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This week The Ohio State Buckeyes play the hated Wisconsin Badgers. I got to ask Andy Coppens of MadTownBadgers and Bleacher Report some questions about the game tomorrow. I noticed yesterday that he has been working with our friends over at the Buckeye Battle Cry also so I am thankful he worked with us here at MotSaG also.

MotSaG: First off is the team over that BS that cost them the victory against Arizona State?

MadTownBadgers: I think 41-10 just about said it all. Honestly the worries about the Badgers coming out flat or letting that game beat them twice were put to rest on the very first offensive play of the game and it was all good from there for Badger fans, players and coaches.

What will be tough to take is if we run the table the rest of the season and that game is the lone blemish on our resume. Seriously, those officials better not show up in another game we play EVER again.

MotSaG: Does Wisconsin alumni and fans consider the Buckeyes a rival?

MadTownBadgers: Of course we do, after all your guys have falsely accused us of “spitting” on them and all that jazz. Plain and simple this is rivalry built out of both of our teams being good in basketball and football and generally speaking our games have been very entertaining over the past few seasons as well.

Now, I don’t know if you are on the hatred level as much as Minnesota is, especially since we won’t see you as much as we’re used to following this season, but don’t get it twisted—Wisconsin fans loathe O$U.

MotSaG: Do you feel the national media has over looked the Badgers this year?

MadTownBadgers: I think the national media is just waking up to the Badgers really. They slept on the ground game and haven’t given the defense any credit whatsoever (something you guys should be familiar with, huh).

However, most in the UW fan base think of the lack of attention and just par for the course. It wouldn’t matter if your school and ours were in opposite positions record-wise, we’d likely be somewhere in the 15-19 in the rankings anyway. Point being, it’s old hat to be underestimated on the national level. Wisconsin just needs to go out there and control what they can on the field and let the rest take care of itself.

MotSaG: Statistically the Badger’s defense is ranked at 6th in the nation with their rushing defense at 6th and passing efficiency ranked 8th. What is Ohio State’s biggest offensive threat to the Badgers?

MadTownBadgers: I think the biggest offensive threat is the fact that there are so many different targets to worry about. Stop Carlos Hyde, here’s Jordan Hall. Stop Hall, here is Wilson. Honestly, this is a game where both defenses have to be worried about giving up the big play.

At the end of the day I think both defensive coaching staffs would give up 150 yards on the ground to a back if none of the yards came in big plays. That’s the key.

MotSaG: Wisconsin has two of the best running backs in the NCAA with sophomore Melvin Gordon leading the nation and senior James White who is the active career leader. Is the Badgers plan to use and abuse them and slow down the clock to keep the Buckeye’s offense off the field?

MadTownBadgers: I don’t know if you will ever “abuse” those two backs because they won’t ever get enough carries for that to happen. Wisconsin doesn’t run the ball to slow the game down to avoid the other offense getting on the field. The Badgers run the football because it is what they do best.

Like you said, why wouldn’t you be using the nation’s leading rusher on the season and the career leader as well? It wouldn’t make any sense to see us chucking the ball all over the field regardless of who was at quarterback.

MotSaG: What are Wisconsin’s thoughts on sophomore QB Joel Stave?

MadTownBadgers: Stave has done some good things, but ultimately most Badger fans would like to see more of out of him and that’s because they’ve seen glimpses of him being a very good quarterback. He had UW in positions to beat both Nebraska and Michigan State last year, but injuries knocked him out and UW promptly gave up the lead in both those games.

For me, that wasn’t a coincidence as his arm gives the Badgers a weapon no other QB on the roster gives them. The question is can Abbrederis and Stave get on the same page ASAP.

MotSaG: Senior WR Jared Abbrederis (who MotSaG had ranked 12th best B1G player in our preseason series) will be going against senoir CB Bradley Roby will another Badger finally step up and become a threat like Abbrederis?

MadTownBadgers: That will be the million dollar question and one that hasn’t been answered in the past few weeks, months or seasons, really. At the end of the day Abbrederis has a nasty habit of getting behind even double coverage, so that is a plus.

With Kenzel Doe out look for guys like Alex Erickson and Robert Wheelwright (a Columbus native) to be the guys with the biggest opportunity to emerge as a 2nd threat.

MotSaG: What is the condition of TE Jacob Pedersen?

MadTownBadgers: Pedersen appears to be out of this contest and that is really hurtful to the passing game. I mean we are talking about the reigning Tight End of the Year and all. However, the Badgers are plenty loaded at the tight end position, so look for names like Brock DiCicco and Austin Traylor to step up.

MotSaG: Do Badger fans dislike former head coach Bret Bielima as much as Buckeye Nation does?

MadTownBadgers: Who? Enough said.

MotSaG: Why does Bo Ryan always look constipated and angry whenever we see him?

MadTownBadgers: Probably because he’s getting ready to crap all over the Buckeyes….

Here I thought Ryan had that look cause of the cheese or Matta’s boy’s going to 2 final fours, 4 B1G tournament championships, and 5 B1G regular season championships and that’s all since he became coach in 2004!!

MotSaG: What is your prediction for the game?

MadTownBadgers: 28-24 O$U… You can see more of his prediction at Bleacher Report.

Now I’m probably going to sound like a homer but you know what I am so I feel that as close statically these two teams are on paper there is going to be a major butt whooping coming out of the ‘Shoe. While Wisconsin’s defense has been great to this point I don’t feel that they will be able to stop all of the weapons from this explosive offense. My prediction is 35-17 Ohio State.

I would again like to thank Andy for being so gracious and working with me and wish Wisconsin the best of luck the rest of the season, not really but hey trying to be nice here.

If you want to get involved and have questions about upcoming opponents feel free to send them in to me and I can send them on. Email your questions to AskMotSaG@gmail.com or MotSaG@gmail.com. Would love to know your thoughts on this post and hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Shannon~right on bro, none of those wimpy Eleven Warrior predictions over here! Regardless of the controversy, Wisky couldn’t beat a team Standford demolished early thus if the Bucks hope to stay in the hunt for a high BCS ranking this game can’t be close.
    Andy may be right about one thing, the B1G will have even more to loathe about Meyer’s Bucks once they get a taste of OSUs elevated level of play.

  2. Jay thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment means a lot. Glad you agree with me that helps too hahha

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