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OSU LogoIn Case You Missed It is Men of the Scarlet and Gray’s semi-regular curated look at items that would interest the casual and hard-core Ohio State fan. These include news items, interesting blog posts and the occasional meme you’ve probably already seen. It’s all here and it’s all for you. Have a tip that should be included in the next ICYMI? Drop us a line at or through our Contact Page. Today’s ICYMI is brought to you by Adam (@Bucks0331 on Twitter) whom we hope to add to our writing staff here at MotSaG. Be nice, this is his first post.

FIRST EVER FOR BUCKEYES. Thanks to a Junior from Slovenia, the Buckeyes now have a Men’s Tennis Champion. Blaz Rola beat Virginia’s Jarmere Jenkins in straight sets:

Rola won on a disputed match point. His forehand landed near the line and was called in. Jenkins jumped up and down and pointed at a scuff mark where he said the ball landed.

What is more impressing about Blaz winning the National Title is he only lost one time and was ranked outside of the Top 10.

The artice on also notes that, “After the match, Rola conceded the ball appeared to have been out.”

In or out, Blaz can now say he is the first ever at The Ohio State University.

BUCKEYES NEW UNIFORMS. There are some rumors “unconfirmed” going around the Buckeyes could be getting some new uniforms:

I have been told by people at Nike that they will feature multiple new and different uniform combinations this football season. They will have as many different combinations as Oregon.

If I had a vote in this, I would say, “No Thanks.” Yes, Oregon makes it work, but I like tradition a lot more and that is what the Buckeyes have.

The article goes on to say more about the Nike video that was created:

Assistant Director of Video Services at The Ohio State University Athletic Department, Russell Hoeflich. According to the video description, Hoeflich created the “to be used at tOSU’s 2013 presentation for Nike in Seattle.”

Yes, new jerseys would bring in a lot of money but you can’t tell me the Bucks are hurting in jersey sales. This is not the SEC where we dress up for football game, this is the B1G where we wear jerseys.

NO RUN SUPPORT MEANS EARLY EXIT. Thanks to the Buckeyes pitching staff the Buckeyes still had a chance to make a run, but the offense couldn’t put up enough:

“We’re incredibly disappointed in the results of today and the results of the tournament and the results of the last two weeks,” said Head Coach Greg Beals.

The Buckeyes were trying to make the NCAA Tournament for this first time since 2009. That dream fell short once again on Monday when the field was announced.

The article on The O-Zone had this as well.

“I still have a very bad taste in my mouth and the back of my head is spinning for the future.”

The Bucks will need to find some offense if they plan to make a charge at the NCAA Tournament in 2014. Pitching can only take you so far and if you don’t believe me, just look at the Phillies.

BUCKS MAKE THE LIST. The Buckeyes put together a very nice class for 2013, but something was missing.

When Urban Meyer signed just two true offensive linemen to Ohio State’s 2013 class last February, he knew that recruiting big guys to play up front would be his top priority during the 2014 recruiting cycle.

With only two in the class of 2013, the Bucks have already received two commitments for the 2014 class, but there is still work to be done.

The Bleacher Report also had this to say:

One of those targets—4-star offensive tackle Jermaine Eluemunor—announced his top six schools Monday afternoon, and the Buckeyes made the cut. Eluemunor made the announcement via Twitter

To land Jermaine the Buckeyes will have to beat out Bama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, USC and UCLA. No easy task but in Urban we trust.

This would be a huge get for the Bucks if they land Jermaine look for him to be a starter on the O-Line in 2014.

AND FINALLY. (el Kaiser here) We are still pitting the top football moments from the 2012 season against each other to pick the best defensive and offensive moment of the season, ultimately to pick the greatest single Football Moment. We are down to the final eight. You can vote for your favorite Offensive Moment here and your favorite Defensive Moment here.

Dante Booker Jr. becomes commit no. 9

OSU FootballThings are really starting to heat up now that summer is upon us and kids will be visiting and camps will be held. Ohio State recruiting is on track to land some really big commitments but to make sure they get the summer off to a great start they made sure they shored up the Ohio borders and landed one of the top players in the state today at a position of great need and a top notch national prospect. I imagine we will be seeing quite a few more of these posts before the season kicks off in 100 days.



Dante Booker announced he was committed to Ohio State today via his twitter account.

Dante Booker Jr. is a 6’4″ 220 lbs 4 star LineBacker from Akron, Ohio. Booker is one of the top LB prospects in the country and was chased by schools like Notre Dame, TTUN, Penn State, and Nebraska. Dante brings a real nastiness to the outside LB spot combined with his top notch speed and power he could move to a hybrid of DE/LB at OSU depending on his body growth. Rivals ranks him a 4 star and the 108th best prospect in the country. Scout ranks him a 4 star and the no. 9 OLB ion the country. 247sports ranks him a 4 star and the no. 84 prospect in the country. ESPN ranks him a 4 star and the no 8 OLB in the country. Below you can see his highlight reel from his JR season.

In Case You Missed It

OSU LogoIn Case You Missed It is Men of the Scarlet and Gray’s semi-regular curated look at items that would interest the casual and hard-core Ohio State fan. These include news items, interesting blog posts and the occasional meme you’ve probably already seen. It’s all here and it’s all for you. Have a tip that should be included in the next ICYMI? Drop us a line at or through our Contact Page

PAYDAY FOR JOHN SIMON. The Baltimore Ravens have come to terms with John Simon, their fourth round pick in this year’s NFL Draft:

Simon’s contract has a total value of $2.545 million, including a $385,652 signing bonus. The deal includes base salaries of $405,000, $495,000, $585,000 and $675,000.

As much as it pains me to see Buckeyes in Steeler Black or Ravens

The article at the Baltimore Sun also notes that, “Simon is an avid weightlifter.”

Yes, and Joey Chestnut is an “avid” hot dog eater.

WATCH LISTS: The off-season isn’t just hard for sports writers and bloggers. It appears to affect the choosers of year-end awards, as they release preseason “watch lists” that basically list half of the eligible players (Exhibit A: The Rimington Trophy).

That being said, Corey Linsley, Ryan Shazier and Bradley Roby have all been added to preseason watch lists.

I wonder if an award has ever been won by someone not on the preseason watch list?

I WONDER WHAT HE WOULD HAVE CALLED VERNON GHOLSTON? Super recruit Raekwon McMillan is keeping a recruiting diary for 247 Sports, relating stories of his recruitment. He says Urban Meyer is the funniest head coach and that Urban has a fascination with McMillan’s backside:

He calls me “Bubble.” That’s because he said I have a linebacker butt. I have a wide butt with a great leg base.

Every time we talk, he calls me that.

He says all great athletes have huge butts and great strength bases there. He was telling me about guys like Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes and Percy Harvin. Guys like that. He said they were built the same way.

If you’ll recall, Meyer had the same glowing(?) remarks about Braxton’s bodacious backside last year during ESPN’s All-Access look at Ohio State’s fall camp.

No word on what Urban thought of Jared Sullingers ample ass(ets).

EVERY VOTE COUNTS. We are still pitting the top football moments from the 2012 season against each other to pick the best defensive and offensive moment of the season, ultimately to pick the greatest single Football Moment. We are down to the final eight. You can vote for your favorite Offensive Moment here and your favorite Defensive Moment here.

AND JUST FOR FUN. The Man of Steel. Since 2011, Braxton Miller has had the most rushes of 10-plus by a quarterback with 79. So they announced a new Xbox and they showed it’s TV capabilities. Of course, Price is Right was on and of course Ohio State was represented.

Football Moment 2012 Bracket (Round Three, Offense)

OSU FootballThe most iconic defensive plays from 2012 have been pitted against each other (there’s still time to vote!) and now it’s the offensive moments that take center stage.

The #1 vs. #4 match-up is a tale of two moments. Kenny G’s valiant comeback against Purdue is probably going to be the defining moment of the “broken” 2012 season. It had everything including the late game heroics of an unsung fan favorite, coming in cool like “I GOT THIS” and then Kenny GOT THAT. Going against the most spine-tingling moment was Carlos Hyde throwing the “Feed Me” gesture that Denard Robinson threw in our face during the ill-fated 2011 Game right back at him. It also had that “I GOT THIS” feeling, with Hyde telling the sidelines “FEED ME” while letting the fans know that he truly understood the gravity of The Game.

#1 Kenny Guiton’s last drive [Purdue] vs. #4 Hyde feeding himself [UM]

[poll id=”59″]

And then of course there is The Catch, 2012 version. This play just speaks for itself. (Sorry, Braxton’s Goaline TD)

#2 Devin Smith TD catch [Miami] vs. #3 Braxton’s goaline TD [PSU]

[poll id=”60″]

Football Moment 2012 Bracket (Round Three, Defense/Special Teams)

OSU FootballWe’ve made it to the Elite Eight. Four Offensive plays and four Defensive/Special Teams plays remain.

These are the defensive matchups, and they are doosies. Good luck picking your favorites:

#1 Shazier’s goal line hit [Wisconsin] vs. #4 Shazier’s INT TD [PSU]

Shazier going up against himself was not initially intended by the selection commitee, but it’s fitting that only one Shazier can make it to the Final Four. Which will it be? The game-saving goal line stand/caused fumble against the Wisconsin Badgers or the interception of the Moxiest Ginger against the hated Nittany Lions?

[poll id=”57″]


#2 Kenny G’s 2-point conversion [Purdue] vs. #3 Boren hit on Garnder [UM]

This is almost unfair to both Kenny G and Zach Boren. Kenny saved the perfect 2012 season and Zach encapsulated everything we love about The Game. Just sit back and enjoy them both.

[poll id=”58″]

2014 football schedule announced


In Case You Missed It

OSU LogoIn case you missed it is Men of the Scarlet and Gray’s semi-weekly look at items that would interest the casual and hard-core Ohio State fan, be they news items, interesting blog posts or funny memes you probably saw on Reddit last week. It’s all here and it’s all for you. Have a tip that should be included in the next ICYMI?

“SEC this, SEC that” Will anyone, anybody, really, please beat the SEC. Lisa Horne at the Bleacher Report thinks it really can be Ohio State under second-year Head Coach Urban Meyer:

Meyer knows how to beat a Saban-coached team. And nothing would give Meyer greater pleasure than to not only stop Alabama’s roll—pun intended—but do it while coaching a Big Ten team.

It would be one for the ages. The ridicule aimed at the Big Ten would cease.

And Urban Meyer, if his Buckeyes play for the title and beat an SEC team, will have completed a trifecta.

Hey, I have a good idea — we almost did this last year, even. If Alabama goes down again (it could happen, but it’s not going to) and you’re an undefeated team going into the last couple weeks of the season, let’s not crap the bed against inferior competition and let them back into the title game. You had ONE JOB, Oregon and Kansas State. ONE JOB.

The Vest Lives. Only this time, it’s Navy instead of Scarlet.

Looking back on his exit, Tressel talks about how ego prevents coaches from making changes. His career ending when it did was “a blessing,” he says.

“It gave me that opportunity to step back and say, O.K., I’ve always said I’m going to one day enter the academic sector in one way, shape or form; let’s have it be this way,” said Tressel, who studied to be a teacher in college. “You never know why things happen and the timing that occurs, but I feel very fortunate that it did.”

Hopefully you’re following Coach Tressel on Twitter, and you’re quiet when he says it’s quiet time:

Conley Getting Respect. I don’t know if you had Mike Conley, Jr. in the pool of “Best NBA Player of the Thad Five” but he has steadily become a star point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies and is gracing this week’s Sports Illustrated:


And so on. Oh, just another hype video. These never get old. Bawk Bawk! OSU Hoops recruit Jae’Sean Tate wins MVP at the Spiece Run-N-Slam.

Lonnie Johnson gives Ohio State his commitment

OSU FootballThings have been slow on the recruiting trail the past few months to say the least. There have been lots of offers given out all over the country and lots of interest shown by some of the best recruits in the country. Until today’s bizarre happenings though there wasn’t much to report. This newest recruit though has had OSU as his leader for months and many thought he was going to announce to OSU last year but he postponed. Then this morning he announced he was ready to commit but nearly every recruiting expert from every service had a different take on who his final 2 teams were. Apparently the communication issue was solved and today he did in fact become OSUs commitment #8 for the 2014 class.



Lonnie Johnson announced his commitment via his Twitter account today.

Lonnie Johnson is a 6’3″ 190 lbs 4 star WR/Safety from Gary, Indiana. Lonnie is a running back/wide receiver/safety at his HS but most project him to play the Wide Receiver position at the next level. His size will suggest he will play in the outside and combined with his speed he will surely be looked upon to become a down the field deep threat. He will have to work on his route running and stamina but all those are coachable aspects that with his rawness can lead to success at the next level. 247sports ranks him a 4 star and the no 29 safety prospect in the country. Rivals ranks him a 3 star. Scout ranks him a 3 star and the 47th best WR prospect in the country. ESPN ranks him a 4 star and the 5th best recruit in Indiana. Below you can see his highlights.

In Case You Missed It

Buckeyes begin league play vs. TTUN

The inaugural season of Big 10 men’s ice hockey kicks off with a humdinger of a game as the Buckeyes travel up north to take on a certain team up there. In addition to playing in a whole new league, the Buckeyes will also be guided under new head coach Steve Rohlik.

Mike Conley is the difference for the Grizzlies in Game 2

Many people doubted Mike Conley going into the NBA draft, after all he was mostly overshadowed by teammate Greg Oden. However, any doubts about this value were erased in game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals. Conley hit the go-ahead jumper with 1:04 left in the game to put the Grizzlies up 94-90. Conley also had 10 rebounds and 9 assists on his way to 26 total points. Many now see Conley as an upcoming star in the league.

Dave Perkins is transferring

Perkins who is most famous for laying out Brutus a month ago has decided to transfer from Ohio State. The news comes rather abruptly and where he might end up is anyone’s guess.

Recruiting updates

Buckeyes have sent out a slew of offers this week. First up is Detric Dukes and Kirk Tucker a pair of LBs out of Georgia. Justus Reed a 3* defensive end from Florida and finally Deandre Goolsby a tight-end from Kansas rounds out the offers this week.

Lets dive into some advanced statistics: “Highlight” yardage

Our friends at Football Study Hall do a great job with advanced statistics and I just wanted to share some of the Buckeye related statistics that the guys over there have found. Today we will be looking at last year’s ball carriers (anyone who carried the ball last year) and see how many yards they gained after the line “did their job.” These are the type of plays that separate a great ball carrier from a good one.

This is going to look and sound like a new language so here are some definitions:

Highlight Yards: The portion of a given run that is credit only to the running back; after a certain number of yards, the line has done its job, and most of the rest of the run will be determined by the running back himself. For more information, start here. An important note, however: a player’s per-carry highlight yardage is now calculated as follows: Highlight Yards divided by Opportunities. In this case, Opportunities mean only the carries in which the offensive line “did its job,” i.e. carries that went at least five yards. With a different denominator, then, it is possible for a player’s Highlight Yards per carry to be much higher than his overall yards per carry.

Block Success Rate: Highlight Opportunities divided by total rushes. Basically, how many times did the offensive line get the ball carrier to the second level (five yards).

Adj. POE: POE stands for “Points Over Expected.” The idea for POE is simple: It compares a runner’s production to the production that would have been expected of an average back given the same carries against the same opponents. A runner with, say, a plus-6.0 Adj. POE produced the equivalent of a touchdown more value than the average FBS running back would have with the same carries.For more information on Adj. POE, start here.

Using the above definitions, lets see how the Buckeye ball carriers performed last season. The far column on the right “Rk” takes all of the ball carriers in the nation (roughly 1,500 players) and ranks them versus each other based on Adj. POE. Overall, we are looking at how effective the ball carrier is after the first 5 yards. It’s the difference between a negative to 5 yard gain and a back breaking play in a big game.

Running backsA few things stand out here…

  • Braxton Miller gains a ton of highlight yards and he is also helped by his offensive line (%50 block success rate). He mostly runs outside of the tackles, but without good blocking by the wide receivers and the line’s ability to get him past the first 5 yards he does not have a chance to make plays in the open field. Miller is using his offensive line to gain positive yardage, then he is making defensive backs miss in the open field. It sounds obvious but it takes a special talent like Miller to make the best athletes on the defensive side of the ball look foolish in the secondary.
  • He was playing through injury last year but I expected Jordan Hall to have a higher Adj. POE. He never got into a good rhythm after missing the preseason and I do expect him to be better next year in the open field, using his speed and his new position.
  • I thought Carlos Hyde would have lower highlight yardage due to his “power back” persona. Not only is Hyde gaining the tough yards but he is also doing a good job gaining those extra yards once he gets to the second level.
  • We saw a few glimpses of Rod Smith last year and the statistics show he should get some more carries this season. If Hall or Hyde go down, Smith has shown big play capabilities and he could flourish in Meyer’s offense.

Michigan v Ohio State