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Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good morning Buckeye Nation.

B1G Weekend: This match-up versus the Badgers this weekend is B1G. Approximately fifty recruits will be at the ‘Shoe for the game, Lebron James will be there and will speak to the team before the game and its the B1G opener for the Buckeyes oh and fireworks too (both on and off the field!!).

This weekend is the biggest recruiting weekend of the year. Our friends at eleven warriors has a nice post on this weekend recruits and we should hopefully have something ourselves later on it.

LeBron James who is a big Buckeye fan and supporter will be giving a pre-game speech tonight. I’ll be honest here it will be a cool thing for the recruits coming in to share the sideline with the two time NBA champion and he has done a lot for the school. I am still jilted as a Cavs fan at what he did and I’m not sure I can get over it. Yes he had every right to move to any team he wanted to during his free agency and yes it still would have sucked and us Cleveland fans wouldn’t have liked him for just moving but the way he did it. He claimed he wanted to be the first to bring championships to northeast Ohio and knows what us fans have been through and he goes on tv and basically slaps us in the face with his stunt of announcing on national tv “I’m running away to find friends to help me win championships” (paraphrasing of course). I know get over it, I will even if I say I wouldn’t want him back in the wine and gold but he did come back and won championships will the Cavaliers.

Meyer Tweets: I love the fact that Coach Meyer is on twitter. He knows how to get amped up like his tweet he sent out yesterday:

Put me in coach I’m ready to play!!

Speaking of Hype: Our friends at the four letter network has their hype commercial for the game tonight. I’m no way a fan of the network as some of you might know and there are many of us like that out there but I hate to admit they do put out good hype videos for games.

Booms goes the dynamite: Even thought this awesome play came in second in our poll for best play last season (first in my eyes and heart) who could forget the Shazier hit at the goal line against Wisconsin last season. If you don’t remember sit back and enjoy make sure you “Got your popcorn ready”.

Your Daily Shazier

Shazier Gif Illini

Friday Open Thread: Wisconsin Badgers

Tried to get this out earlier today, but Real Life™ has conspired against me. But since tomorrow’s game is a prime time kickoff, we can have a later open thread, too, right?

This is Ohio State’s first real (and quite possibly only) test. A Top 25 team, one of the best rushing attacks in the nation with a couple of the best running backs in all of college football. Their defense, especially their front four, isn’t a push-over easy. This should be a slugfest from start to finish (or at least the end of the third quarter). But hey, Ohio State has some pretty nifty running backs themselves and they have quite the defense as well. This should be a great one.

Speaking of great, we had a lot of great Wisconsin content here on the site. Starting off with Andrew’s preview, we get a glimpse of what to expect tomorrow in the ‘Shoe:

Wisconsin is loaded with players such as Melvin Gordon, James White and James Abbrederis. Gordon has already ran for 624 yards and White has ran for 442. Gordon averages 11.8 yards per carry while White averages 7.2. These are two backs that Ohio State’s defense is going to have to contain. The last thing the Buckeyes want to happen is to have Wisconsin control time possession. James Abbrederis has given Ohio State trouble in the future. He seems to make plays when it matters most. If Wisconsin is in a big situation I will be hoping that Abbrederis is covered.

Ronnie gives us a list of who to watch, and just like Andrew said, it’s those pesky running backs and Wisconsin’s MLB, Chris Borland:

Four years later, Borland is an All Big Ten linebacker, and is the cornerstone of the Badger defense. Borland won’t put up amazing stats, but he anchors the Badgers stingy rush defense. He has excellent positioning and will rack up massive amounts of tackles for the Badgers. Look for Borland to be the consistent stronghold of the Wisconsin defense on Saturday.

Looking at the how the numbers match up, Ohio State has the slightest of advantages in the head-to-head match-ups in this week’s By The Numbers.

Shannon had a chat with Wisconsin blogger Andy Coppens of MadTownBadgers, and while I think Andy had a bit of an edge to some of his answers, we appreciate him coming on and being a good sport. Definitely no love lost in this “rivalry”.

Finally, Chip looks to keep his streak of watching the Buckeyes beat the Badgers in the Horseshoe alive tomorrow night and has predicted a Buckeye victory: Ohio State 35, Wisconsin 24.

So let’s hear from you. What do you think the score will be? Will it be close to an upset as some people think? Or is Wisconsin overmatched, like most right-minded folks think?

Q&A with a Wisconsin Blogger

This week The Ohio State Buckeyes play the hated Wisconsin Badgers. I got to ask Andy Coppens of MadTownBadgers and Bleacher Report some questions about the game tomorrow. I noticed yesterday that he has been working with our friends over at the Buckeye Battle Cry also so I am thankful he worked with us here at MotSaG also.

MotSaG: First off is the team over that BS that cost them the victory against Arizona State?

MadTownBadgers: I think 41-10 just about said it all. Honestly the worries about the Badgers coming out flat or letting that game beat them twice were put to rest on the very first offensive play of the game and it was all good from there for Badger fans, players and coaches.

What will be tough to take is if we run the table the rest of the season and that game is the lone blemish on our resume. Seriously, those officials better not show up in another game we play EVER again.

MotSaG: Does Wisconsin alumni and fans consider the Buckeyes a rival?

MadTownBadgers: Of course we do, after all your guys have falsely accused us of “spitting” on them and all that jazz. Plain and simple this is rivalry built out of both of our teams being good in basketball and football and generally speaking our games have been very entertaining over the past few seasons as well.

Now, I don’t know if you are on the hatred level as much as Minnesota is, especially since we won’t see you as much as we’re used to following this season, but don’t get it twisted—Wisconsin fans loathe O$U.

MotSaG: Do you feel the national media has over looked the Badgers this year?

MadTownBadgers: I think the national media is just waking up to the Badgers really. They slept on the ground game and haven’t given the defense any credit whatsoever (something you guys should be familiar with, huh).

However, most in the UW fan base think of the lack of attention and just par for the course. It wouldn’t matter if your school and ours were in opposite positions record-wise, we’d likely be somewhere in the 15-19 in the rankings anyway. Point being, it’s old hat to be underestimated on the national level. Wisconsin just needs to go out there and control what they can on the field and let the rest take care of itself.

MotSaG: Statistically the Badger’s defense is ranked at 6th in the nation with their rushing defense at 6th and passing efficiency ranked 8th. What is Ohio State’s biggest offensive threat to the Badgers?

MadTownBadgers: I think the biggest offensive threat is the fact that there are so many different targets to worry about. Stop Carlos Hyde, here’s Jordan Hall. Stop Hall, here is Wilson. Honestly, this is a game where both defenses have to be worried about giving up the big play.

At the end of the day I think both defensive coaching staffs would give up 150 yards on the ground to a back if none of the yards came in big plays. That’s the key.

MotSaG: Wisconsin has two of the best running backs in the NCAA with sophomore Melvin Gordon leading the nation and senior James White who is the active career leader. Is the Badgers plan to use and abuse them and slow down the clock to keep the Buckeye’s offense off the field?

MadTownBadgers: I don’t know if you will ever “abuse” those two backs because they won’t ever get enough carries for that to happen. Wisconsin doesn’t run the ball to slow the game down to avoid the other offense getting on the field. The Badgers run the football because it is what they do best.

Like you said, why wouldn’t you be using the nation’s leading rusher on the season and the career leader as well? It wouldn’t make any sense to see us chucking the ball all over the field regardless of who was at quarterback.

MotSaG: What are Wisconsin’s thoughts on sophomore QB Joel Stave?

MadTownBadgers: Stave has done some good things, but ultimately most Badger fans would like to see more of out of him and that’s because they’ve seen glimpses of him being a very good quarterback. He had UW in positions to beat both Nebraska and Michigan State last year, but injuries knocked him out and UW promptly gave up the lead in both those games.

For me, that wasn’t a coincidence as his arm gives the Badgers a weapon no other QB on the roster gives them. The question is can Abbrederis and Stave get on the same page ASAP.

MotSaG: Senior WR Jared Abbrederis (who MotSaG had ranked 12th best B1G player in our preseason series) will be going against senoir CB Bradley Roby will another Badger finally step up and become a threat like Abbrederis?

MadTownBadgers: That will be the million dollar question and one that hasn’t been answered in the past few weeks, months or seasons, really. At the end of the day Abbrederis has a nasty habit of getting behind even double coverage, so that is a plus.

With Kenzel Doe out look for guys like Alex Erickson and Robert Wheelwright (a Columbus native) to be the guys with the biggest opportunity to emerge as a 2nd threat.

MotSaG: What is the condition of TE Jacob Pedersen?

MadTownBadgers: Pedersen appears to be out of this contest and that is really hurtful to the passing game. I mean we are talking about the reigning Tight End of the Year and all. However, the Badgers are plenty loaded at the tight end position, so look for names like Brock DiCicco and Austin Traylor to step up.

MotSaG: Do Badger fans dislike former head coach Bret Bielima as much as Buckeye Nation does?

MadTownBadgers: Who? Enough said.

MotSaG: Why does Bo Ryan always look constipated and angry whenever we see him?

MadTownBadgers: Probably because he’s getting ready to crap all over the Buckeyes….

Here I thought Ryan had that look cause of the cheese or Matta’s boy’s going to 2 final fours, 4 B1G tournament championships, and 5 B1G regular season championships and that’s all since he became coach in 2004!!

MotSaG: What is your prediction for the game?

MadTownBadgers: 28-24 O$U… You can see more of his prediction at Bleacher Report.

Now I’m probably going to sound like a homer but you know what I am so I feel that as close statically these two teams are on paper there is going to be a major butt whooping coming out of the ‘Shoe. While Wisconsin’s defense has been great to this point I don’t feel that they will be able to stop all of the weapons from this explosive offense. My prediction is 35-17 Ohio State.

I would again like to thank Andy for being so gracious and working with me and wish Wisconsin the best of luck the rest of the season, not really but hey trying to be nice here.

If you want to get involved and have questions about upcoming opponents feel free to send them in to me and I can send them on. Email your questions to or Would love to know your thoughts on this post and hope you enjoyed it.

Putting The Streak On The Line

Congratulations to Ohio State’s players and coaches for the 76-0 walloping administered to Florida A&M. I stated before the game that this was the type of game that Ohio State should not schedule, and 76-0 is pretty clear evidence of that argument. Moving forward into the playoff system, this is the kind of game that will only hurt Ohio State’s playoff chances.

On to B1G conference play and the Wisconsin Badgers.  Wisconsin began conference play last week versus Purdue, and enter into Ohio Stadium confidently after a strong 41-10 victory over the Boilermakers.

Wisconsin will also enter into Ohio Stadium with a sizable number of its roster, specifically fourteen players, who may feel a little extra motivation versus the Buckeyes.  Fourteen Ohioans on Wisconsin’s roster, with only one of them, senior DE Pat Muldoon, who earned a scholarship offer by Ohio State.  The most notable of these Ohioans, senior LB Chris Borland, was not recruited by Ohio State.

This game, as so many other notable Ohio State/Wisconsin games over the past decade, will be decided by which team is able to control the line of scrimmage.  If Ohio State is pushed around by Wisconsin, as they were up in Madison in 2010, it could be a long night for the Buckeyes.  Ohio State’s rebuilt defensive line, as well as linebackers Joshua Perry, Ryan Shazier, and especially Curtis Grant, need to shut down Wisconsin’s running game.

While I understand Coach Urban Meyer stresses how Braxton Miller is still considered the starter, I am of the mindset that perhaps it may be better for Miller, and the team, if Kenny Guiton starts versus Wisconsin.  Coming off two straight weeks of inactivity, and playing against Wisconsin in a nationally televised game, it would not surprise me if Miller may be too hyped for this game and begins to press.  If that were to happen, would Coach Meyer pull Miller for Guiton?  What would that do to Miller’s confidence, and the team’s confidence in Miller?  No sense in creating a quarterback controversy.

Conversely, if Guiton were to start, and have Miller come into the game after a series or two, it may provide an opportunity to ease Miller back into the starting lineup.  Miller may even be able to provide a spark to the offense, as he is much more dangerous with his legs than Guiton.

I will be anxious to see how the Ohio State coaching staff uses its strong arsenal of running backs versus Wisconsin.  Jordan Hall, Carlos Hyde, Rod Smith, as well as true freshmen Dontre Wilson and Ezekiel Elliott.  It could be the debut of Hyde in the backfield, with Hall playing the pivot role.

Another match-up I will keep an eye upon is Wisconsin WR Jared Abbrederis versus Ohio State defensive back Bradley Roby.  I have no idea if the Ohio State coaching staff will isolate Roby on Abbrederis, but I would be surprised if they did not, as Abbrederis is Wisconsin’s top receiving threat.

Wisconsin TE Jacob Pedersen also poses a problem in coverage.  The linebackers will need to come up big here coverage-wise, especially on play action passes by Wisconsin.

This will be my fourth straight Ohio State/Wisconsin game in Ohio Stadium.  My good friend Sean and I attended in 2007, when Ohio State defeated Wisconsin 38-17.  My Dad died in the summer of 2010, and we enjoyed watching Ohio State defeat Wisconsin in 2009, 31-13.  And my brother-in-law Kevin and I were sitting up in C Deck along the 40 yard line as Braxton Miller threw this pass to defeat Wisconsin, 33-29, in 2011.

With Ohio Stadium rocking, all of Ohio State’s top 2014 recruiting targets in the house, and a national television audience, I feel comfortable putting my winning streak on the line in this one.  I am predicting Ohio State 35, Wisconsin 24, with a late Ohio State touchdown sealing the deal.





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Your Daily Shazier

Shazier Cal Hit 2012

Ohio State vs. Cal Highlight Video

MotSaG TV Guide

As we enter the fifth week of the season, there are just 29 undefeated FBS teams remaining, while 14 are still waiting on their first win. This week, we’ve got an interesting mix of crucial conference match-ups and interesting non-conference clashes, including one that I’d never have guessed would be one to watch. For your previewing pleasure, old-time team nicknames have been used where available.



Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech. While Miami looks like the team to beat in the Coastal division, both the Fighting Gobblers and the Golden Tornado can keep themselves in the mix with a win tonight. (ESPN)



South Carolina @ UCF. Two weeks ago, the Golden Knights knocked off Penn State on the road. They’ve spent the past two weeks prepping for this home game. Is another upset in the works? (ABC)


LSU @ Georgia. A match-up with huge implications in the SEC, where everyone thinks they’re going to the national title game until they lose three games. (CBS)

Oklahoma @ Notre Dame. The Rough Riders haven’t had much luck against the Ramblers, with their last (and only) win against the Catholics coming in 1956, followed by seven losses. Can the Boomers turn it around this year? (NBC)


Wisconsin @ Ohio State. This game will most likely decide the third and final Leaders division championship. Each of these teams has one already, so consider this the rubber match. (ABC)


Stanford @ Washington State. Washington State has rebounded nicely since an early 7-point road loss to Auburn, but the Indians are a front-runner in the Pac-12, second only (for now) to the Webfoots. (ESPN)

Other Notable Old-Time Nicknames:

Washington Sun Dodgers
East Carolina Teachers
Northwestern Purple
Arkansas State Gorillas
Nevada Sage Hens
Maryland Old Liners
Bowling Green Normals
Texas Tech Matadors
Michigan State Fighting Farmers
Ball State Hoosieroons
Rutgers Queensmen

All-Time Nickname Champion:

Nebraska Antelopes, Treeplanters, Rattlesnake Boys, and Bugeaters

B1G Week Five Preview: A Small Slate of Games

Week five signals the last of the non-conference games and the beginning of conference play for the B1G. A majority of the teams actually have a bye this week. The big matchup is obviously Ohio State versus Wisconsin in the Horseshoe on Saturday night. Be sure to check out the review for that game from one of our great writers. As for the rest of the conference, there is only three games to preview. Let’s get to them:

Miami (OH) @ Illinois

After a loss to Washington, Illinois was on a bye last week. This week they get one of the worst teams in the country, statistically speaking. Miami is 0-3 on the season, being outscored 107-21 (ouch). The Redhawks don’t have much of a chance in this game, especially going against one of the best quarterbacks in the B1G this season. Fighting Illini quarterback Nathan Scheelhasse has completed 63 of 98 passes for 884 yards and seven touchdowns and only two interceptions. Scheelhaase and the Illinois offense should have no problems picking apart the weak Redhawks’ defense and should cruise to an easy victory.

Northern Illinois @ Purdue

This is the second B1G opponent for Northern Illinois this season. The Huskies beat Iowa in the season opener with a last second field goal and have won ever since. Purdue is coming off a beat down at the hands of Wisconsin, who ran all over the Boilermakers’ defense. I give Purdue a slight chance to win, but I just don’t see them stopping Northern Illinois star quarterback Jordan Lynch. Lynch has been putting up numbers many expected out of him this season, throwing for 662 yards and seven touchdowns while also leading the team in rushing with 404 yards and two touchdowns. Lynch and the Huskies have played in tight games all season and this one could be tight too, but even if it does I expect Lynch to be a good closer as he’s demonstrated throughout his career.

Iowa @ Minnesota

Floyd of Rosedale Trophy

I think this will quietly be one of the better games in college football this weekend. Iowa comes into the game 3-1, with a good running game and solid defense. Minnesota is 4-0 and also boasts a good running game and defense. These two teams are pretty identical and it will interesting to see who’s able to execute better. Both have quarterbacks that are young and certainly won’t light the world on fire, but really are going to be the difference makers for their teams. If either can step up and produce nice numbers, then their team should be victorious. Iowa quarterback Jake Rudock has the edge over Gophers’ quarterback Mitch Leidner, who made his first start of his career last weekend against San Jose State. Despite the edge, I still like the Gophers to pull off the win due to home-field advantage and a slightly better running game. I also should mention this is a trophy rivalry game, as the winner will win the Floyd of Rosedale trophy. It’s a giant pig trophy! Why wouldn’t you want to win it?