Which Top 2015 WR is Hoping to Earn an Offer at FNL?

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Lawrence Cager grew up rooting Ohio State.  The 6-5, 210 pound receiver from Maryland, was a huge fan of Troy Smith and he is one of the main reasons why he is a Buckeye fan.  He also liked the USC Trojan teams of the 2000’s, and what is not to like? They won almost every game during that era and were the most dominant team during that time. Cager is one of the best receivers in the nation and might be playing for one of those teams in the future.  He is rated by 247sports as the #151 player in the nation, which he says is a huge honor but he is not satisfied with that.  Cager is working to be the best.  Last week, Cager was able to showcase his talents on national television at The Opening at Nike’s headquarters.

Lawrence Cager Loves Ohio State

“The Opening was a lot of fun,” Cager said of the event.  “The best of the best was there playing against each other and competing.  I thought that I performed very well against the competition.  Overall, it was a lot of fun to be there.”

Cager is hoping to take the things he learned at The Opening and showcase them at Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights.  He is hoping that with a solid performance, he could get an offer from Ohio State.  It is the offer that he wants the most.  He loves everything about Ohio State.  He talked to me a little bit about why he is so intrigued by Ohio State.  “I grew up rooting for Ohio State,” said Cager of why he likes Ohio State.  “I loved Troy Smith, he was my favorite player.  I also really like Coach Zach Smith, Larry Johnson, and Urban Meyer.  All of them are great guys.  Urban Meyer always has a winning program and I love that.”

Before he receives an offer, he knows that he needs to perform well in front of the coaches.  He is very eager at the chance to do that and is getting ready for the camp.  He told me that he can’t wait to compete at the camp and prove to the coaches that he is a great receiver.  He recently took a trip to Alabama and camped there, and he feels that they are close to offering also.  Alabama is another offer that he really wants.  He is hoping for the same at Ohio State Friday Night Lights.  Ohio State is at the top for Cager and he has made no secret about it.  I asked Cager what he would like to say to Buckeye nation and he told them, “Watch out for me! I am going to ball out at FNL, and if I play at Ohio State, I am going to make a huge impact.”  Cager should get an offer after the camp.



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