Minnich’s Airing Of 2015 Grievances

Before I go too in-depth here…Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a safe and happy holiday season. I realize that Hanukkah has already come and gone. I am posting this on Christmas Day, and December 26th-January 1st are the dates associated with Kwanzaa. Happy Holidays, and thank you for reading what I contribute to Men of the Scarlet and Gray.

I am writing this on December 23rd, which is the date to celebrate Festivus. Believe it or not, my family actually celebrates Festivus as well. For those uninformed about Festivus, please be sure to watch the video clip I am including in this article…

Now that we are all up to speed about Festivus, let me get right to my Airing Of Grievances…

1. Ezekiel Elliott was not invited to the 2015 Heisman Trophy Presentation ~ Please understand that I am not upset that Elliott did not win the Heisman; in my estimation, Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey was probably the best all-around player in college football this season. How Elliott did not warrant a trip to the Heisman Trophy Presentation baffles me. You want to tell me how Navy’s Keenan Reynolds did not make the trip?

2. Joey Bosa was not a consensus All-American ~ Yes, I understand that Bosa’s statistics were not up to last season’s performance. But how could Bosa not be a consensus All-American, after being double and sometimes triple-teamed throughout the 2015 season?

3. Ohio State fans complaining about The 2016 Fiesta Bowl ~ Yes, I understand the disappointment about missing out on the College Football Playoffs. As I wrote before, can anyone truly argue that Ohio State was very deserving of a playoff berth, after not even winning The B1G East? And then people turn their noses up at The 2016 Fiesta Bowl, against a Notre Dame team that was arguably as close to Ohio State as being a playoff team?

Let’s finish up this Festivus-oriented post with a truly remarkable Feat Of Strength…


  1. Chip, their calling it an “exhibition game” marginalized by the playoffs, maybe scheduling a local site say Ford Field would have generated some interest but Arizona with a dud like Chris Spielman as your color man? boring, cause bowl games for Buckeye fans mean only one thing “a chance to play an SEC team,” nothing else matters! Notre Dame hardly compares to the excitement an Ole Miss matchup would have made, even LSU or FSU might have kept fans from a plan to tune back and forth to a more interesting Michigan/Florida matchup. In the end we’re left wondering how certain bias select committee member’s managed to keep the two most talented midwest teams out of the South?

    • Jimmy ~ Thanks for your comments, but I believe we will need to agree to disagree re: Chris Spielman as a color analyst. Spielman is one of my favorite analysts, and others have the same opinion (http://www.cleveland.com/osu/index.ssf/2015/12/is_ohio_state-notre_dame_getti.html). As for Ohio State not getting into the CFB Playoffs out of bias, I believe Ohio State did themselves no favors in the eyes of the committee with the way the Buckeyes played against Michigan State. After that poor performance on national television, Ohio State’s fate was left in the hands of others, and getting a Fiesta Bowl against ND is probably as good as Ohio State fans can hope for this 2015 season. Thanks again for reading, and for the comments.

      • Chip- don’t cater ESPN spin, Spielman is certainly knowledgable about defense but his monotone demeanor puts fans to sleep, instead of coming across as bored out of his mind he should’ve took Meyers’ offer to coach up the Buckeye D. Also didn’t say the bias was involved in any CFB Playoff selection, you referred to “fans turned their nose up to the Fiesta Bowl” what I was explaining was fans prefer to watch OSU playing SEC or ACC teams. It’s the only way to undo a 2-9 record against the SEC that still haunts Buckeye fans. Give us Ole Miss, Miss State, LSU anytime over ND, maybe you don’t get that.

        • Jimmy – As I wrote before, I believe we just need to agree to disagree re: Spielman’s commentary. I make a point of listening to him on 97.1 The Fan during the season, to hear his analysis of Ohio State and CFB. I prefer him greatly to many other CFB analysts.

          As for playing ND instead of an SEC team, I like this bowl game as it is a higher profile game. Ohio State will probably get an SEC opponent next year at this time in a bowl game, considering the graduation/early NFL departures. On this week’s podcast, I referenced the defeat of Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl as being a huge psychological boost for the fans and the program. I truly don’t know if Ohio State would get as much respect or boost from beating another SEC team besides Alabama, as the entire SEC is mediocre after Alabama.

          Thanks again for your comments, enjoy the game, and best wishes for a Happy New Year.

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