MotSaG Top 25 – Week 5

MotSaG Top 25
1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Ohio State
4. Oregon
5. Georgia
6. Stanford
7. Louisville
8. Oklahoma
9. Florida State
10. Northwestern
11. LSU
12. Miami
13. UCLA
14. Texas A&M
15. South Carolina
16. Baylor
17. Washington
18. Texas Tech
19. Florida
20. Fresno State
21. Michigan
22. Arizona State
23. Wisconsin
24. Oklahoma State
25. Maryland

Jeremiah is out sick on his deathbed, so I will be taking over Top 25 duties this week. You probably noticed that these rankings make much more sense this week. Now you know why.

I have argued with Jeremiah that ‘Bama gets top billing until someone knocks them off. I know Clemson has looked good, but ‘Bama blanking the Ole Miss Rebels is not something to scoff at. They looked dominant throughout that game, and even though I don’t buy the SEC superiority argument any more than you do, shutting out a previously ranked team is impressive.

Clemson, Oregon and Ohio State took care of business. Clemson should have demolished Wake Forest, which they did.

Oregon and Ohio State now share a common opponent, which they performed more-or-less equally. The only difference being that Oregon had their starting QB at their disposal while Ohio State did not. Oregon has yet to play a ranked team, as well. For those two reasons, I give Ohio State the slight edge in the rankings.

The Stanford vs. Georgia match-up gave me pause. Yes, Georgia has a loss, but it is to a team I have ranked #2. Stanford has looked dominant through four games, but their marque win right now is only ranked 22. Advantage: Georgia.

Rounding out the top ten, Louisville is there because of legacy 2013 bowl season performance and taking care of business thus far. Oklahoma, Florida State and Northwestern remain unbeaten and that counts for something in my book. I don’t know if any of those four teams could be LSU or Texas A&M, but until I see them lose (sorry, Northwestern, that’s next week for you) I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

The rest is big old jumble of good, maybe good and maybe not good teams. We’ll let the season roll on to sort those out.

Speaking of “maybe not good teams”, Michigan fans better be worried. By the simple transitive property (which I think went out of fashion a few years ago, but bear with me), you have Michigan team that struggled mightily to beat a UConn team that got manhandled by Buffalo, 41-12. That was the same Buffalo team that Ohio State manhandled 40-20. If you take those three outcomes, carry the three and solve for X, you realize that Michigan could be in for a lot of pain come November 30th.


  1. UGH I apologize to all my fans which the number is immense to say the least. This may be the worst top 25 ever made. He even ranked TTUN who barely beat UConn who got blown out by Buffalo who got blown out by OSU.

    Dont be fooled by his pretty graphics he is like ESPN all show and info.

    On a serious note thanks Tony for helping me out with this. I learned a valuable lesson “Never get sick again” đŸ™‚


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