Three Yards and a Cloud of Links

Good morning Buckeye Nation.

B1G Weekend: This match-up versus the Badgers this weekend is B1G. Approximately fifty recruits will be at the ‘Shoe for the game, Lebron James will be there and will speak to the team before the game and its the B1G opener for the Buckeyes oh and fireworks too (both on and off the field!!).

This weekend is the biggest recruiting weekend of the year. Our friends at eleven warriors has a nice post on this weekend recruits and we should hopefully have something ourselves later on it.

LeBron James who is a big Buckeye fan and supporter will be giving a pre-game speech tonight. I’ll be honest here it will be a cool thing for the recruits coming in to share the sideline with the two time NBA champion and he has done a lot for the school. I am still jilted as a Cavs fan at what he did and I’m not sure I can get over it. Yes he had every right to move to any team he wanted to during his free agency and yes it still would have sucked and us Cleveland fans wouldn’t have liked him for just moving but the way he did it. He claimed he wanted to be the first to bring championships to northeast Ohio and knows what us fans have been through and he goes on tv and basically slaps us in the face with his stunt of announcing on national tv “I’m running away to find friends to help me win championships” (paraphrasing of course). I know get over it, I will even if I say I wouldn’t want him back in the wine and gold but he did come back and won championships will the Cavaliers.

Meyer Tweets: I love the fact that Coach Meyer is on twitter. He knows how to get amped up like his tweet he sent out yesterday:

Put me in coach I’m ready to play!!

Speaking of Hype: Our friends at the four letter network has their hype commercial for the game tonight. I’m no way a fan of the network as some of you might know and there are many of us like that out there but I hate to admit they do put out good hype videos for games.

Booms goes the dynamite: Even thought this awesome play came in second in our poll for best play last season (first in my eyes and heart) who could forget the Shazier hit at the goal line against Wisconsin last season. If you don’t remember sit back and enjoy make sure you “Got your popcorn ready”.

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