Friday Open Thread: Wisconsin Badgers

Tried to get this out earlier today, but Real Life™ has conspired against me. But since tomorrow’s game is a prime time kickoff, we can have a later open thread, too, right?

This is Ohio State’s first real (and quite possibly only) test. A Top 25 team, one of the best rushing attacks in the nation with a couple of the best running backs in all of college football. Their defense, especially their front four, isn’t a push-over easy. This should be a slugfest from start to finish (or at least the end of the third quarter). But hey, Ohio State has some pretty nifty running backs themselves and they have quite the defense as well. This should be a great one.

Speaking of great, we had a lot of great Wisconsin content here on the site. Starting off with Andrew’s preview, we get a glimpse of what to expect tomorrow in the ‘Shoe:

Wisconsin is loaded with players such as Melvin Gordon, James White and James Abbrederis. Gordon has already ran for 624 yards and White has ran for 442. Gordon averages 11.8 yards per carry while White averages 7.2. These are two backs that Ohio State’s defense is going to have to contain. The last thing the Buckeyes want to happen is to have Wisconsin control time possession. James Abbrederis has given Ohio State trouble in the future. He seems to make plays when it matters most. If Wisconsin is in a big situation I will be hoping that Abbrederis is covered.

Ronnie gives us a list of who to watch, and just like Andrew said, it’s those pesky running backs and Wisconsin’s MLB, Chris Borland:

Four years later, Borland is an All Big Ten linebacker, and is the cornerstone of the Badger defense. Borland won’t put up amazing stats, but he anchors the Badgers stingy rush defense. He has excellent positioning and will rack up massive amounts of tackles for the Badgers. Look for Borland to be the consistent stronghold of the Wisconsin defense on Saturday.

Looking at the how the numbers match up, Ohio State has the slightest of advantages in the head-to-head match-ups in this week’s By The Numbers.

Shannon had a chat with Wisconsin blogger Andy Coppens of MadTownBadgers, and while I think Andy had a bit of an edge to some of his answers, we appreciate him coming on and being a good sport. Definitely no love lost in this “rivalry”.

Finally, Chip looks to keep his streak of watching the Buckeyes beat the Badgers in the Horseshoe alive tomorrow night and has predicted a Buckeye victory: Ohio State 35, Wisconsin 24.

So let’s hear from you. What do you think the score will be? Will it be close to an upset as some people think? Or is Wisconsin overmatched, like most right-minded folks think?


  1. I’ll start things off. I think Ohio State wins a close one, but one that was never in doubt:

    OSU: 38
    Wisconsin: 27

  2. I said 35-17 in my Q&A and that’s what I’m sticking with. As talented as Wisconsin’s offense is not having their top TE and only one good (great) receiver this will give the Buckeyes a huge edge in stacking the box IMO. The Buckeyes offense just has to many weapons to keep them contained they try to stop the run and the WR have a good chance of being open down the field and if they use Wilson in that hybrid mode his speed will flat out torch the Badgers D

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