Busted Badgers: Wisconsin Recap

osuHelmetSaturday night was a great night to be a Buckeye fan. Ohio State played a good game against a good Wisconsin team. Wisconsin played a tough game but Ohio State was able to come out with a “W”. The Buckeyes were able to stop Wisconsin’s heavily powered rushing attack. Overall, the Buckeyes had a good outing Saturday night and were able to improve to 5 and 0.

The Return of Braxton Miller: Braxton Miller came out and did what is he is best at, “winning”. Miller slowly got engaged in the offense. The first couple drives didn’t have him do too much. There were a lot of runs to Hyde. I think this was a great approach for Braxton. Let him slowly get into the game. Towards the second half there was more designed runs for Braxton. Miller definitely used his legs more in the second half. Miller did not seem to be bothered by his MCL. He looked good when running the ball and he was playing very confidently. A big question I had was.. Where was Kenny Guiton? I was thinking we would see a mix of Braxton Miller and Kenny Guiton. But, that is a coach decision and I agree with any decision the staff makes. Miller looked well which is very good to know as a Buckeye fan.

Carlos Carries: Carlos Hyde started the game which was surprising to me. I thought we would see Jordan Hall taking the first couple snaps, than Hyde taking over. But it was great to see Hyde carrying the rushing attack. Hyde was running hard and with energy throughout the whole game. He brought a nice spark to the offense. He helped the Buckeyes get a quick and early lead by having a couple of big carries which led to a TD pass from Miller.

Defense Wins Games: The defense did an amazing job Saturday night. They looked full of energy right from the start. The D-Line was getting into the backfield well. Also, Bryant and Shazier were all over the place. Roby had the only interception in the game. The defense stepped up when it really had to. Holding Wisconsin at the end of the game was a big factor for the Buckeyes win. Wisconsin was throwing all over the Buckeyes in the beginning of the game. But, Ohio State made corrections and slowed down their passing game.

Other thoughts:

  • Dontre Wilson was used a lot as a decoy in motion, but did not carry the ball much.
  • Johnston came through with a lot of good punts giving Wisconsin bad field position.
  • A win gives OSU a huge recruiting plus with all the recruits in attendance.
  • Basil hit a deep 45 yard field goal from the side of the hash.

To sum it up, the Buckeyes win their first prime time game. The only disappointment from the game was Bryant’s injury that leads him out for the year. I can only see the Buckeyes getting better every week. The Bucks silenced the doubters that said they cant beat a good team. One game closer to the big one!


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