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3 Reasons why Ohio State will win tomorrow


When it’s game time in Glendale and the fans have begun to make their way into the bleachers; music is playing over the loud speaker, the players are dressed in full pads in the locker room and Coach Meyer has addressed the team for the final time; which Ohio State will we see take the field? The dominant,  virtually unbeatable juggernaut that played the school up north or the disengaged often confused Buckeyes that we saw, the week before, against Sparty? I have a great feeling that it will be the former and here’s why.

The Run Game

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 06: Ezekiel Elliott #15 of the Ohio State Buckeyes celebrates after his team defeated the Wisconsin Badgers 59-0 in the Big Ten Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 6, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Zeke Elliott, who is arguably the best tailback in the country, leads the Buckeyes’ run offense with 1,672 yards and 19 touchdowns, this season. The last time we saw Zeke, he put on a clinic against our rivals, where he ran the ball thirty times for 214 yards. Surely, the Buckeyes will be leaning on Zeke to carry a heavy work load tomorrow as well.  However E-Z-E isn’t the only work horse when it comes to running the ball for the Buckeyes. Notre Dame’s defense will put emphasis on stopping Zeke, inevitably allowing JT Barrett to run the ball a bunch from the zone read. Barrett was impressively effective runming the ball in OSU’s last game. He had nineteen carries for 139 yards and three touchdowns. This level of run efficiency is going to wear out Notre Dame’s 64th ranked run defense, if they aren’t prepared.

The silver bullets


The one facet of Ohio State, that hasn’t wavered all season, is its silver bullet defense. Game in and game out for the last three months, the bullets have shut down or shut out, almost every one that stepped in their path. Thanks to the exceptional work of our soon-to-be former Defensive Coordinator Chris Ash, the Buckeyes have gone from a mediocre pass defense in 2012, to a top ten secondary in college football, this season. Our growth in the secondary and at the linebacker position is a huge reason why Ohio State is second only to Wisconsin, in the entire country, when it comes to points allowed this season; and is ranked in the top ten in total defense.

There’s a chip on their shoulder

Of course we know that there were huge expectations for OSU this season. They were the unanimous number one ranked team at the beginning of the season. They were the early favorites to win, not only the Big Ten championship but the national championship. Yet, there hasn’t been a lack of interest from the Buckeyes leading up to the Fiesta Bowl. Raekwon McMillan said that he has worked harder in the practices leading up to the bowl game than any of the practices in the regular season. The Buckeyes have been loose yet focused. At every opportunity the players have denied talking about their own futures and have always shifted focus back to this game against Notre Dame.

Ohio State has one of the best defenses in college football as well as one of the best running offenses in college football. This is a hyperfocused and angry football team with a lot to prove. Ohio State is going to be extremely dangerous tomorrow,  regardless of who they are playing. This game just happens to be against Notre Dame.

Men of The Scarlet and Gray Podcast Fiesta in the Desert

Ohio State and Notre Dame are about to face off on New Years in the Fiesta Bowl. Who else better to discuss this match-up than with Tony Gerdeman from We discuss the suspensions, Buckeyes offense, play calling, defense and match-ups we are going to be keeping an eye on.

We also discussed with Tony his book Thrillogy which recaps the last three games of the amazing run to the National Championship last season. It is a must have for Buckeye fans and as we discuss the book you will see there is a theme involved that you really didn’t realize until they started putting the book together

As always we answered #AskMotSaG questions and gave our predictions for the Fiesta Bowl.

Will Zeke Crash Hurt Buckeyes

Early this morning word started to spread like wildfire that Ohio State junior running back got himself into a little trouble with the law after losing control of his car and causing an accident.

According to Zeke was alone, traveling to meet up with team for flight to Phoenix and incident happened at 1:30pm on State Route 315 and Lane Ave.

Elliot was cited for not having operators license, faluire to control and driving under suspension.

No court date has been set.

The star running back has already said he isn’t coming back next season to play for the Scarlet and Gray choosing to join the NFL. One has to wonder like Adolphus Washington have we seen the last of Zekemode already? Patrick Murphy of has reported this:

I’m really not sure what to make of all of this. First I am concerned, there is a ton of time before the game on Friday. Usually when the SEC fan base protests they tend to get what they want being the best conference in American College Football.
Second my concern is the rush to judgement over Elliot driving with a suspended license. I can say with certainty if the young man has a State of Ohio license that you do not know the very second that it is revoked. Personally having to deal with the fine institute that is the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, they mail out said paperwork and usually arrives about a week after. With that being said I don’t know if this could be the case so I am reserving judgement.

Sure its easy for anyone to say the young man shouldn’t have been driving, or point out he did know and there were minor infractions so no harm no foul. I will say based on Ohio laws about driving under suspension, I was under the impression that if you were caught and there wasn’t a licensed driver with you, you would be placed under arrest and your vehicle would be impounded. We all know how much the City of Columbus enjoys impounding ones car.

Urban Meyer is running another dirty program in Columbus they say. Sure just like Florida has suspended how many players now for their bowl game and um coach Meyer hasn’t coached there since when? Exactly every program has to endure issues so stop the hate.

Minnich’s Airing Of 2015 Grievances

Before I go too in-depth here…Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a safe and happy holiday season. I realize that Hanukkah has already come and gone. I am posting this on Christmas Day, and December 26th-January 1st are the dates associated with Kwanzaa. Happy Holidays, and thank you for reading what I contribute to Men of the Scarlet and Gray.

I am writing this on December 23rd, which is the date to celebrate Festivus. Believe it or not, my family actually celebrates Festivus as well. For those uninformed about Festivus, please be sure to watch the video clip I am including in this article…

Now that we are all up to speed about Festivus, let me get right to my Airing Of Grievances…

1. Ezekiel Elliott was not invited to the 2015 Heisman Trophy Presentation ~ Please understand that I am not upset that Elliott did not win the Heisman; in my estimation, Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey was probably the best all-around player in college football this season. How Elliott did not warrant a trip to the Heisman Trophy Presentation baffles me. You want to tell me how Navy’s Keenan Reynolds did not make the trip?

2. Joey Bosa was not a consensus All-American ~ Yes, I understand that Bosa’s statistics were not up to last season’s performance. But how could Bosa not be a consensus All-American, after being double and sometimes triple-teamed throughout the 2015 season?

3. Ohio State fans complaining about The 2016 Fiesta Bowl ~ Yes, I understand the disappointment about missing out on the College Football Playoffs. As I wrote before, can anyone truly argue that Ohio State was very deserving of a playoff berth, after not even winning The B1G East? And then people turn their noses up at The 2016 Fiesta Bowl, against a Notre Dame team that was arguably as close to Ohio State as being a playoff team?

Let’s finish up this Festivus-oriented post with a truly remarkable Feat Of Strength…

The Rivals, Part XVI: Auld Lang Syne

This afternoon, college football returns for its annual post-season extravaganza of bowl games, including the second edition of the College Football Playoff. Neither Ohio State nor Michigan will have a shot at the title this year, but both teams are favored to win in rematches of games from nearly a decade ago.

A lot has changed in Ann Arbor since their Capital One Bowl win over Florida, a team that had won the national title the previous year and would win it again the next. It was a bittersweet cap on longtime coach Lloyd Carr’s Michigan career, as the pre-season #5 Wolverines had their high hopes immediately crushed in a shocking loss to then-FCS Appalachian State. As much as that game stung, the seven years that followed were much more damaging.

Things are also quite a bit different in Columbus since the Buckeyes speedboated the Fighting Irish in the Fiesta Bowl to wrap up the 2005 season. Unlike Michigan, Ohio State hasn’t suffered much on the field in that time, but it certainly has not been smooth sailing.

Michigan replaced Carr with spread guru Rich Rodriguez, who was coming off of three consecutive 10+ win season at West Virginia. Those three great seasons came after four rocky ones, however, including a three-win campaign in year one. Rodriguez would repeat the 3-win debacle at Michigan, and he followed that up with just 12 more victories in two years. While there was some improvement, the Wolverines weren’t willing to wait the way West Virginia was and Rodriguez was canned after year three, leading Michigan to just one bowl game, which they lost 52-14.

Following the win over Notre Dame, Ohio State proceeded to lose two consecutive national title games and a Fiesta Bowl. In 2009, the Buckeyes upset the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl and then beat the SEC’s Arkansas in a Sugar Bowl to finish off a successful 2010 season that would later be vacated for reasons that don’t need to be rehashed here. Coach Tressel was out, and interim coach Luke Fickell did as good a job as could be expected under the circumstances, getting the Buckeyes to the Gator Bowl, which they would lose to Florida.

After the failed Rodriguez experiment, Michigan returned to the “Michigan Man” well and hired former Carr assistant Brady Hoke, whose mediocre overall records at Ball State and San Diego State did not inspire much confidence. Still, Hoke delivered a surprising 11-2 first season, beating that Fickell-coached Ohio State team and winning the Sugar Bowl. The future was suddenly bright again for the Wolverines. Unfortunately, Hoke’s teams would regress each year, until he was finally let go after a 5-7 season in 2014.

Urban Meyer’s 2014 went considerably better. Despite leading a postseason-ineligible Ohio State to a 12-0 season in his first year, Meyer was feeling some heat after a second undefeated regular season fell apart with back-to-back losses in the Big Ten Championship game and the Orange Bowl. A dismal early-season performance against Virginia Tech had fans on edge. But that loss sparked something in the team, who steamrolled their way through the rest of the season and the first-ever playoff to stun the nation and steal the title.

With Hoke—and, more importantly, terrible AD Dave Brandon—gone, Michigan was finally able to lure long-time coaching target Jim Harbaugh back home, and he did not disappoint. Despite an ugly loss to Ohio State at the end of the season, Wolverine fans can hardly complain about the ride Harbaugh gave them this year. They now face Florida in the Citrus Bowl, with the Gators coming off of two straight losses. Michigan is 2-0 all-time against Florida.

Ohio State is 3-2 all-time against Notre Dame, but the Irish’s last win was in 1936. In case you aren’t sure how long ago that was, here are some things invented since: seat belts for cars, the transistor radio, microwave ovens, and photocopying. Four months before the game, “Gone With the Wind” came out. Not the movie, the book.

Bowl Options Beyond The Buckeyes For The B1G

If you have not listened to this week’s Men Of The Scarlet And Gray Podcast, shame on you. I will remember you during The Airing Of Grievances when I celebrate Festivus next week with my family.

Bowl season is upon us. Just like the college football season itself, bowl season seems to come and go far too fast for my liking. Below are some quick thoughts about how The B1G will be represented this bowl season…

12/26 at 3:30pm EST on ABC, in The New Era Pinstripe Bowl ~ Indiana vs Duke. Admit it – after a couple days of family time, won’t you be anxious to see some college football? Personally, I think Indiana has too much offensively for Duke, but maybe I am mistaken.

12/26 at 9:15pm EST on ESPN, in The Foster Farms Bowl ~ Nebraska vs UCLA. To say that Huskers Head Coach Mike Riley had a rough year in 2015 would be an understatement. While I would like to see Nebraska finish out 2015 on a positive note against UCLA, my feeling is UCLA has too much, especially with budding superstar quarterback Josh Rosen at the helm for the Bruins.

12/28 at 5pm EST on ESPN2, in The Quick Lane Bowl ~ Minnesota vs Central Michigan. Quite commonly in bowl games, it comes down to which team is happiest to be there. After losing their head coach midseason unexpectedly, I believe the Golden Gophers are going to make the most out of their bowl experience.

12/30 at 10:30pm EST on ESPN, in The National Funding Holiday Bowl ~ Wisconsin vs USC. Some things never change. Among them, the idea that kicking off a football game at 10:30pm EST, even during bowl season, is a good idea. Wisconsin seemed to falter down the stretch; I like USC under their recently named head coach Clay Helton here.

12/31 at 8pm EST on ESPN, in The Goodyear Cotton Bowl (CFP Semi-Final) ~ Michigan State vs Alabama. First off, do not be surprised if this does not kick off at 8pm; the other semi-final game is scheduled to start at 4pm, but that could always run over. Anyway, this is a tough one to call, but I am leaning with Michigan State, if, and this is a big if, Spartan quarterback Connor Cook’s shoulder is healthy. Remember I wrote “big if”.

01/01 at 12pm EST on ESPN2, in The Outback Bowl ~ Northwestern vs Tennessee. Northwestern has had a solid year, but has really struggled offensively. While I do not believe Tennessee is an upper echelon SEC team, I believe the Volunteers will have too much speed for the Wildcats in this one.

01/01 at 1pm EST on ABC, in The Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl ~ That Team Up North vs Florida. Personally, whenever I go to Buffalo Wild Wings, the last thing in the world I think of is “citrus”, but I digress. Buckeye fans will be focused upon what the Buckeyes will be doing at this time. Do not be surprised if Jim Harbaugh earns a win over an offensively challenged Gators squad.

01/01 at 5pm EST on ESPN, in The Rose Bowl Game Presented By Northwestern Mutual ~ Iowa vs Stanford. “The Granddaddy Of Them All”. Yes, I would have loved to have seen the Buckeyes in this one, but that is a separate conversation. Iowa is to be congratulated upon a fine 2015 season, but I like Stanford in this game.

01/02 at 12pm EST on ESPN, in The TaxSlayer Bowl ~ Penn State vs Georgia. As I stated up above, bowl season will go fast. Here will be one of your last chances to watch live college football for several months. Maybe your last time to watch Nittany Lions quarterback Christian Hackenberg running for his life in a Penn State uniform. I like Georgia here, despite all of their coaching turnover.

Bowl season is something to be cherished. Here is to hoping The B1G will give us fans something worthwhile to watch over the next couple of weeks.

A surgeon’s lasting legacy


At the age of 72 years young, physician and author of ‘Any given monday’ Dr. James Andrews is arguably the most well-known Orthopaedic surgeon in the world. Andrews has been the go-to-guy, for the last thirty years, when it comes to treating professional and collegiate athletes. The list of athletes, that have trusted the future of their careers to the surgical skill of Andrews, is quite impressive; including but not limited to: Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Peyton Manning, Mariano Rivera, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and John Smoltz just to name a few. Yet, you would hardly know that Andrews is such renowned and accomplished man by listening to him speak, as he will tell you that “humility is the first step to greatness and if you don’t have humility,  you probably won’t get very far in any profession.” No doubt, a lesson he learned from his modest upbringing in north Louisiana.

In 1942, Andrews was born in the small town of Homer, Louisiana, about three hours east of Dallas. During the early 60’s, he was an undergraduate and All-SEC pole-vault champion at Louisiana State University. Ultimately Andrews stayed at LSU until he graduated from med school in 1967. After graduation, now Dr. Andrews, left Baton Rouge and headed to New Orleans, where he completed his surgical residency at Tulane.

Fast forward about a decade, as he prepares himself to perform a procedure on a patient, a young James Andrews has become starstruck by the man that lies on his table awaiting operation. This particular patient is not just any patient, this is Jack Nicklaus, the number one golfer in the world. Andrews begins to gather his focus, and he proceeds with the procedure. Just months later, Nicklaus would go on to win the Masters. About six months later, Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens won the American League Cy Young, with the throwing shoulder that had been surgically repaired by Dr. Andrews. Both of these major successes put Andrews on the map as one of the best specialist in sports medicine.

Fast forward to the present and Dr. Andrews is still the best Orthopaedist in sports medicine. He has performed over 2,500 Tommy John procedures, more than anyone else in the world. He has performed over 40,000 surgeries; and to this day, performs over 1,100 surgeries per year. Most notably in recent years he has operated on Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, Tom Brady, LeBron James and Braxton Miller just last year.

After all he has accomplished, Dr. Andrews surely has nothing left to prove in his profession. Through medicine, he has left his mark on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA and NCAA. Yet, he shows no signs of slowing down. He still makes himself available, not only to the rich and famous but to the average joe as well, as he strives to help more and more patients each day. Not only is Dr. Andrews striving help patients surgically but he continues his research, at the Andrews Institute, on sports mechanics in an effort to mitigate preventable injuries. Dr. Andrews has not only changed patient care with respect to Orthopaedic surgery, he has extended the careers of thousands of athletes.

Men of the Scarlet and Gray Big Ten Bowl Game Predictions

Chip and I are back!! This week we discuss Ohio State getting a New Year Six Bowl. Buckeyes will be heading to the desert to face Notre Dame a rematch of 2006. We don’t break down the game this week (that will be coming up shortly), but we do discuss how the Buckeyes got into the Fiesta Bowl. We also discuss the Adolphus Washington suspension and what it could mean for the Buckeyes against the Fighting Irish.


We did our MotSaG Pick’Em segment and this week it’s all about the Big Ten teams and which bowls they will be playing in. We discuss the reason Nebraska and Minnesota were able to get bowls this year with a losing record. Naturally we had our #AskMotSaG segment with a couple of questions this week and we briefly discussed Star Wars. We want to thank You all again for listening and helping us grow, what our awesome listening audience has meant to us this year just cannot be said in enough words about how appreciative we are for each and every one of you.

All Things Buckeyes

There is only 19 more days until our new years date with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and I am definitely craving some Buckeye football.  I for one cannot wait for the New Years Six Bowl Game.  The Fiesta Bowl will have nothing short of a spectacular show and I am hoping that it is a one-sided type in favor of the Scarlet and Gray.  It would put a meaningful grin onto Buckeye fans worldwide and it would cap off a season that didn’t go as planned.  Now, all Coach Urbs and company have to do is finish with a bang and finish so that the outgoing seniors and the NFL early entrees leave for greener pastures.

So if you have been living underneath a rock, we have a ton of talent that are both leaving and that are thinking about taking the leap to the next level.

Here is a list:

  • Joey Bosa, DL (Jr.)
  • Ezekiel Elliot, RB (Jr.)
  • Vonn Bell, DB (Jr.)
  • Eli Apple, DB (Rs So.)
  • Cardale Jones, QB (Rs Jr.)
  • Taylor Decker, OL (Sr.)
  • Adolphus Washington, DT (Sr.)
  • Chase Farris, OL (Sr.)
  • Jacoby Boren, OL (Sr.)
  • Michael Thomas, WR (Rs Jr.)
  • Braxton Miller, H-Back/WR (Sr.)
  • Darron Lee, LB (Rs So.)
  • Joshua Perry, LB (Sr.)
  • Tyvis Powell, DB (Jr.)
  • Tommy Schutt, DL (Sr.)
  • Nick Vannett, TE (Sr.)
  • Cam Williams, LB (Sr.)

Now this isn’t a confirmed list of the players who are leaving.  This is just to show you that we are about to look different on both sides of the ball.  This isn’t as alarming though because we have one of the best recruiters in the land in Coach Urban Meyer and not to mention he has a ton of All-Star recruiters as well so we will be in good hands.  Reload and replenish.  Reload and replenish.  Now with who you might ask?

Here is another list of potential recriuts:

  • Dexter Lawrence, DT (North Carolina)
  • Rashard Lawrence, DT (Louisiana)
  • Rashan Gary, DT (New Jersey)
  • Dwayne Haskins, QB (Maryland)
  • Binjimen Victor, WR (Florida)
  • Nate Craig-Meyers, WR (Florida)
  • Donnie Corley, WR (Michigan)
  • Jahsen Wint, SS (New York)
  • Demetris Robertson, LB (Georgia)

There are countless more recruits but these are the ones that the Buckeyes have a punchers chance at getting on National Signing Day.  We still have a while until that happens and anything can happen.  Here is to another potentially successful recruiting season.

Bringing In A New Era:

After this bowl season, we will have to say goodbye to Coach Ash and he will be on the opposing sideline next season for Big Ten foe, Rutgers.  Coach Ash will be sorely missed and his recruiting prowess will be too.  Don’t fret Buckeye fans because Urban Meyer once again pulled a rabbit out of his hat and scored a suitable replacement in Greg Schiano.  Former Rutgers Head Coach.  Which is ironic.  Coach Schiano is also the former head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs and after some time off he will join the Buckeyes and light a fire underneath his players.  I cannot think of a better coach than Coach Schiano.  Sure he is known as a control freak and his players in Tampa eventually tuned him out due to his personality, but he is a huge hire.  He will prove that he can move past that and he will also become an asset in the recruiting game.  I cannot wait to see who he can score in the recruiting scene.  Here is to a year or two worth in the Schiano Era.


The 2016 Fiesta Bowl Is Fitting For The Buckeyes

Congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes for being selected for The 2016 Fiesta Bowl. The players, coaching staff, and Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer are to be commended for a tremendous 2015 season, with the opportunity of beginning 2016 on a positive note against a well-regarded and highly-ranked team from the University of Notre Dame.

Am I disappointed that Ohio State will not repeat as national champions, as the Buckeyes were not picked as one of the four best teams in the country by the College Football Playoff committee? Absolutely. Do I believe Ohio State ranks as one of the four best teams talent-wise this season? Absolutely. Do I believe Ohio State deserved inclusion within the College Football Playoff? No.

As so many of you witnessed throughout 2015, as I did, Ohio State never seemed to play up to their potential. All season, Ohio State fans waited and wondered for the juggernaut that finished the 2014 season with a mighty and triumphant flourish to appear. That team finally appeared with the demolition of That Team Up North on November 28th, with a resounding 42-13 victory.

Unfortunately, the Buckeyes had not demonstrated the same type of intensity and domination throughout most of the 2015 season. Yes, there were flashes ~ at Virginia Tech. At Rutgers. Ask yourself – what kind of performance was registered against Hawaii? Northern Illinois? Maryland? Did that Ohio State team look like one of the best teams in the country at that point? With the eyes of the nation watching, Ohio State played listlessly against Michigan State, and lost, at home, to a team playing two backup quarterbacks. I was there, in the stands of Ohio Stadium – trust me. The better team won that day, plain and simple.

Before I am besieged by multiple tweets and comments, let me simply remind you that my thoughts are similar to other former Buckeyes, such as Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Spielman, and Matt Finkes. If former players could see the same type of issues that faced this team this season, and have the same type of reaction by the ranking that led Ohio State to the Fiesta Bowl, how far off can I be?

Would I have liked The Rose Bowl over The Fiesta Bowl? Yes – who is not awed by “The Grandaddy Of Them All” on January 1st? I am intrigued by the idea of playing against Notre Dame, a team similar to Ohio State in the sense that both teams are only a few points away from being undefeated. I will offer up an analysis of The 2016 Fiesta Bowl as it gets closer and closer to January 1st.

In the meantime, I urge you, and the 2015 Ohio State Buckeyes, to think in the vein of Henry David Thoreau ~ “Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh…”.