2015 NFL Draft

This article I will attempt and fail to pick the correct pick for each team, in tonight’s NFL Draft. I will post who I think will go where, but I will also say what I would do with the pick if I were drafting for that team. Please note that with my personal selection that is how I will view the draft board not based off of what I think teams will actually do. Also for those who are not able to view I will post Todd McShay and Mel Kiper’s pick for you to see.


1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Who they Actually Select: Jameis Winston

Me: Draft Leonard Williams- I think when you have the #1 pick you take the best player available, regardless of need or position, or you trade the pick. The Buccaneers just need talent all over especially on defense and Williams is the best player so you take him.

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper: Jameis Winston

2. Tennessee Titans

Who they Pick: They take advantage of the Browns and move the pick to them where the Browns draft Mariota.

Me: Trade the Pick- The Titans, like the Buccs, need talent they are so many teams drooling over Mariota why not exploit that and trade the pick and acquire more picks.

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper: Marcus Mariota- Both believe the pick will be traded to someone else.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Who they Pick: Dante Fowler Jr.

Me: Dante Fowler Jr.- Fowler’s versatility to play on the edge and in coverage makes him a perfect fit for the Jags

McShay: Dante Fowler Jr.

Kiper: Leonard Williams

4. Oakland Raiders:

Who they Pick: Amari Cooper

Me: First listen to offers within the Top 10 or Amari Cooper- Personally I would trade the pick and move down.The ability to move down get more picks and possibly get Kevin White would be the dream. If the Raiders cannot get a deal done within the Top 10 then I believe you take Cooper because he is by far the safest pick in the draft because you know what you’re going to get.

McShay and Kiper: Amari Cooper

5. Washington Redskins:

Who they Pick: Shane Ray

Me: Trade- move down stay away from Winston this high, since they still have RG III. I believe that anyone you draft in the first round should be a starter for your team when you are within the Top 10 and should not worry about developing someone.

McShay: Shane Ray

Kiper: Dante Fowler Jr.

6. New York Jets:

Who they Pick: Brandon Scherff

Me: Marcus Mariota- When your starting QB’s are either Michael Vick or Geno Smith you have problems. I think in the long run Mariota will not only be able to handle the pressure of playing in New York, but also the lumps he will face as a rookie QB

McShay: Todd Gurley

Kiper: Brandon Scherff

7. Chicago Bears:

Who they Take: Kevin White

Me: Kevin White- I think White has the potential to be the best player in this draft. He just needs a year or two of grooming and with Jeffery on the other side he will not be relied on as the go to guy.

McShay: Leonard Williams

Kiper: Kevin White

8. Atlanta Falcons:

Who they Take: Vic Beasley- I am betting they are hoping the draft does not play out like this

Me: Trade- Winston in my scenario is on the board someone will want him and at this point you will get a desperate offer with St. Louis’s pick coming up.

McShay: Randy Gregory

Kiper: Vic Beasley

9. New York Giants:

Who they Pick: Randy Gregory

Me: Brandon Scherff- building the offensive line can do wonders for your team, i.e the Cowboys

McShay: Brandon Scherff

Kiper: Shane Ray

10. St. Louis Rams:

Who they Pick: Devante Parker

Me: Jameis Winston- I think Winston has the ability to be a very successful quarterback, only if you give him the weapons. Last year for FSU he had weapons and had a monster year. This season weapons went down numbers went down.

McShay: Kevin White

Kiper: Breshad Perriman

11. Minnesota Vikings

Who they Pick: Trae Waynes

Me: Devante Parker- For me the question is can I trust Mike Wallace to be the #1 guy? To me the answer is no.

McShay and Kiper: Trae Waynes

12. Cleveland Browns:

Who they Pick: They do not, they offer the Titans a trade they cannot refuse and cause more chaos in Cleveland because that is what they Browns do. The Titans then draft Bud Dupree.

Me: Danny Shelton- he is a big man and can build depth behind Phil Taylor. I also do not trade this pick to draft a QB and quit trying to give reasons for our fans to think a monkey makes the picks.

McShay and Kiper: Devante Parker

13. New Orleans Saints:

Who they Take: Arik Armstead- with two first round picks it would be nice to use both for the defensive side of the ball

Me: the highest rated defensive player, which to me at this point would be Bud Dupree

McShay: Vic Beasley

Kiper: Randy Gregory

14. Miami Dolphins

Who they Take: Breshad Perriman- they need a deep threat

Me: Trae Waynes- when he knows he has safety help he can be very, very good

McShay: Breshad Perriman

Kiper: Danny Shelton

15. San Francisco 49ers

Who they Take: Vic Beasley

Me: Trade, the biggest need is ILB and the highest rated guy is not a first rounder. I would acquire picks to start drafting guys who can fit into my new offensive and defensive scheme.

McShay and Kiper: Arik Armstead

16. Houston Texans:

Who they Take: Danny Shelton

Me: Trade- this is about the time where tackles will start to go and moving back and adding picks is never a bad thing especially for a team who is primarily building depth.

McShay: Nelson Agholor

Kiper: Bud Dupree

17. San Diego Chargers:

Who they Take: Malcolm Brown

Me: Malcolm Brown- in a division where, I believe teams will start to get more physical they need a run stopper.

McShay: Danny Shelton

Kiper: Malcolm Brown

18. Kansas City Chiefs:

Who they Take: Jaelen Strong

Me: Jaelen Strong- If I look at my team and not one WR caught a TD I am looking to add as many WR’s as I can.

McShay: Cameron Irving

Kiper: Jaelen Strong

19: Cleveland Browns:

Who they Take: They still do not get to pick because they decided to add a QB because the Browns have not drafted a QB in the first round since last year and that has been too long of a wait for the Browns to find their franchise QB. Titans Select Nelson Agholor.

Me: Andrus Peat- If you’re telling me Mitchell Schwartz is going to continue to start at RT then you might as well let me compete at the position (I am a whopping 5’7″ and 160 Ibs).

McShay: Malcolm Brown

Kiper: Todd Gurley- because one position controversy is not enough this year.

20. Philadelphia Eagles:

Who they Take: Landon Collins- After Chip Kelly cries for about a good hour he did not offer more to the Titans for Mariota.

Me: Kevin Johnson- After watching Collins play OSU a few more times, his stock to me dropped a few spots.

McShay and Kiper: Landon Collins

21. Cincinnati Bengals:

Who they Take: Ereck Flowers

Me: Ereck Flowers- Now I am not sure if La’el Collins is going to be in any trouble with the case of his ex-girlfriend being murdered, but after the Hernandez incident can you risk it? If I know he is in no trouble then I would take him here.

McShay: Andrus Peat

Kiper: Devin Funchess

22. Pittsburgh Steelers

Who they Take: Kevin Johnson

Me: Landon Collins- I see a lot of Troy Polamalu toughness in him.

McShay: Bud Dupree

Kiper: Kevin Johnson

23. Detroit Lions:

Who they Take: Cameron Erving

Me: Marcus Peters- Let’s be honest their secondary is horrible

McShay and Kpier: La’el Collins- to be fair this is before Collins wanted out of the draft

24. Arizona Cardinals

Who they Take: Todd Gurley

Me: Todd Gurley- Do they have a RB on the roster?

McShay: Kevin Johnson

Kiper: Melvin Gordon

25. Carolina Panthers

Who they Take: D.J Humphries

Me: D.J Humphries- at some point you would think they would want to protect Newton

McShay: Ereck Flowers

Kiper: D.J Humphries

26. Baltimore Ravens:

Who they Take: Melvin Gordon

Me: Trade- Move down maybe a team earlier in the round may look to move in to get a DB.

McShay: Melvin Gordon

Kiper: Marcus Peters

27. Dallas Cowboys:

Who they Take: Eli Harold

Me: Eli Harold- More of a pass rush is needed from this defense, and maybe that will help the secondary more.

McShay and Kiper: Byron Jones

28. Denver Broncos:

Who they Take: Laken Tomlinson

Me: Cameron Irving- Center is the biggest need and you get a pro bowl caliber center

McShay: D.J Humphries

Kiper: Cameron Irving

29. Indianapolis Colts:

Who they Take: Jake Fisher

Me: Jake Fisher- There is no true LT available so might as well draft the best OL available.

McShay: Eli Harold

Kiper: Andrus Peat

30. Green Bay Packers:

Who they Take: Byron Jones

Me: Byron Jones- Probably the best athlete in the draft

McShay: Eric Kendricks

Kiper: Jalen Collins

31. New Orleans Saints:

Who they Take: Nelson Agholor

Me: Dorial Green-Beckham- With 2 first round picks the second one can be a reach for a player who has every bit of talent to be a #1 guy.

McShay: Phillip Dorsett

Kiper: Nelson Agholor

32. New England Patriots: 

Who they Take: Eddie Goldman

Me: Devin Smith- When Randy Moss was on this team and had his deep threat ability it changed this offense big time and Smith can do the same thing.

McShay: Marcus Peters

Kiper: Eddie Goldman




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