anything concrete.  Although it is well known that the Buckeyes want to add one more linebacker to this years class, but I won’t be a bit surprised if they take both of the ones mentioned above.

The Buckeyes are also looking to add a top-tier Defensive Tackle and they have a shot at a few of them.  Louisiana’s own Rashard Lawrence, Georgia’s Antwuan Jackson, Texas’ Chris Daniels and North Carolina’s Dexter Lawrence.  I believe with the recent Walker defection, it pretty much puts Rashan Gary out of the Buckeyes grasp.

The Buckeyes are also looking at bringing in another Wide Receiver to pair with Austin Mack and a pair of Florida products in Binjimen Victor and Nate Craig-Meyers.  Binjimen Victor is the one who is most likely Buckeye-bound but with recruiting, you never now.  Craig-Meyers would be a nice addition but he is currently trending toward Gainesville.

Lastly, the Buckeyes are still working to find 1-2 more Defensive Backs.  Georgia’s Nigel Warrior, Pennsylvania’s Damar Hamlin and New Jersey’s Jordan Fuller are at the top of the Buckeye’s wish list.  They are all playmakers and blue-chip prospects and it would be a welcomed addition to the class.  They both are still up in the air and now it is just a waiting game.

Braxton Boo Boo:

This past week, Braxton Miller suffered an injury against Minnesota.  A potential concussion to be exact.  Coach Meyer said that Braxton just got the wind knocked out of him and now it is just a waiting game to see what the exact injury is or was.  Coach Meyer said that he looked to be fine after they dressed down.  Hopefully he comes back and hopefully the injury in question wasn’t that bad.

Poor Spartans:

Did you see the Spartans this past weekend?  I for one think that caught a bad break.  The receiver was not forced out of bounds.  To make it worst, they lost to a lucky Nebraska team who are flat out terrible this year.  Ohio State better trounce Illinois prior to their showdown with a potentially angry Spartans team who were robbed of a victory.


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