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FIRST EVER FOR BUCKEYES. Thanks to a Junior from Slovenia, the Buckeyes now have a Men’s Tennis Champion. Blaz Rola beat Virginia’s Jarmere Jenkins in straight sets:

Rola won on a disputed match point. His forehand landed near the line and was called in. Jenkins jumped up and down and pointed at a scuff mark where he said the ball landed.

What is more impressing about Blaz winning the National Title is he only lost one time and was ranked outside of the Top 10.

The artice on also notes that, “After the match, Rola conceded the ball appeared to have been out.”

In or out, Blaz can now say he is the first ever at The Ohio State University.

BUCKEYES NEW UNIFORMS. There are some rumors “unconfirmed” going around the Buckeyes could be getting some new uniforms:

I have been told by people at Nike that they will feature multiple new and different uniform combinations this football season. They will have as many different combinations as Oregon.

If I had a vote in this, I would say, “No Thanks.” Yes, Oregon makes it work, but I like tradition a lot more and that is what the Buckeyes have.

The article goes on to say more about the Nike video that was created:

Assistant Director of Video Services at The Ohio State University Athletic Department, Russell Hoeflich. According to the video description, Hoeflich created the “to be used at tOSU’s 2013 presentation for Nike in Seattle.”

Yes, new jerseys would bring in a lot of money but you can’t tell me the Bucks are hurting in jersey sales. This is not the SEC where we dress up for football game, this is the B1G where we wear jerseys.

NO RUN SUPPORT MEANS EARLY EXIT. Thanks to the Buckeyes pitching staff the Buckeyes still had a chance to make a run, but the offense couldn’t put up enough:

“We’re incredibly disappointed in the results of today and the results of the tournament and the results of the last two weeks,” said Head Coach Greg Beals.

The Buckeyes were trying to make the NCAA Tournament for this first time since 2009. That dream fell short once again on Monday when the field was announced.

The article on The O-Zone had this as well.

“I still have a very bad taste in my mouth and the back of my head is spinning for the future.”

The Bucks will need to find some offense if they plan to make a charge at the NCAA Tournament in 2014. Pitching can only take you so far and if you don’t believe me, just look at the Phillies.

BUCKS MAKE THE LIST. The Buckeyes put together a very nice class for 2013, but something was missing.

When Urban Meyer signed just two true offensive linemen to Ohio State’s 2013 class last February, he knew that recruiting big guys to play up front would be his top priority during the 2014 recruiting cycle.

With only two in the class of 2013, the Bucks have already received two commitments for the 2014 class, but there is still work to be done.

The Bleacher Report also had this to say:

One of those targets—4-star offensive tackle Jermaine Eluemunor—announced his top six schools Monday afternoon, and the Buckeyes made the cut. Eluemunor made the announcement via Twitter

To land Jermaine the Buckeyes will have to beat out Bama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, USC and UCLA. No easy task but in Urban we trust.

This would be a huge get for the Bucks if they land Jermaine look for him to be a starter on the O-Line in 2014.

AND FINALLY. (el Kaiser here) We are still pitting the top football moments from the 2012 season against each other to pick the best defensive and offensive moment of the season, ultimately to pick the greatest single Football Moment. We are down to the final eight. You can vote for your favorite Offensive Moment here and your favorite Defensive Moment here.


  1. Personally I love uniforms and all the different looks and if we did do an Oregon thing with like 50 different combos I would be thrilled.

  2. I have to say that the jersey thing really doesn’t bother me. All of the special Pro Combat combos have looked pretty cool in my opinion and I’ve seen it mentioned multiple times as something players like.

    If anyone is still clinging to “tradition” in the modern college football landscape, they are already so bitter that they can’t see straight enough to make out what the jerseys look like anyway.

    The bottom line is if it’s something that Urban thinks will help recruiting (such as more night games) then it will happen.

  3. I will add in the nearly 38 years I have been alive the Buckeyes have changed their uniforms at least 50 times.

  4. Just as long as UA isn’t involved…I mean, have ya seen Marylands uni’s?

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