Football Moment 2012 Bracket (Round Three, Defense/Special Teams)

OSU FootballWe’ve made it to the Elite Eight. Four Offensive plays and four Defensive/Special Teams plays remain.

These are the defensive matchups, and they are doosies. Good luck picking your favorites:

#1 Shazier’s goal line hit [Wisconsin] vs. #4 Shazier’s INT TD [PSU]

Shazier going up against himself was not initially intended by the selection commitee, but it’s fitting that only one Shazier can make it to the Final Four. Which will it be? The game-saving goal line stand/caused fumble against the Wisconsin Badgers or the interception of the Moxiest Ginger against the hated Nittany Lions?

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#2 Kenny G’s 2-point conversion [Purdue] vs. #3 Boren hit on Garnder [UM]

This is almost unfair to both Kenny G and Zach Boren. Kenny saved the perfect 2012 season and Zach encapsulated everything we love about The Game. Just sit back and enjoy them both.

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