Q&A with a Buffalo Bulls Blogger

So I decided to try and do something a little different for you readers and thought lets see what the opponents bloggers think about the upcoming game. I know we will have previews of the players, break down their plays and all that fun stuff we like to read about. I am hoping this will continue into a weekly series with each opponent the Buckeyes face this year.

I reached out to the University of Buffalo fans to see who I could get in touch with to possibly do this and a great gentleman from ubbullrun.com by the name of BrandedBull emailed me and we went from there. I would like to thank BrandedBull for taking time out and answering some questions that I came up with. Being this is the first time doing this I couldn’t think of all the questions I wanted to ask so hopefully I will get better with each one.

MotSag: How exciting is it to watch one of the best linebackers in the nation, Khalil Mack, each week?

ubbullrun: It has been an absolute pleasure to see a player of Mack’s Caliber thrive in Buffalo. For a player to have zero Division 1 offers to grow brings great pride to a fan base who has not had much to cheer for the past three years. Buffalo is starting to place players in the NFL, with Josh Thomas in Carolina, Trevor Scott and Steve Means in Tampa Bay, Naaman Roosevelt in Cleveland, and James Starks in Green Bay. It will be fun to see how Khalil Mack performs on Sundays. The last big player we had with high draft aspirations was James Starks who won a Super Bowl with Green Bay missed his entire senior campaign in Buffalo (and missed many games in Green Bay!) I just hope Khalil stays healthy and has a monster season.

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