Game 5 Notes vs. Wisconsin

osuHelmetWelcome to the weekly installment where we look at the game from a statistical perspective. Feel free to add your thoughts. What stats impressed you? Any stats concern you? Here are 5 stats that stood out to me against Wisconsin.

20(UW)-21(OSU); 399(UW)-390(OSU); 29:42(UW)-30:18(OSU) – Statistically speaking this game was extremely close. These three stats demonstrate how close it was by the numbers – First Downs; Total Yards; Time of Possession, respectively. Although the numbers may tell a different story, it felt like the Buckeyes were in control throughout the game. Coach Meyer made an interesting point after the game, he said he would have liked to close the game better. That will be an important aspect of games as the B1G season progresses.

39/4 – The ratio of carries from Braxton Miller/Carlos Hyde to the rest of the team. The ground attack was much different in this game compared to the previuos 4. It looked a lot like last year. Braxton and Carlos were solid (nice to see Braxton healthy), but I anticipate at some point the other running backs will see some more carries. I think the way this game played out was influenced by the coaching staff’s desire to be comfortable as the team faced their first big test of the season.

8-85-2 – Corey Brown had a great game. He finshed with 8 catches for 85 yards and 2 TD’s. With the exception of his laspe in judgement on the muffed punt (that was luckily negated by a penalty), he made some great plays in the passing game. The connection between he and Braxton was not affected by the 3 games Braxton missed.

104; 3 for 12 – I have spent a lot of time focusing on offensive stats, but I think the defensive performance in this game should not be understated. After allowing some big gains in the passing game during the first half, some key adjustments were made in the 2nd half. The defense really came up big when it mattered. The Buckeye D held the Badgers to 104 yards rushing. Wisconsin entered the game averaging nearly 350 yards on the ground. The Buckeyes also shined on third down; holding the Badgers to only 3 for 12 successful conversions.

10-207-1; 16 – I have no shame giving credit where credit is due (as long as the Buckeyes win :)). For one reason or another, Jared Abbrederis has a history of big games against the Buckeyes. He again had a strong showing in 2013 finishing the game with 10 catches for 207 yards and 1 TD. Also, the Ohio native (of course), Chris Borland had a nice game finishing with 16 total tackles. Even with the great games by these two players, the most important stat of the game was won the by the Buckeyes. 31-24 = win on the scoreboard.

Any other key stats against the Badgers?


  1. My biggest concerns were the lack of Jordan Hall carries, Roby just getting torched all night not sure if he was playing injured and that hurt him or what but he was exposed big time and now the Buckeyes lost Bryant for the year. The offensive line did ok but still need improvement and now our secondary is a major question mark.

    The linebackers and defensive line came to play and I thought they did well against that Wisconsin offensive line. Would have been nice to see d line get more pressure. Also nothing against Miller running when he needs to but he needs to stay in the pocket more less designed runs he just came back from injury.

    • I like what Jordan Hall does, but what does he do well that Hyde and Wilson don’t already give you? Hyde is a sure fire NFL running back. Reminds be of Frank Gore. He’s really patient and he has a more wiggle in space than people give him credit for. Wilson gives you more speed and shiftiness then Hall does, so I just don’t know where Hall was needed Saturday.

      I think the lack of pass rush with four will be a serious problem with this D. They did get some pressure, but not enough. Its hard for coverage to hold WR at bay when the Qb has 4 and 5 seconds to throw. Those seconds are a real issue. Even when the Buckeyes blitzed, which wasn’t often, I believe they only got home once (grant sack). That is a large reason why Roby kept getting burned.

      Bryant is a big loss because he’s the brains of our secondary while Barnett is the muscle. Brown, Tanner, or Bell are going to have to grow up really quick.

      Braxton’s biggest runs last year were on designed run. Once you’re in B1G season theres no room to contain Braxton. If he gets hurt, I guess the coaches feel they’re good with Kenny.

  2. 6/15 was the Buckeyes third down number on offense which isn’t bad, much improved from last year. If they can get to 50%+ on 3rd down, this offense will really be lethal.

    one more number: 6- that was the number of punts of Cameron Johnston kicked AND the number of punts he landed inside the 20. Impressive game from him.

    • I didn’t think Johnston would get much usage this year, but he certainly made the best of his opportunities.

      I’m still waiting for Meyer to call his number on a fake punt so he can show off those Australian Rules Football moves.

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