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Ohio State vs. Wisconsin Highlight Video

Busted Badgers: Wisconsin Recap

osuHelmetSaturday night was a great night to be a Buckeye fan. Ohio State played a good game against a good Wisconsin team. Wisconsin played a tough game but Ohio State was able to come out with a “W”. The Buckeyes were able to stop Wisconsin’s heavily powered rushing attack. Overall, the Buckeyes had a good outing Saturday night and were able to improve to 5 and 0.

The Return of Braxton Miller: Braxton Miller came out and did what is he is best at, “winning”. Miller slowly got engaged in the offense. The first couple drives didn’t have him do too much. There were a lot of runs to Hyde. I think this was a great approach for Braxton. Let him slowly get into the game. Towards the second half there was more designed runs for Braxton. Miller definitely used his legs more in the second half. Miller did not seem to be bothered by his MCL. He looked good when running the ball and he was playing very confidently. A big question I had was.. Where was Kenny Guiton? I was thinking we would see a mix of Braxton Miller and Kenny Guiton. But, that is a coach decision and I agree with any decision the staff makes. Miller looked well which is very good to know as a Buckeye fan.

Carlos Carries: Carlos Hyde started the game which was surprising to me. I thought we would see Jordan Hall taking the first couple snaps, than Hyde taking over. But it was great to see Hyde carrying the rushing attack. Hyde was running hard and with energy throughout the whole game. He brought a nice spark to the offense. He helped the Buckeyes get a quick and early lead by having a couple of big carries which led to a TD pass from Miller.

Defense Wins Games: The defense did an amazing job Saturday night. They looked full of energy right from the start. The D-Line was getting into the backfield well. Also, Bryant and Shazier were all over the place. Roby had the only interception in the game. The defense stepped up when it really had to. Holding Wisconsin at the end of the game was a big factor for the Buckeyes win. Wisconsin was throwing all over the Buckeyes in the beginning of the game. But, Ohio State made corrections and slowed down their passing game.

Other thoughts:

  • Dontre Wilson was used a lot as a decoy in motion, but did not carry the ball much.
  • Johnston came through with a lot of good punts giving Wisconsin bad field position.
  • A win gives OSU a huge recruiting plus with all the recruits in attendance.
  • Basil hit a deep 45 yard field goal from the side of the hash.

To sum it up, the Buckeyes win their first prime time game. The only disappointment from the game was Bryant’s injury that leads him out for the year. I can only see the Buckeyes getting better every week. The Bucks silenced the doubters that said they cant beat a good team. One game closer to the big one!

MotSaG Top 25 – Week 5

MotSaG Top 25
1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Ohio State
4. Oregon
5. Georgia
6. Stanford
7. Louisville
8. Oklahoma
9. Florida State
10. Northwestern
11. LSU
12. Miami
13. UCLA
14. Texas A&M
15. South Carolina
16. Baylor
17. Washington
18. Texas Tech
19. Florida
20. Fresno State
21. Michigan
22. Arizona State
23. Wisconsin
24. Oklahoma State
25. Maryland

Jeremiah is out sick on his deathbed, so I will be taking over Top 25 duties this week. You probably noticed that these rankings make much more sense this week. Now you know why.

I have argued with Jeremiah that ‘Bama gets top billing until someone knocks them off. I know Clemson has looked good, but ‘Bama blanking the Ole Miss Rebels is not something to scoff at. They looked dominant throughout that game, and even though I don’t buy the SEC superiority argument any more than you do, shutting out a previously ranked team is impressive.

Clemson, Oregon and Ohio State took care of business. Clemson should have demolished Wake Forest, which they did.

Oregon and Ohio State now share a common opponent, which they performed more-or-less equally. The only difference being that Oregon had their starting QB at their disposal while Ohio State did not. Oregon has yet to play a ranked team, as well. For those two reasons, I give Ohio State the slight edge in the rankings.

The Stanford vs. Georgia match-up gave me pause. Yes, Georgia has a loss, but it is to a team I have ranked #2. Stanford has looked dominant through four games, but their marque win right now is only ranked 22. Advantage: Georgia.

Rounding out the top ten, Louisville is there because of legacy 2013 bowl season performance and taking care of business thus far. Oklahoma, Florida State and Northwestern remain unbeaten and that counts for something in my book. I don’t know if any of those four teams could be LSU or Texas A&M, but until I see them lose (sorry, Northwestern, that’s next week for you) I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

The rest is big old jumble of good, maybe good and maybe not good teams. We’ll let the season roll on to sort those out.

Speaking of “maybe not good teams”, Michigan fans better be worried. By the simple transitive property (which I think went out of fashion a few years ago, but bear with me), you have Michigan team that struggled mightily to beat a UConn team that got manhandled by Buffalo, 41-12. That was the same Buffalo team that Ohio State manhandled 40-20. If you take those three outcomes, carry the three and solve for X, you realize that Michigan could be in for a lot of pain come November 30th.

Game 5 Notes vs. Wisconsin

osuHelmetWelcome to the weekly installment where we look at the game from a statistical perspective. Feel free to add your thoughts. What stats impressed you? Any stats concern you? Here are 5 stats that stood out to me against Wisconsin.

20(UW)-21(OSU); 399(UW)-390(OSU); 29:42(UW)-30:18(OSU) – Statistically speaking this game was extremely close. These three stats demonstrate how close it was by the numbers – First Downs; Total Yards; Time of Possession, respectively. Although the numbers may tell a different story, it felt like the Buckeyes were in control throughout the game. Coach Meyer made an interesting point after the game, he said he would have liked to close the game better. That will be an important aspect of games as the B1G season progresses.

39/4 – The ratio of carries from Braxton Miller/Carlos Hyde to the rest of the team. The ground attack was much different in this game compared to the previuos 4. It looked a lot like last year. Braxton and Carlos were solid (nice to see Braxton healthy), but I anticipate at some point the other running backs will see some more carries. I think the way this game played out was influenced by the coaching staff’s desire to be comfortable as the team faced their first big test of the season.

8-85-2 – Corey Brown had a great game. He finshed with 8 catches for 85 yards and 2 TD’s. With the exception of his laspe in judgement on the muffed punt (that was luckily negated by a penalty), he made some great plays in the passing game. The connection between he and Braxton was not affected by the 3 games Braxton missed.

104; 3 for 12 – I have spent a lot of time focusing on offensive stats, but I think the defensive performance in this game should not be understated. After allowing some big gains in the passing game during the first half, some key adjustments were made in the 2nd half. The defense really came up big when it mattered. The Buckeye D held the Badgers to 104 yards rushing. Wisconsin entered the game averaging nearly 350 yards on the ground. The Buckeyes also shined on third down; holding the Badgers to only 3 for 12 successful conversions.

10-207-1; 16 – I have no shame giving credit where credit is due (as long as the Buckeyes win :)). For one reason or another, Jared Abbrederis has a history of big games against the Buckeyes. He again had a strong showing in 2013 finishing the game with 10 catches for 207 yards and 1 TD. Also, the Ohio native (of course), Chris Borland had a nice game finishing with 16 total tackles. Even with the great games by these two players, the most important stat of the game was won the by the Buckeyes. 31-24 = win on the scoreboard.

Any other key stats against the Badgers?

Bert Fail


Christian Bryant Breaks Ankle, Out For Season

SUPER bad new from Doug Lesmerises:

Ohio State edges Wisconsin, 31-24 (Instant Reaction)

osuHelmetEvery preview and pundit out there was saying the same thing: Ohio State was going to force the Badgers to throw the ball, thinking that Stave wouldn’t be up for the game. In the first half, Stave and Abbrederis were doing everything they could to prove that notion wrong.

Ohio State’s defense was up for the task of stopping the run. Outside of a couple big runs by Gordon, the defense kept the running game in check.

As for Braxton and the possibility of rust, he disavowed that notion early and late in the first half, throwing three beautiful touchdowns to three beautiful receivers.

Ohio State led at half time, 24-14.


The second half wasn’t as pretty as the first but it was just enough.

The offense struggled to click in the second half. On four of Ohio State’s six second-half possessions (not counting the final kneel down) Ohio State was forced to punt. They turned the ball over on downs after Chris Borland stuffed Carlos Hyde on a fourth-and-two attempt. Only after a Bradley Roby interception did the the Buckeyes find the end zone. But that score was all the insurance they would need, propelling them to a 31-14 lead with a little more than two minutes in the third quarter.

Wisconsin would score ten more points but it wasn’t enough to overcome the 17-point deficit.

Jared Abbrederis proved once again that he can play with the best of them, having a career night, hauling in 10 passes for over 200 yards. He has given Bradley Roby fits any time those two go at each other, and tonight was no difference.

Also, hats off the Ohio product Chris Borland. He played a superb game at middle linebacker, shooting gaps, stuffing plays and chasing down Braxton on more than one occasion to prevent a big gain. He played a near flawless game and deserves some major respect for that performance.

Ohio State’s defense also deserves kudos. They held one of the best rushing attacks to less than a third of their previous average. The longest run they gave up was to James White on the final touchdown that Wisconsin scored, which went for 17 yards. Melvin Gordon was averaging 11 yards a carry and the Buckeyes held him under 5. Holding the Badgers to 104 yards when they had been averaging 350 is an accomplishment.

Ryan Shazier and Curtis Grant were everywhere, and the Silver Bullets proved once again they could stop another vaunted rushing attack.

Wisconsin Live In Game Chat

You’ve had a great day of getting things done, watching some football and now it’s time for the Prime Time Showdown of your Ohio State Buckeyes taking on those loathsome Badgers of the University of Wisconsin.

Hit the jump to join the fun in the Live In Game Chat.

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Visitors- Wisconsin Game

This is going to be by far our biggest weekend regarding recruiting during the season. We have a lot of our commits coming out to help recruit some potential new Buckeyes. There is not a high chance that someone commits this weekend but it will go along way with the numerous 2015 recruits who are visiting.


Our commits

14 WR Terry McLaurin (Indianapolis, IN)

14 WR Parris Campbell (Akron, OH)

14 OT Jamarco Jones (Chicago, IL)

14 QB Stephen Collier (Leesburg, GA)

14 DL Dylan Thompson (Lombard, IL)

14 OT Kyle Trout (Lancaster, OH)

14 OG Demetrius Knox (Fort Worth, TX)

14 DE Jalyn Holmes (Norfolk, VA)

14 LB Kyle Berger (Cleveland, OH)

14 LB Dante Booker (Akron, OH)

14 S Mailk Hooker (New Castle, PA)

14 DB Damon Webb (Detroit, MI)

14 ATH Sam Hubbard (Cincinnati, OH)

14 K Sean Neurnberger (Buckner, KY)

15 ATH Eric Glover-Williams (Canton, OH)

Non commits
14 RB Darius McDonald (Dublin, OH)
14 WR Johnnie Dixon (West Palm Beach, FL) 

14 WR Travis Rudolph (West Palm Beach, FL)

14 TE Deandre Goolsby (Derby, KS) 

14 TE Mike Gesicki (Manahawkin, NJ) 

14 ATH John “JuJu” Smith (Long Beach, CA)

14 ATH Marshon Lattimore (Cleveland, OH)

14 S Erick Smith (Cleveland, OH)
15 QB Kai Locksley (Baltimore, MD)

15 RB Andrew Dowell (Cleveland, OH)

15 RB Darrin Hall (Youngstown, OH)
15 OL Matt Jones (Hubbard, OH

15 TE Jackson Harris (Columbia, TN)

15 OT David Moorman (Pinckney, MI)

15 RB Mike Weber (Detroit, MI)

15 OL James Daniels (Warren, OH)

15 OL Larry Wells (Kenton, OH)
15 OL Drew Richmond (Memphis, TN)

15 OL Matthew Burrell (Fredericksburg, VA)

15 OT Noah Listermann (Cincinnati, OH)

15 DE Darian Roseboro (Lincolnton, NC)

15 DT Josh Jordan (Columbus, OH)

15 DT Elijah Taylor (Cincinnati, OH)

15 DL Joshua Alabi (Detroit, MI)

15 DL Brandon Tiassum (Indianapolis, IN)

15 LB Anthony McKee (Columbus, OH)

15 LB Darrin Kirkland, Jr. (Indianapolis, IN)

15 LB Nick Connor (Columbus, OH)

15 LB Justin Hilliard (Cincinnati, OH)

15 LB Markus Bailey (Hilliard, OH)

15 WR Reggie Rogers (Massillon, OH)

15 WR David Dowell (Cleveland, OH)

15 ATH Brian Cole (Saginaw, MI)

15 ATH Jordan Whitehead (Monaca, PA)

15 LS Liam McCullough (Worthington, Ohio)

16 WR Teryn Savage (Raleigh, NC)

16 DE Prince Sammons (Cincinnati, OH)

17 QB Danny Clark (Massillon, OH)

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. The OOC Highlight Video