Chirico’s Corner With ’16 Punter Drue Chrisman


Special teams has been very important in today’s game, especially for the Ohio State Buckeyes, who take special teams very seriously. With that being said, the Buckeyes are on the radar for one of the top punters in the Class of 2016, Drue Chrisman. Chrisman, a punter from Cincinnati, Ohio is another in-state top recruit the Buckeyes have a good chance in grabbing.

Currently, per the 247Sports Crystal Ball there have been ten predictions, all for Ohio State. The 6-4, 200 pound punter would be a great replacement for the current punter for Ohio State, junior Cameron Johnston, who could possibly declare for the NFL draft early. If Johnston were to declare, Chrisman would definitely be the next man up for the silver bullets.

Chrisman has been quite busy these past couple months, receiving offers and taking visits to top programs from different conferences. “It has been pretty crazy to say the least. These past couple of months have been a little overwhelming, although it does feel nice to have attention from these programs.” said Chrisman.

“I get a lot of mail, and phone call from coaches. But, I have my top three as Florida State, Ohio State, and BYU. Which were my top three even before the process started.”

Chrisman made it out for the buckeye spring game this past weekend, following his last visit to Ohio State which was near the end of March. On that March 31st visit, the Buckeyes offered Chrisman. Coach Meyer would like him to attend for an upcoming skills camp sometime in the near future, which would make his third appearance on campus. “The visit went great, I got to stay with Sean Nuernberger, Cam Johnston, and Bryce Haynes. It was exciting to be at the highest attended spring game this year. While I was down there I got to talk to a lot of recruits. Overall, I got to get a feel of what being a Buckeye would be like, which was really neat.” said Chrisman. While talking to Chrisman, he talked very excitedly about his past weekend at Ohio State.

“I have talked to a couple of Buckeye recruits. I mostly talk to the long snapper, Liam McCullough. I got to meet his family and it was pretty cool since he had already committed I was able to hear about what he liked about Ohio State and how he ended up committing there.”

Since Chrisman is a mormon, there is a chance for a two year LDS mission. Which would only happen if he were to commit to BYU. “With Ohio State, I would probably not, because of the entire timing situation. But, with BYU, that would be something I would consider. If I went to BYU, I would most likely go on a two year mission. That is more common at BYU, which would make it easier.” said Chrisman. This could be a major factor for his decision.

A commitment date was set for after spring break, but things have changed. “I was planning on committing after I got back from spring break. Things were not as far away as I thought they were at the time. I want to make my decision when it is really clear for me.” said Chrisman.

You can follow Drue on twitter @Drue_Man

Below, are some highlights:

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