MotSaG Reader’s Digest for July 20, 2014

osuHelmetThe MotSaG Reader’s Digest is back! The MotSaG Reader’s Digest is just that — a quick glance at the past week of content here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray. This will give you a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed during the course of the week. This isn’t everything we posted this week, so we always encourage everyone to subscribe to our feed, sign up for email alerts or simply check the website on a regular basis.

Site News

Not a lot of site news this week. We will be adding a new writer to the ranks shortly, but we’ll hold off on announcing who that is until a little later. We’re also hoping to start up a podcast so look here for updates on that, as well.

Ohio State Football

We didn’t post much about the football team this week other than Jeremiah’s post about the JT Moore situation (which led to our favorite thing, a Twitter slap fight between fellow Buckeye Bloggers. We’re all on the same team, guys!).

We did have a little fun looking at Mike Vrabel’s liquidation sale. The dude had like seven TVs. Who needs that many TVs?


Mike continues to bring recruiting news on a daily basis (You should be following him on Twitter, he is a wealth of recruit information there). Earlier this week, he took a look at the 2015 offensive linemen commits and targets.

Jeremiah chatted with 2016 LB prospect, Ethan Tucky (how do you have this last name and not name your kid “Kenneth”?!) and 2015 OL Kieffer Longson.

Mike spoke with 2017 WR Donovan Peoples, an Ohio State offer, who is showing a lot of interest in the program. He also chatted with another WR prospect, Lawrence Cager of the 2015 class.

MotSaG Chat with Ethan Tucky

Can you imagine what it is like to be a top 100 recruit in the nation? How about a Top Linebacker in the country? Now also imagine you grew up 30 minutes from Ohio State that has arguably become the greatest Linebacker producing school of modern football era. That is exactly what Ethan Tucky is dealing with right now. The 6’2″ 210 lbs LB from Delaware, Ohio is a 4 star recruit and a top 100 player in the country according to 247sports. I was lucky enough to talk to Ethan tonight and get his reaction to his visit to Ohio State today.

downloadEthan Tucky has been an OSU fan his whole life and who can blame him he grew up a stones throw away and during what has been a golden era of Buckeye Football. When I asked him about the pressure of landing a Buckeye offer and choosing OSU being a hometown kid he had this to say… “A little yes, I try to be very open with recruiting though. In the end I am just trying to find the right fit for me.”. Who does Ethan list as his favorite football player of all time none other than former Buckeye Great James Laurinaitis. A player that every OSU fan hopes the next LB will compare to even a little bit.

You would think being so close to OSU he would have visited a million times but in reality today was his first visit ever to the campus. His impression of the campus was surprising to me he said of it… ” It wasn’t as big as people told me. I mean it is not small or anything but once I got on it the size didn’t matter to me.”. That tells me he wont be intimidated by OSUs vast size and that it wont be a negative factor for him.

What part of his campus tour did he enjoy the most? This also was very telling in my opinion. He said of the visit to OSU that he enjoyed the most… “The coaching staff feel, they really felt like good friends. So I enjoyed being able to open up and be comfortable with them.”.

It didn’t take long from his visit today for Ethan to list his Top 10 schools as he tweeted this message out shortly after our interview ended…

Even that list which he clearly claimed had no order was telling. Sure he put Ohio State #1 which has at least some feeling of being his favorite. But to not even list Michigan in his Top 10 shows you how much he loves OSU as a fan and how much an offer would be for him. The staff told him an offer is forthcoming once they see him play this fall in his new position as an OLB. He played DE last season but every school is chasing him as a LBer at the next level.

He doesnt have any visits scheduled for the rest of the summer but may travel to Michigan State to see their campus if he can arrange it. If I was a betting man I would put all my money on Ethan getting his offer pretty quickly into this coming HS FB season and him committing not to long after that. He is exactly the kind of person and player that Meyer loves and that OSU fans will enjoy watching play for years to come.