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2015 NFL Draft

This article I will attempt and fail to pick the correct pick for each team, in tonight’s NFL Draft. I will post who I think will go where, but I will also say what I would do with the pick if I were drafting for that team. Please note that with my personal selection that is how I will view the draft board not based off of what I think teams will actually do. Also for those who are not able to view I will post Todd McShay and Mel Kiper’s pick for you to see.


1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Who they Actually Select: Jameis Winston

Me: Draft Leonard Williams- I think when you have the #1 pick you take the best player available, regardless of need or position, or you trade the pick. The Buccaneers just need talent all over especially on defense and Williams is the best player so you take him.

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper: Jameis Winston

2. Tennessee Titans

Who they Pick: They take advantage of the Browns and move the pick to them where the Browns draft Mariota.

Me: Trade the Pick- The Titans, like the Buccs, need talent they are so many teams drooling over Mariota why not exploit that and trade the pick and acquire more picks.

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper: Marcus Mariota- Both believe the pick will be traded to someone else.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Who they Pick: Dante Fowler Jr.

Me: Dante Fowler Jr.- Fowler’s versatility to play on the edge and in coverage makes him a perfect fit for the Jags

McShay: Dante Fowler Jr.

Kiper: Leonard Williams

4. Oakland Raiders:

Who they Pick: Amari Cooper

Me: First listen to offers within the Top 10 or Amari Cooper- Personally I would trade the pick and move down.The ability to move down get more picks and possibly get Kevin White would be the dream. If the Raiders cannot get a deal done within the Top 10 then I believe you take Cooper because he is by far the safest pick in the draft because you know what you’re going to get.

McShay and Kiper: Amari Cooper

5. Washington Redskins:

Who they Pick: Shane Ray

Me: Trade- move down stay away from Winston this high, since they still have RG III. I believe that anyone you draft in the first round should be a starter for your team when you are within the Top 10 and should not worry about developing someone.

McShay: Shane Ray

Kiper: Dante Fowler Jr.

6. New York Jets:

Who they Pick: Brandon Scherff

Me: Marcus Mariota- When your starting QB’s are either Michael Vick or Geno Smith you have problems. I think in the long run Mariota will not only be able to handle the pressure of playing in New York, but also the lumps he will face as a rookie QB

McShay: Todd Gurley

Kiper: Brandon Scherff

7. Chicago Bears:

Who they Take: Kevin White

Me: Kevin White- I think White has the potential to be the best player in this draft. He just needs a year or two of grooming and with Jeffery on the other side he will not be relied on as the go to guy.

McShay: Leonard Williams

Kiper: Kevin White

8. Atlanta Falcons:

Who they Take: Vic Beasley- I am betting they are hoping the draft does not play out like this

Me: Trade- Winston in my scenario is on the board someone will want him and at this point you will get a desperate offer with St. Louis’s pick coming up.

McShay: Randy Gregory

Kiper: Vic Beasley

9. New York Giants:

Who they Pick: Randy Gregory

Me: Brandon Scherff- building the offensive line can do wonders for your team, i.e the Cowboys

McShay: Brandon Scherff

Kiper: Shane Ray

10. St. Louis Rams:

Who they Pick: Devante Parker

Me: Jameis Winston- I think Winston has the ability to be a very successful quarterback, only if you give him the weapons. Last year for FSU he had weapons and had a monster year. This season weapons went down numbers went down.

McShay: Kevin White

Kiper: Breshad Perriman

11. Minnesota Vikings

Who they Pick: Trae Waynes

Me: Devante Parker- For me the question is can I trust Mike Wallace to be the #1 guy? To me the answer is no.

McShay and Kiper: Trae Waynes

12. Cleveland Browns:

Who they Pick: They do not, they offer the Titans a trade they cannot refuse and cause more chaos in Cleveland because that is what they Browns do. The Titans then draft Bud Dupree.

Me: Danny Shelton- he is a big man and can build depth behind Phil Taylor. I also do not trade this pick to draft a QB and quit trying to give reasons for our fans to think a monkey makes the picks.

McShay and Kiper: Devante Parker

13. New Orleans Saints:

Who they Take: Arik Armstead- with two first round picks it would be nice to use both for the defensive side of the ball

Me: the highest rated defensive player, which to me at this point would be Bud Dupree

McShay: Vic Beasley

Kiper: Randy Gregory

14. Miami Dolphins

Who they Take: Breshad Perriman- they need a deep threat

Me: Trae Waynes- when he knows he has safety help he can be very, very good

McShay: Breshad Perriman

Kiper: Danny Shelton

15. San Francisco 49ers

Who they Take: Vic Beasley

Me: Trade, the biggest need is ILB and the highest rated guy is not a first rounder. I would acquire picks to start drafting guys who can fit into my new offensive and defensive scheme.

McShay and Kiper: Arik Armstead

16. Houston Texans:

Who they Take: Danny Shelton

Me: Trade- this is about the time where tackles will start to go and moving back and adding picks is never a bad thing especially for a team who is primarily building depth.

McShay: Nelson Agholor

Kiper: Bud Dupree

17. San Diego Chargers:

Who they Take: Malcolm Brown

Me: Malcolm Brown- in a division where, I believe teams will start to get more physical they need a run stopper.

McShay: Danny Shelton

Kiper: Malcolm Brown

18. Kansas City Chiefs:

Who they Take: Jaelen Strong

Me: Jaelen Strong- If I look at my team and not one WR caught a TD I am looking to add as many WR’s as I can.

McShay: Cameron Irving

Kiper: Jaelen Strong

19: Cleveland Browns:

Who they Take: They still do not get to pick because they decided to add a QB because the Browns have not drafted a QB in the first round since last year and that has been too long of a wait for the Browns to find their franchise QB. Titans Select Nelson Agholor.

Me: Andrus Peat- If you’re telling me Mitchell Schwartz is going to continue to start at RT then you might as well let me compete at the position (I am a whopping 5’7″ and 160 Ibs).

McShay: Malcolm Brown

Kiper: Todd Gurley- because one position controversy is not enough this year.

20. Philadelphia Eagles:

Who they Take: Landon Collins- After Chip Kelly cries for about a good hour he did not offer more to the Titans for Mariota.

Me: Kevin Johnson- After watching Collins play OSU a few more times, his stock to me dropped a few spots.

McShay and Kiper: Landon Collins

21. Cincinnati Bengals:

Who they Take: Ereck Flowers

Me: Ereck Flowers- Now I am not sure if La’el Collins is going to be in any trouble with the case of his ex-girlfriend being murdered, but after the Hernandez incident can you risk it? If I know he is in no trouble then I would take him here.

McShay: Andrus Peat

Kiper: Devin Funchess

22. Pittsburgh Steelers

Who they Take: Kevin Johnson

Me: Landon Collins- I see a lot of Troy Polamalu toughness in him.

McShay: Bud Dupree

Kiper: Kevin Johnson

23. Detroit Lions:

Who they Take: Cameron Erving

Me: Marcus Peters- Let’s be honest their secondary is horrible

McShay and Kpier: La’el Collins- to be fair this is before Collins wanted out of the draft

24. Arizona Cardinals

Who they Take: Todd Gurley

Me: Todd Gurley- Do they have a RB on the roster?

McShay: Kevin Johnson

Kiper: Melvin Gordon

25. Carolina Panthers

Who they Take: D.J Humphries

Me: D.J Humphries- at some point you would think they would want to protect Newton

McShay: Ereck Flowers

Kiper: D.J Humphries

26. Baltimore Ravens:

Who they Take: Melvin Gordon

Me: Trade- Move down maybe a team earlier in the round may look to move in to get a DB.

McShay: Melvin Gordon

Kiper: Marcus Peters

27. Dallas Cowboys:

Who they Take: Eli Harold

Me: Eli Harold- More of a pass rush is needed from this defense, and maybe that will help the secondary more.

McShay and Kiper: Byron Jones

28. Denver Broncos:

Who they Take: Laken Tomlinson

Me: Cameron Irving- Center is the biggest need and you get a pro bowl caliber center

McShay: D.J Humphries

Kiper: Cameron Irving

29. Indianapolis Colts:

Who they Take: Jake Fisher

Me: Jake Fisher- There is no true LT available so might as well draft the best OL available.

McShay: Eli Harold

Kiper: Andrus Peat

30. Green Bay Packers:

Who they Take: Byron Jones

Me: Byron Jones- Probably the best athlete in the draft

McShay: Eric Kendricks

Kiper: Jalen Collins

31. New Orleans Saints:

Who they Take: Nelson Agholor

Me: Dorial Green-Beckham- With 2 first round picks the second one can be a reach for a player who has every bit of talent to be a #1 guy.

McShay: Phillip Dorsett

Kiper: Nelson Agholor

32. New England Patriots: 

Who they Take: Eddie Goldman

Me: Devin Smith- When Randy Moss was on this team and had his deep threat ability it changed this offense big time and Smith can do the same thing.

McShay: Marcus Peters

Kiper: Eddie Goldman




When And Where Will The Buckeyes Be Feeling A (NFL) Draft?

Draft_2015_RGBBefore proceeding too much into the main topic of my article, I want to personally wish each and every one of the draft eligible Buckeyes the best of luck this weekend. Thank you so much for all that you have done for the Ohio State football program over these past few seasons – you have been through so much from the time you enrolled at Ohio State, and you helped secure a national championship as you are departing. Thank you, and best of luck to you all as you move forward onto your next football endeavors.

No matter where these players wind up, please be sure to look into The NFL Network all weekend long (April 30-May 2) to see if your favorite team has wisely selected a Buckeye in the 2015 NFL Draft. As a Browns fan, it would be tremendous to add all of the draft eligible Buckeye players, but I am cautiously optimistic that at least one will be helping the Cleveland Browns turn around their struggling ways.

OhioState Draft History

Next week, I will be submitting an article detailing my thoughts and analysis on all Ohio State players selected in the 2015 NFL Draft. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open for news about all things related to the 2015 NFL Draft from NFL Network.

Go Bucks!

Chirico’s Corner With ’16 Defensive End Ron Johnson

The Buckeye coaching staff have not been shy planting the recruiting flag in New Jersey these past couple of seasons. The most recent classes out of the Garden State have included several top players, including guys like Eli Apple, Noah Brown, and Darius Slade. The 2015 class will bring along one NJ commit in offensive tackle, Kevin Feder. For the 2016 class, the Buckeyes have already grabbed the 2nd player out of NJ, and top-ranked running back (per 247Sports), Kareem Walker. Along with the commitment from Walker, Ohio State is still in the running for New Jersey prospects such as Rashan Gary, and Ahmir Mitchell. Within the top ten prospect comes the 8th prospect out of NJ, and the 12th ranked defensive end (per 247Sports), Ron Johnson.

Johnson is a 6’4, 240 lbs player out of Camden, NJ. The four-star defensive end is on the radar for several top programs across the country. Just this year alone, Johnson has racked in eight offers, totaling up to over twenty. There is still a lot of time in the process, and it is expected that Johnson’s scholarship list will just continue to grow. “Throughout my recruiting process I learned that I need to listen to each coach regarding when I would play on the field.” Johnson said. With his twenty offers, there are programs recruiting him the hardest. “Rutgers, Michigan, South Carolina, Alabama, Miami and Ohio State have been showing me the most interest.”

Currently, there is no list of favorite schools, leaving the process open to new programs. “I am planning on visiting Alabama, Ole Miss, and Auburn trips. But I don’t have exact dates.” Johnson said.

Ohio State offered a scholarship to the top ranked defensive end back in September of 2014. Johnson was then able to make a visit the following month. “Ohio State is showing a lot of love. They are keeping in contact with me weekly, saying I would be great there. The coaches are real nice.” Johnson said. He was able to visit for the Rutgers game, and was amazed with the atmosphere in Columbus.

“The game was pretty cool, I liked everything about it. The stadium was huge, it was packed with tons of fans. When I arrived in Ohio it was just all red, which was amazing. I would love to visit again.”

If Johnson does not commit in the middle of his senior season, he is looking to commit at the end of the season of near National Signing Day. Doing so would allow him to see where some of the top talent is heading, such as Rashan Gary, who he keeps in contact with.

“The coaches tell me I am fast, with a quick first step and I use my hands well. But, sometimes I need to stay low on my get-off, which is what I want to improve.”

To end the conversation, Johnson wanted Ohio State fans to know that the Buckeyes will always be a top consideration for him. “I would like the fans to know that the Buckeyes will always be a top school for me because, they are the Buckeyes, and I love them.” Johnson said.

Johnson had a much improved junior season, recording 24 more tackles and 10 sacks from his sophomore season. Ron’s Head Coach, Dwayne Savage has witnessed this improvement and acknowledges his recent success. “Ron has a high motor, he is a pass rusher and can also stop the run. His frame allows him to move in and play the three technique, which makes him a versatile defensive lineman.” said Savage.

“Coach Warinner, recruits our area. And we were able to go out to see the Rutgers game. Ron loved the atmosphere and the facilities. We were not able to see the academic side of everything so we are planning another trip out to Ohio State before he makes his decision.”

Even though there is no favorites list, Ron seems to have very high interest in Ohio State. With a commitment from Ron, the Buckeyes would make another big presence in New Jersey.

Below are some of Ron’s highlights:

Chirico’s Corner With ’16 CB Austin Andrews


austin andrewsCurrently with twenty two offers, cornerback Austin Andrews has seen a spike in his recruiting process, receiving five offers in a little over two months. Per 247Sports, Andrews is a three-star, the 67th cornerback in his class, and the 27th prospect out of Ohio, coming from Columbus. After going to a couple of camps last year, Andrews received his first offer from Ohio University.

Andrews now holds offers from some top tier programs such as Michigan State, Wisconsin, Boston College, and Missouri. He also holds offers from Toledo, Purdue, Pittsburgh, Ohio, Louisville, Kent State, Iowa, and Indiana. After visiting Ohio State multiple times, Andrews is still hoping for an offer from Ohio State. Overall, Andrews has been keeping busy with his recruiting process between visits and receiving offers. “It’s good, a lot of school coming into visit and calling on the phone, a lot of fun.” Andrews said. “Michigan State has been there since day one. Wisconsin has been showing a lot of love. Louisville, Boston College, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Iowa, and Ohio State have been in contact pretty frequently.”

His top four schools include three from the Big Ten, including Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Missouri. With no offer from the Buckeyes, Andrews still has been in contact with the staff. He has visit Ohio State for camp, and a handful of visits. Most recently, visiting for the spring game. “I have been up a lot, I live around five minutes away from campus.” Andrews said. He explained his last short trip over to Ohio State as “It was pretty cool, super hot with a bunch of people there.”

Coming off that last visit, Andrews has been happy with that the coaches have been telling him, but the local cornerback is still an offer shy from wearing a Buckeye uniform. “Iv’e heard pretty much everything I want to hear, without an offer. They want me like the way I play and stuff, but they are coming to visit my school to see me run and move around around, I believe next week. So we will see.” Andrews said.

Lookout for an Ohio State offer coming his way. Some top 2016 cornerbacks Ohio State has already offered include Damar Hamlin, Jared Mayden, Joejuan Williams, and Travyon Mullen. The chances Andrews makes this list is high, and if he were to get an offer, there would be a good chance we could see him playing as a Buckeye.

Below are some highlights:



Chirico’s Chat With ’16 Wide Receiver Steven Smothers

EP-131209675Steven Smothers, the nations 27th wide receiver coming out of his class (per 247Sports), is still a legitimate target for the Buckeyes, even though the 247Sports Crystal Ball has a 92% chance of Smothers going to WVU, the school that was first to offer him back in April of 2013. The 5’10, 150 lbs speedster from Reisterstown, Maryland has kept loyal to the first school to show interest in him, but is still keeping his options open.

Smothers currently holds 26 offers, coming from top programs all over the country such as West Virginia, Alabama, Ohio State, Tennessee, Michigan State, Florida State, and more. Back in June of 2014, Smothers had his top five, in order, as, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, and N.C. State. He know holds WVU to one  his favorites, having visited there multiple times throughout his recruiting process. “Now, I do not have an official list, but I do have a top three. West Virginia, Rutgers, and Tennessee, but I still have schools to visit.” Smothers explained.

Recruiting has really kicked up these past couple months for Smothers. This month, there have been offers from Michigan State, and Miami, as well as visits to Rutgers, and Penn State.”The process has been really fun. Personally, I do not see how people don’t like it, or want to rush it. Through the process, you really need to learn who is real and who is fake.” Smothers said.

Currently, the Buckeyes have one wide receiver commit coming out of the 2016 class in Kierre Hawkins. But, this is not surprising, being that it is still relatively early in the process for this class. The Buckeyes are after top receivers such as Austin Mack, and Justin Layne, both having Ohio State pretty close on their radar.

Smothers made a visit out to Ohio State back in March, accompanied by his coach, Anthony Burgos, and teammate, current Georgia commit, Patrick Allen. “We went for the game-like scrimmage during their spring practice. I had never seen anything, football wise, happen that fast. Each period was five minutes and they went by so fast. I was amazed. It was really cool to see their high-tempo offense go to work.” Smothers said. “I was walking around, and Coach Meyer called my name, and I was so shocked (laughs), he told me I remind him a lot like Percy Harvin. I was also able to be around Dontre Wilson, and Devin Smith, which was awesome.”

“I see myself fitting in that Ohio State offense well. I am built for that high tempo offense. High tempo you get a lot quick throws and can take shots down field, which is made for athletes like myself.”

Smothers wants to work on his speed, so he is currently running track. He also wants to work his blocking and routes. “Right now, I can just run a route and beat a guy. For me, it is about improving blocking and getting faster.”

To end the conversation, Smothers wanted to make it clear Tavon Austin and himself have a good relationship. He said he is his god brother, which is important to realize because, Austin did attend West Virginia, and currently plays for the St. Louis Rams.

For the future in his recruiting process, Smothers is looking to take a couple more visits. “Definitely West Virginia, Clemnson, Ohio State, USC, and Oregon. After the summer time I would like to have a top ten, and at the end of the football season I want a top five.” said Smothers. “I am definitely going to sign my letter on National Signing Day.”

Below are highlights:

Minnich’s Thoughts On The 2015 Ohio State Spring Game: Defense

Continuing with where we left off regarding the 2015 Ohio State Spring Game, we will focus upon some of the players who caught my eye on the defensive side of the ball. As I stated in part one, no spring game is going to be truly informative scheme-wise; why would any coach, especially one as smart as Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer, ever show off formations or packages in a spring game, especially one that will be televised and repeatedly shown by The Big Ten Network?

Most of these players, as was the case when I reviewed the offense, are players who have not played extensively, or in some circumstances, not at all (redshirted in 2014). A few have played considerably, and made some key plays during the spring game…


Defensive Ends: Sam Hubbard, Darius Slade, Jashon Cornell, Jalyn Holmes – remember how I listed defensive end as a concern leading up to the spring game? Let us just say that I am going to revisit my position concern rankings after the spring game. All played, and all were disruptive. Hubbard was redshirted last season, but showed glimpses of why Coach Meyer was lamenting and second-guessing his decision from last season. Hubbard was credited with two sacks, and was also causing deflections along the line of scrimmage. Darius Slade, Jashon Cornell, and Jalyn Holmes did not make any sacks, but they each made their respective presences known to the opposing quarterbacks. Even though Tyquan Lewis is penciled in as the starter at defensive end opposite of Joey Bosa, look for these players to be continually rotated in throughout the season.

Defensive Tackles: Tracy Sprinkle, Donovan Munger, and Adolphus Washington all caught my eye. As my colleague Shannon Sommers has mentioned, it is always good to see players from our native Lorain County playing well ~ Sprinkle had off the field issues last season, so it is a step in the positive direction to see and hear him playing on the field well. Munger and Washington were both credited with a sack. Tommy Schutt has been penciled in as the starter, but I would suspect these players, along with Michael Hill, may also be continually rotated at the position.

Linebacker: There was one linebacker who seemed to be everywhere, and that was true freshman Nick Conner. Credited with an interception and a forced fumble, Conner seized the spring game opportunity to showcase himself to Coach Meyer and the coaching staff. It will be a surprise if Conner does not earn a chance on special teams coverage this season, barring injury.

Secondary: Erick Smith, Gareon Conley, Damon Webb, and Tyvis Powell all played extensively. Smith served notice to the coaching staff and the fans in attendance that he is more than a consistent tackler, with two interceptions. Tyvis Powell had an interception off roommate Cardale Jones that resulted in a sideline thumping by Jones, followed by a “selfie” that delighted the crowd. Conley played the ball in coverage very well, defending passes that may have been completions a season ago. Webb was credited with three solo tackles and three assists, so the prognostication that Webb may be battling Conley for the starting position opposite Eli Apple seems legitimate.

The defense, which had been considered a liability prior to the 2014 season, has truly turned the corner. There is talent in every position group, and the competitive atmosphere that Coach Meyer has long advocated has taken root. Look for these players, among others, to become very familiar to Ohio State fans this coming season.

My defensive player of the spring game? It is a close call between Sam Hubbard, Nick Conner, and Erick Smith, but I will give it to Conner, as Conner was a true freshman playing in Ohio Stadium for the first time. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be able to go back to their high school senior prom, as Conner did the evening of April 18th, bragging about how they spent their afternoon?

Chirico’s Corner With ’16 Punter Drue Chrisman


Special teams has been very important in today’s game, especially for the Ohio State Buckeyes, who take special teams very seriously. With that being said, the Buckeyes are on the radar for one of the top punters in the Class of 2016, Drue Chrisman. Chrisman, a punter from Cincinnati, Ohio is another in-state top recruit the Buckeyes have a good chance in grabbing.

Currently, per the 247Sports Crystal Ball there have been ten predictions, all for Ohio State. The 6-4, 200 pound punter would be a great replacement for the current punter for Ohio State, junior Cameron Johnston, who could possibly declare for the NFL draft early. If Johnston were to declare, Chrisman would definitely be the next man up for the silver bullets.

Chrisman has been quite busy these past couple months, receiving offers and taking visits to top programs from different conferences. “It has been pretty crazy to say the least. These past couple of months have been a little overwhelming, although it does feel nice to have attention from these programs.” said Chrisman.

“I get a lot of mail, and phone call from coaches. But, I have my top three as Florida State, Ohio State, and BYU. Which were my top three even before the process started.”

Chrisman made it out for the buckeye spring game this past weekend, following his last visit to Ohio State which was near the end of March. On that March 31st visit, the Buckeyes offered Chrisman. Coach Meyer would like him to attend for an upcoming skills camp sometime in the near future, which would make his third appearance on campus. “The visit went great, I got to stay with Sean Nuernberger, Cam Johnston, and Bryce Haynes. It was exciting to be at the highest attended spring game this year. While I was down there I got to talk to a lot of recruits. Overall, I got to get a feel of what being a Buckeye would be like, which was really neat.” said Chrisman. While talking to Chrisman, he talked very excitedly about his past weekend at Ohio State.

“I have talked to a couple of Buckeye recruits. I mostly talk to the long snapper, Liam McCullough. I got to meet his family and it was pretty cool since he had already committed I was able to hear about what he liked about Ohio State and how he ended up committing there.”

Since Chrisman is a mormon, there is a chance for a two year LDS mission. Which would only happen if he were to commit to BYU. “With Ohio State, I would probably not, because of the entire timing situation. But, with BYU, that would be something I would consider. If I went to BYU, I would most likely go on a two year mission. That is more common at BYU, which would make it easier.” said Chrisman. This could be a major factor for his decision.

A commitment date was set for after spring break, but things have changed. “I was planning on committing after I got back from spring break. Things were not as far away as I thought they were at the time. I want to make my decision when it is really clear for me.” said Chrisman.

You can follow Drue on twitter @Drue_Man

Below, are some highlights:

Minnich’s Thoughts On The 2015 Ohio State Spring Game: Offense

Before discussing the spring game, huge compliments to Buckeye Nation for showing up strong, setting a national attendance record with 99, 391 filling Ohio Stadium. I am happy that my wife, three children, and I could help in that tally.

Anyone anticipating truly informative or revealing plays, formations, or schemes in a spring game are bound to be disappointed. The primary goal of any spring game, no matter what college program we are discussing, is to finish the game with no injuries. Save for sophomore defensive end Jalyn Holmes, who seemed shaken up but walked off the field under his own power, no Buckeyes were injured during the game. I do not believe Holmes’ injury was even discussed by Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer or reported by any of the customary Ohio State beat reporters, so it must not have been a serious injury, which is a great thing.

Below are some brief points on various offensive players who played in the spring game. A few of the names are going to be familiar with Buckeye fans, but many are newer players who are rising up the ranks of the depth chart…


Wide Receivers: Corey Smith, Noah Brown, Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, and Jalin Marshall all had their moments. Corey Smith was a targeted deep threat for Cardale Jones throughout the game, and may have emerged as the replacement for Devin Smith. Noah Brown has lost weight from his freshman season, and was mentioned by Coach Meyer as being a probable starter in the lineup. Brown had an impressive one-handed grab from Cardale Jones in the first half. Parris Campbell scored a touchdown from the H-Back position for his designated Scarlet team, and was cited by Coach Meyer as having had an impressive spring. Terry McLaurin was targeted repeatedly on deep passes and scored a touchdown to end the first half for the Scarlet team. Jalin Marshall will expand his role beyond his H-Back position this fall as a wide receiver, but may keep his role as the primary punt returner – it was somewhat disconcerting to see Marshall bobble a punt that resulted in a fumble. Hopefully, Marshall can get that area of his game to be more consistent.

Running Backs: The running game was not much of factor, as the passing game was strongly emphasized. With Ezekiel Elliott sitting out the spring due to his surgery on his wrist, Bri’onte Dunn demonstrated a capability to spell Elliott if needed this fall. Curtis Samuel had a drop of a pass thrown by Cardale Jones in the first half, but also demonstrated his elusiveness on an impressive spin move. Samuel also had a fair catch for a punt later in the game; could Samuel possibly be a factor in the punt return game? Warren Ball will always provide maximum effort, but could incoming freshman Mike Weber surge past Ball on the depth chart during fall camp?

Quarterbacks: J.T. Barrett and Braxton Miller were excluded from actual participation in the spring game, but impressed in different ways. Barrett competed in the halftime quarterback accuracy, winning versus former Buckeye Troy Smith and Cardale Jones. Miller competed against Elliott in the fastest student race, and possibly won. If Miller cannot play quarterback due to his shoulder issues, rest assured that Coach Meyer will figure out a way to involve Miller within the Ohio State offense this fall; Miller’s speed is too much to ignore and keep off the field. Cardale Jones was somewhat inconsistent, but Jones’ arm strength dazzled many with deep passes to Corey Smith. Jones easily won the halftime arm strength contest against Troy Smith and Barrett, throwing a pass 74 yards. Without Michael Thomas in the spring game, how much did that impact Jones on shorter or intermediate routes? Stephen Collier had some struggles playing behind a makeshift offensive line, and may only serve as a backup throughout his career at Ohio State, but I would remind people that Cardale Jones did not play at all in the 2012 spring game, and look at how well Jones has blossomed over the past few seasons. In other words, do not jump to conclusions about Stephen Collier just yet. Be patient.

If you are curious as to whether Cardale Jones has locked down the starting position after the spring game, I will say no. J.T. Barrett has the edge in accuracy, while Cardale Jones has the size and arm strength that opens up the offense for the deep throws that crushed Wisconsin, Alabama, and Oregon last season. My early guess, and I want to emphasize the words “early” and “guess”, is J.T. Barrett will win the job in fall camp, but Cardale Jones will play a lot. As for Braxton Miller, I am holding off judgment, as Miller’s shoulder has everyone associated with the program holding their breath. As with Stephen Collier, I stress patience on figuring out who the starting quarterback will be this season. I certainly do not envy Coach Meyer or the coaching staff with this challenging decision.

My offensive player of the spring game? Corey Smith, with 6 receptions for 174 yards and two long touchdowns (58 yards, 37 yards).

Part two will focus on the defensive players who impressed in the 2015 Ohio State spring game…

OSU Night Game Schedule Announced

So with four night games you can look at the schedule and make an educated guess for times for the remaining games.

Possible Noon Games- Hawaii, Western Michigan, Indiana, and Michigan.

Possible 3:30 Games- Northern Illios, Illinois, MSU, and Maryland

2017 OSU Commit Suffers Unfortunate Injury

Bruce Judson a Four Star WR commit from Florida was in the hospital today and just sent out word via snapchat that the injury is a Torn Hamstring…



This injury is very tough on a guy who relies on his legs as much as a WR does. All you can do is rest and heal. We here at MOTSAG wish him a quick and speedy recovery.

(H/T to AJ Skiba @ajskiba23 for the heads up on this info)