Football Moment 2012 Bracket (Round Three, Offense)

OSU FootballThe most iconic defensive plays from 2012 have been pitted against each other (there’s still time to vote!) and now it’s the offensive moments that take center stage.

The #1 vs. #4 match-up is a tale of two moments. Kenny G’s valiant comeback against Purdue is probably going to be the defining moment of the “broken” 2012 season. It had everything including the late game heroics of an unsung fan favorite, coming in cool like “I GOT THIS” and then Kenny GOT THAT. Going against the most spine-tingling moment was Carlos Hyde throwing the “Feed Me” gesture that Denard Robinson threw in our face during the ill-fated 2011 Game right back at him. It also had that “I GOT THIS” feeling, with Hyde telling the sidelines “FEED ME” while letting the fans know that he truly understood the gravity of The Game.

#1 Kenny Guiton’s last drive [Purdue] vs. #4 Hyde feeding himself [UM]

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And then of course there is The Catch, 2012 version. This play just speaks for itself. (Sorry, Braxton’s Goaline TD)

#2 Devin Smith TD catch [Miami] vs. #3 Braxton’s goaline TD [PSU]

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