Stiff Arm of the Week

Silly Beanie, stiff-arms are for faces!


  1. Jeff @ The BBC says

    Hey, did you hear?

    Michigan lost to TOLEDO!

    This has been a special message, courtesy of The BBC

  2. Yes folks, that is a snapshot of Beanie single handedly, stiffarming the world. This man is the sole reason we have tectonic plates and earthquakes.

  3. LOL superbuckfan08 is right! There was an earthquake shortly after Beanie ran this play, on the other side of the planet:

  4. @Jeff – You’re enjoying this too much, man. You won’t ever let up on those poor, suffering Meeshegan fans, will you?

    @SM – I felt the rumbles. I think Beanie knew the planet was a bit out of alignment and took it into his own hands to nudge it back into place.

  5. el Kaiser, I disagree, you can never enjoy watching Michigan and the client of the year for the Hair Club for Men lose. With LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlllllllllllllllloyd at least you had some class, but I’m sorry. Nick Saban, Rich Rodriquez, Bobby Petrino, and Steve Spurrier (just b/c he’s a jerk off) all have a special place in the ninth circle of College Football Hell.

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