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So I decided to try and do something a little different for you readers and thought lets see what the opponents bloggers think about the upcoming game. I know we will have previews of the players, break down their plays and all that fun stuff we like to read about. I am hoping this will continue into a weekly series with each opponent the Buckeyes face this year.

I reached out to the University of Buffalo fans to see who I could get in touch with to possibly do this and a great gentleman from ubbullrun.com by the name of BrandedBull emailed me and we went from there. I would like to thank BrandedBull for taking time out and answering some questions that I came up with. Being this is the first time doing this I couldn’t think of all the questions I wanted to ask so hopefully I will get better with each one.

MotSag: How exciting is it to watch one of the best linebackers in the nation, Khalil Mack, each week?

ubbullrun: It has been an absolute pleasure to see a player of Mack’s Caliber thrive in Buffalo. For a player to have zero Division 1 offers to grow brings great pride to a fan base who has not had much to cheer for the past three years. Buffalo is starting to place players in the NFL, with Josh Thomas in Carolina, Trevor Scott and Steve Means in Tampa Bay, Naaman Roosevelt in Cleveland, and James Starks in Green Bay. It will be fun to see how Khalil Mack performs on Sundays. The last big player we had with high draft aspirations was James Starks who won a Super Bowl with Green Bay missed his entire senior campaign in Buffalo (and missed many games in Green Bay!) I just hope Khalil stays healthy and has a monster season.

MotSaG: Jeff Quinn is starting his 4th season as the Bulls head coach. Are the players buying into his philosophy and system?

ubbullrun: I sure hope so. I think that Quinn is finally building a philosophy and system that fits the players on the team and who he can recruit. When Quinn came to Buffalo he wanted to install a quick up tempo offense just like the one in Cincinnati. He had the offensive lineman slim way down and it was a disaster. This will be the fourth straight year that UB will be trotting out a new QB. That is not a good stat. This is the year that Quinn has to win. Losing Mack, the only real receiver threat in Nuetz, one of the best backs to ever play at UB in Bo Oliver, and a DB who has a shot at the next level Johnson.

MotSaG: Many are looking at Buffalo to make a run at the MAC Championship this year and they have the second ranked defense from a year ago is this Quinn’s last hope of turning the program around?

ubbullrun: In Buffalo it has been a struggle and many fans still have guarded optimism. We all believe that the talent to win a MAC is in Buffalo but we have not seen this team under this coaching staff win. If this team does not have a successful season this year, oh boy, I do not want to even think about the next couple of year. Very spoiled by the success under Turner Gill.

MotSag: Joe Licta your starting QB is a sophomore and it is probably his biggest start to date do you think he can handle the pressure?

ubbullrun: No and I do not think that anyone would expect him to be all-world against Ohio State. Joe has only four starts. Total. All I would like to see is to make smart plays and take what the D is giving you. I would like Licata to take a shot once in a while. The jury is still out on Licata. He won three straight games against teams we can all admit where not world beaters but really struggled the last game of the season. Cash the check and hope everyone comes out healthy.

MotSaG: I’ve seen on your message boards much dislike for Ohio State from a lot of fans why is that. Why do fans dislike the Buckeyes so much in your opinion?

ubbullrun: That is a great question. Buffalo gets beat up in the media about being a rust belt snow forgotten city, so fans become very passionate in defense. I have not been to your boards and I sure hope that no Trolls came on talking smack. The majority of our fans understand we are a MAC team and have struggled but would love a good run. MAC football is actually really good and I love going to the games. A couple of OSU fans came on our board guns blazing and that was throwing gas on the fire. We get who you are. We understand your history and that Urban Meyer is on ESPN every 13 minutes. But you come talking smack, do you really expect us to just take it. Of course we will take the cheap shots about players arrested and soft scheduling. It is all we got.

MotSaG: Some fans feel this is the year that the Bulls beat a Big Ten team for the second time in their history, do you believe it could happen?

ubbullrun: We should have beaten UCONN twice before as well as Pitt. We have the talent, but do we have the coaching staff to instill the right game plan and put the right players in a position to excel. Do not be shocked if you see UB throw a beat down to UCONN. Don’t be surprised if UB can take Baylor to the wire. I will also not be shocked if UB does not lay an egg in both games. There is so much talent on this roster that you hope the playmakers make big differences.

MotSaG: What are your concerns for this game?

ubbullrun: The check does not clear! Seriously, Injuries are the biggest concern I have. Also, mentally if OSU really keeps it foot on the pedal and this becomes extremely lopsided. Traveling to Baylor the next week feeling like you already lost could spell disaster.

MotSaG: What are you expecting out of your RB Brandon Oliver Saturday?

ubbullrun: He will get yards. He is a top flight Division 1 running back. Gained 100 years last year against Georgia at their stadium. He is small but a punishing runner. If Licata can have some success throwing the ball, then OSU cannot stack the box to stop him. Even with stacking the box, Bo will get yards. He is not a burner who will get the corner first and explode up the field but rather finding holes and driving through. He will make your LB’s sore the Saturday. He is a very special runner who does not get the credit he deserves. He is fun to watch. He is a runner who OSU fans would have loved to see in your uniform.

MotSag: Do you feel that the speed of Ohio States defensive line will be an issue for your offensive line?

ubbullrun: Of course. But the one thing that UB has improved is both the O and D lines. Next year I would be extremely concerned but your unit while loaded with talent but is young. Some breakdowns are going to happen. And that is the exact reason you’re playing UB and not Michigan in week one.

MotSaG: Do you feel the Bulls have the ability to keep Braxton contained in the pocket and limit his rushing yards?

ubbullrun: Our linebacking core is solid and have a strong nose tackle who will push the center back. We will have some success but Braxton is a machine. He will make plays. Like Berman used to shout, you can only hope to contain him.

MotSaG: The Bulls defense gave up 485 yards to Georgia on its opener last season do you feel they will do better against an Ohio State team that is loaded with offense weapons?

ubbullrun: You are making these questions pretty easy to answer. I expect the outcome to be the same. OSU will make big plays and get yards.

MotSaG: What are you looking forward to the most?

ubbullrun: Seeing the team play at such an iconic stadium and seeing how the team stacks up to a top five rated team. I am under no grand illusion that we can pull a Toledo against Michigan or Appalachian State. (See what I did there, I joined you bringing up bad memories for Michigan!)

MotSaG: What is your prediction for the game?

ubbullrun: 41-17 OSU

I would again like to thank BrandedBull from ubbullrun.com he is a class act and enjoyed working with him. If you get a chance and I hope you do before the game check out their site they have a lot of great stuff up pertaining to the game tomorrow.

If you want to get involved and have questions about upcoming opponents feel free to send them in to me and I can send them on. Email your questions to AskMotSaG@gmail.com or MotSaG@gmail.com. Would love to know your thoughts on this post and hope you enjoyed it.


  1. MotSaG: What are your concerns for this game?

    ubbullrun: The check does not clear! Seriously,

    HAHAHAHA that is awesome

  2. Great Article!

  3. Yeah I have to hand it to BrandedBull he really knocked it out of the park!! It was great to work with him, I’m sure my answers for him weren’t as clever as some of his. Glad you guys liked it.


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