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“SEC this, SEC that” Will anyone, anybody, really, please beat the SEC. Lisa Horne at the Bleacher Report thinks it really can be Ohio State under second-year Head Coach Urban Meyer:

Meyer knows how to beat a Saban-coached team. And nothing would give Meyer greater pleasure than to not only stop Alabama’s roll—pun intended—but do it while coaching a Big Ten team.

It would be one for the ages. The ridicule aimed at the Big Ten would cease.

And Urban Meyer, if his Buckeyes play for the title and beat an SEC team, will have completed a trifecta.

Hey, I have a good idea — we almost did this last year, even. If Alabama goes down again (it could happen, but it’s not going to) and you’re an undefeated team going into the last couple weeks of the season, let’s not crap the bed against inferior competition and let them back into the title game. You had ONE JOB, Oregon and Kansas State. ONE JOB.

The Vest Lives. Only this time, it’s Navy instead of Scarlet.

Looking back on his exit, Tressel talks about how ego prevents coaches from making changes. His career ending when it did was “a blessing,” he says.

“It gave me that opportunity to step back and say, O.K., I’ve always said I’m going to one day enter the academic sector in one way, shape or form; let’s have it be this way,” said Tressel, who studied to be a teacher in college. “You never know why things happen and the timing that occurs, but I feel very fortunate that it did.”

Hopefully you’re following Coach Tressel on Twitter, and you’re quiet when he says it’s quiet time:

Conley Getting Respect. I don’t know if you had Mike Conley, Jr. in the pool of “Best NBA Player of the Thad Five” but he has steadily become a star point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies and is gracing this week’s Sports Illustrated:


And so on. Oh, just another hype video. These never get old. Bawk Bawk! OSU Hoops recruit Jae’Sean Tate wins MVP at the Spiece Run-N-Slam.


  1. Conley is really starting to get the credit he is due….

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