Lawrence Cager Looking to Silence the Doubters

Lawrence Cager is a top Wide Receiver coming out of the 2015 class. He holds offers from top programs in the country such as Ohio State and Alabama. Lawrence is a top Ohio State target and the Buckeyes are hot on his recruiting radar. When asked about the recruiting process Lawrence said “Not satisfied. I feel like I’m still under recruited and I’m underrated by a lot of these recruiting websites so I still have stuff to prove.” Look for Lawrence to start receiving offers from more schools. Even though he feels underrated Cager said the recruiting process has been good. “A lot of top programs have been hitting me up now in Auburn, LSU and Michigan State.”


Cager was able to get to Ohio State for FNL where he received his Buckeye offer. When asked about his time Cager responded “Fun, when me and TG (Torrance Gibson) get together it’s always a fun time and Ohio State just felt like another home. The one thing that fascinated me is that I signed autographs, took pictures, and fans knew me there. I was shocked.” It is clear that he highly enjoyed his time at Ohio State. Cager wasn’t just taking pictures with fans the entire trip. He was also busy talking to the coaching staff. “I talked to the whole coaching staff and they said how I could become an elite wide receiver in the NFL and maybe become the next big thing.” Lawrence explained. Ohio State was his favorite school growing up and he was excited about getting an offer from them.

Lawrence is looking to to show how of an elite Wide Receiver he is this upcoming season. “We are making strides, returning players feeling more comfortable and more stable in the system. I’m expecting us to make it to the championship. My goal is to break the Calvert hall record of 99 balls caught.” said Lawrence. He plans on committing mid season on his bye week. Buckeye fans should be really excited about Cager. He is a great receiver who plays very physical. Lawrence closed up our conversation with an “O-H” to all Buckeye fans out there. I look forward to seeing what happens at the end of his recruiting process. will Lawrence receive a couple more offers from top programs and shift is interest? Or will Ohio State remain high on the radar? Time will tell!


Outlining the 2015 Wideout Possibilities

The Buckeyes are yet to land a Wide Receiver in this 2015 class. Even though local Canton McKinley Eric Glover-Williams who is committed to the Buckeyes could play the position if need be, most expect the 4-star to instead play on the defensive side of the ball at Cornerback when he arrives to Columbus next fall. Even though the Buckeyes have yet to secure a commitment from a Wide Receiver in this year’s class that is not something to be worried about. The Buckeyes are in on a hand full of targets which include the likes of 5-star Christian Kirk, 4-star Van Jefferson, 4-star Devante Peete, and 3-star Lawrence Cager.

imagesChristian Kirk is the biggest fish out in the market and Urban Meyer and his staff is going full out to try and land his services. Kirk is a 5-10 Receiver from Scottsdale, AZ and has offers from just about every college football team out there. He recently trimmed his list to a final six which included the Buckeyes along with Texas A&M, USC, UCLA, Arizona State, and Auburn. Kirk has been to Ohio State on two occasions with the most recent being on June 21st with his high school coach. Relationships seem to be the most important factor in Kirk’s recruitment and he has great one’s with Freshman Quarterback Kyle Allen and 2015 Quarterback commit, Kyler Murray from Texas A&M. This is one of the top reasons that A&M is perceived as the front runner to land Kirk in the 2015 cycle as they sit at 74% in the crystal ball. The Buckeyes only have 3-Star Quarterback Joe Burrow (who is greatly underrated IMO) in the fold and it is seemed as a weakness in the Kirk sweepstakes. A commitment from Quarterback/Athlete Torrance Gibson on October 20th could help vault Ohio State to the top of Kirk’s recruitment. Two things that Ohio State has going for them is Kirk’s relationship with both Urban Meyer and some of the players already at Ohio State. Kirk is good friends with fellow Wide Receiver Johnnie Dixon who is a true freshman this year and Kirk has compared his recruitment to Johnnie’s. If Ohio State could add the final piece of a top named Quarterback (ie. Torrance Gibson), then Ohio State could land the talented prospect. A team that a lot of people don’t talk about in Kirk’s recruitment and could be a dark horse is USC. The Trojans are of course closer to Arizona then the previous mentioned Buckeyes and Aggies, making it easier for Kirk’s family to attend more games. This is one reason that may help USC’s chances. Another thing that helps USC’s chances is Kirk’s relationship with Quarterback commits Ricky Town and Sam Darnold. Town is one of the top pro-style Quarterbacks in the nation and at one point was committed to Alabama before flipping to USC. Kirk’s recruitment has been and will continue to be a fun one to watch, but hopefully in the end Ohio State is where he chooses to spend his next three to four years.

downloadVan Jefferson’s recruitment has been very intriguing as well. Jefferson is 6-3 Wideout from Brentwood, TN. At one point it seemed as though Jefferson was a lock to choose the Buckeyes and then all of a sudden Jefferson decided to slow his recruitment back down and take more visits. Word is that Jefferson’s parents advised their son to look at all options to make sure the Buckeyes were the right choice. Since then Jefferson took visits to Georgia and Tennessee and both programs vaulted back into Jefferson’s leaders providing Ohio State some stiff competition for the touted player. After those visits, many experts believed that Jefferson was going to choose local Tennessee and changed their crystal ball to show accordingly (currently 50% Tennessee). However, Jefferson decided to make a return trip to Ohio State on July 16th and has since had his recruitment go silent. It seems that Ohio State is back in the thick of things, but no one really knows where Jefferson will land or even when. It will be interesting to see if it will be the hometown Vols, our Buckeyes or the dark horse Bulldogs in the end. You’ll want to keep an eye on this one.

download (1)Devante Peete has said he is very interested in the Buckeyes as he hails from pipeline high school St. Thomas Aquinas. Peete stands at 6-6 and currently has his crystal ball split 50-50 between the Buckeyes and Hurricanes. Peete has flirted with the idea of being a Buckeye often, but he is yet to even visit campus. Peete has been scheduled to visit on numerous occasions including recently on ‘Friday Night Lights’, but every time has had a reason on why he couldn’t make the trip. This recruitment is a pretty easy one to read in if Peete makes the visit to Ohio State, then Ohio State becomes the overall favorite in Peete’s recruitment, but if Peete doesn’t make the trip, then he won’t be a Buckeye and will most likely land at local Miami with his teammates Jordan Scarlett and fellow Wide Receiver Sam Bruce.

download (2)Lawrence Cager is the Wide Receiver that most experts and fans are most confident will end up in the Scarlet and Grey. Cager is a 6-5 Wideout from Towson, MD and recently earned an offer from the Buckeyes after camping at ‘Friday Night Lights’. Cager seemed to love his visit to campus as he got to bond more with Quarterback Torrance Gibson, who he originally met at The Opening. Cager has since narrowed his choices down to a final 7 in Alabama, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Rutgers, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. He recently told me that he planned to make an official visit to Columbus for the Virginia Tech game on September 6th. There is no doubt that the offer from Ohio State was a game changer to him as it was the one he coveted the most growing up a Buckeye fan.  It won’t be surprising one bit to see Lawrence Cager to be one of the names rolled out as an Ohio State signee come National Signing Day 2015. The visit on September 6th should seal the deal.

So as you can see, Buckeye fans don’t get worked up about not having a Wide Receiver in the 2015 class just yet because Urban Meyer is on some great prospects who he has a very good chance of landing. It will just take a little bit of time to see which one’s of Kirk, Jefferson, Peete, and Cager decide to join the family at Ohio State and ultimately don the Scarlet and Grey in 2015.

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Mike continues to bring recruiting news on a daily basis (You should be following him on Twitter, he is a wealth of recruit information there). Earlier this week, he took a look at the 2015 offensive linemen commits and targets.

Jeremiah chatted with 2016 LB prospect, Ethan Tucky (how do you have this last name and not name your kid “Kenneth”?!) and 2015 OL Kieffer Longson.

Mike spoke with 2017 WR Donovan Peoples, an Ohio State offer, who is showing a lot of interest in the program. He also chatted with another WR prospect, Lawrence Cager of the 2015 class.

Which Top 2015 WR is Hoping to Earn an Offer at FNL?

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Lawrence Cager grew up rooting Ohio State.  The 6-5, 210 pound receiver from Maryland, was a huge fan of Troy Smith and he is one of the main reasons why he is a Buckeye fan.  He also liked the USC Trojan teams of the 2000’s, and what is not to like? They won almost every game during that era and were the most dominant team during that time. Cager is one of the best receivers in the nation and might be playing for one of those teams in the future.  He is rated by 247sports as the #151 player in the nation, which he says is a huge honor but he is not satisfied with that.  Cager is working to be the best.  Last week, Cager was able to showcase his talents on national television at The Opening at Nike’s headquarters.

Lawrence Cager Loves Ohio State

“The Opening was a lot of fun,” Cager said of the event.  “The best of the best was there playing against each other and competing.  I thought that I performed very well against the competition.  Overall, it was a lot of fun to be there.”

Cager is hoping to take the things he learned at The Opening and showcase them at Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights.  He is hoping that with a solid performance, he could get an offer from Ohio State.  It is the offer that he wants the most.  He loves everything about Ohio State.  He talked to me a little bit about why he is so intrigued by Ohio State.  “I grew up rooting for Ohio State,” said Cager of why he likes Ohio State.  “I loved Troy Smith, he was my favorite player.  I also really like Coach Zach Smith, Larry Johnson, and Urban Meyer.  All of them are great guys.  Urban Meyer always has a winning program and I love that.”

Before he receives an offer, he knows that he needs to perform well in front of the coaches.  He is very eager at the chance to do that and is getting ready for the camp.  He told me that he can’t wait to compete at the camp and prove to the coaches that he is a great receiver.  He recently took a trip to Alabama and camped there, and he feels that they are close to offering also.  Alabama is another offer that he really wants.  He is hoping for the same at Ohio State Friday Night Lights.  Ohio State is at the top for Cager and he has made no secret about it.  I asked Cager what he would like to say to Buckeye nation and he told them, “Watch out for me! I am going to ball out at FNL, and if I play at Ohio State, I am going to make a huge impact.”  Cager should get an offer after the camp.


MotSaG Chat with Lawrence Cager


Lawrence Cager is a top Receiver coming out of the 2015 class. He is from Towson, Maryland and is 6’5 weighing around 210. He attended an OSU camp last June. He holds offers from many top programs in the country. 247 has him as a top ten player coming out of Maryland.

Keep reading below to see my interview done with Lawrence.

247sports Profile

Andrew: How has the recruiting process been?

Lawrence: It’s been picking up ever since I got invited to the opening.

Andrew: What schools are showing interest?

Lawrence: Main ones are Ohio State, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Wake Forest, Oklahoma State.

Andrew: What schools are recruiting you the hardest?

Lawrence: Notre Dame, Ohio State, Rutgers and Wake Forest.

Andrew: Is there a list at this point in the process?

Lawrence: My top five are Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, Wake Forest but I have 8 other offers.

Andrew: Where have you visited?

Lawrence: Ohio State, Penn State, Indiana, Oregon State, Oregon, Washington, Florida State, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Purdue, Toledo, UCONN, Virginia Tech.

Andrew: Any upcoming visits?

Lawrence: Virginia, Wake Forest again, NC State, North Carolina, Rutgers again, Alabama, Tennessee, Clemson I think, Kentucky and maybe Oregon State again.

Andrew: How was your Ohio State visit?

Lawrence: I loved it, Coach Zach is a fun guy, so is Coach Larry.

Andrew: You talk to any Ohio State recruits?

Lawrence: I’m really close with Rahshaun Smith, Steven Smothers and Cam Chambers.

Andrew: When would you like to commit?

Lawrence: Beginning or middle of the season I’m projecting. But after I take visits at Ohio State and Notre Dame again and if it goes well I may commit earlier.

Andrew: What did the Buckeye coaches tell you?

Lawrence: Coach Larry Johnson told me that before they offer me, they just want to see more of me because I only played half the season last year so therefore my film isn’t as long as it should be, he said he really likes me, he and Coach Zach, they just need to see more.

Andrew: Is there anything else you want people to know?

Lawrence: I feel like I’m underrated, just watch out for my display of talents at the opening!


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