Want to own something OSU great Mike Vrabel once owned?

As everyone reading this post should know by now Mike Vrabel a Buckeye in the truest sense of the word has accepted a position coaching in the NFL and is moving his family to Houston, Texas. While this saddens so many of us Buckeye fans that he wont be standing on the sideline for OSU games anymore this was an opportunity he could not turn down and we understand that. What it does mean though is that the family has to move and when you move across country you have to get rid of some things because a purge is needed.

In there lies the awesomeness of this here post. You see the Vrabel family is auctioning off many of those belongings that they can’t take with them….

Who doesn’t want a signed Chevy Chase Caddyshack poster?


How about the place where he kept his beer cold then after finishing them he probably smashed the cans on his forehead?


How about the place where Coach Vrabel cooked copious amounts of meat products for himself and his players?


You get the point I assume by now there are seemingly 100s of items for sale and anyone can bid and win some piece of the Vrabel family history. Curious how to bid? Let Coach Vrabel tell you himself…


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