Beat The Badgers: Wisconsin Preview

Alright everyone, it is time for BIG Ten play. The Buckeyes face their first true test. Buckeye Nation can’t wait to watch their Buckeyes take on the Badgers under the lights in the horseshoe. The Buckeyes will be wearing the same jerseys they wore in 2012 when they faced Wisconsin at home. In my opinion, the last two Wisconsin games were one of the best conference games I watched OSU play in. Everyone remembers Braxton Miller’s winning TD in 2012 and the thrilling overtime win last year to crush Wisconsin’s senior night. But now, it is time to get excited to watch the very talented Buckeyes face a very good Wisconsin Team.

On Wednesday, Meyer said that Braxton will “probably” start Saturday night. I believe Braxton Miller will get the start but fans are gonna see a dose of Kenny Guiton too. Kenny Guiton should be seeing time considering he is one of the hottest quarterbacks in the country right now. I think it is a great thing to have two quarterbacks who can both play as everyday starters. Braxton and Kenny compliment each other. I believe Kenny will be when Braxton is feeling pain in his MCL and when Meyer is looking for a quick spark. Kenny Guiton can certainly lead Ohio State down the field. Going back to the Purdue game, Buckeye fans gained trust in Kenny. As far as Braxton Miller, I think he will play a little timid his first couple drives. I can see Meyer giving the ball to Hall and Hyde a lot to start to game. Let Braxton settle in and get him comfortable. After the first couple drives, Braxton will be playing like he was never out for two games.

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In the depth chart, Hall is the starting running back with Hyde as the backup. We will see both Jordan and Carlos getting carries. I think that Carlos Hyde will have a great game. He is playing his first true game back and has a good history on running on Wisconsin. Rotating Hall and Hyde is going to be a huge benefit for Ohio State. I also believe Dontre Wilson is going to be used. Dontre has been playing well, has not had many carries but his load may increase this weekend. Wilson is a huge threat for Wisconsin. Just another great athlete Wisconsin has to prepare for.


A big concern that I have is will Ohio State be able to stop Wisconsin’s loaded offense. Wisconsin is loaded with players such as Melvin Gordon, James White and James Abbrederis. Gordon has already ran for 624 yards and White has ran for 442. Gordon averages 11.8 yards per carry while White averages 7.2. These are two backs that Ohio State’s defense is going to have to contain. The last thing the Buckeyes want to happen is to have Wisconsin control time possession. James Abbrederis has given Ohio State trouble in the future. He seems to make plays when it matters most. If Wisconsin is in a big situation I will be hoping that Abbrederis is covered.

The Buckeye defense is going to have work ahead of them. I expect a big game from Noah Spence. Spence has been making big plays these past couple of games. Also, Roby, Barnett and Bryant will have some work to do in order to beat Wisconsin. If the defense can stop the passing game, this will help out when Wisconsin runs the ball.

To sum it up, this will not be a breeze for Ohio State. A night game game which is a scarlet out will definitely give the Buckeyes an advantage. If the Buckeyes want to make it to Pasadena, it starts in the horseshoe Saturday night. No more “preseason’ games. It is time for big boy football buckeye nation!


  1. Chris Kuhner says

    Interesting how Guiton didn’t play QB at all and Hall didn’t get any carries either.


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