MotSaG B1G Power Poll Week 4

The Votes Are IN

Teams Points Record (Conf) Position Last Week
msu 8 3-0 (0-0) 2
Ohio State 12 3-0 (0-0) 1
northwestern 25 3-0 (0-0) 5
wisconsin 31 2-1 (0-0) 3
michigan 31 2-1 (0-0) 6
iowa 38 3-0 (0-0) 8
nebraska 44 1-2 (0-0) 6
minnesota 49 2-1 (0-0) 3
penn state 66 2-1 (1-0) 11
maryland 68 2-1 (1-0) 13
indiana 2 72 3-0 (0-0) 12
illinois 82 2-1 (0-0) 9
rutgers 89 1-2 (0-1) 10
purdue 94 1-2 (0-0) 14

Can’t say we are a homer blog anymore. Seems folks are thinking Sparty is playing better than the Buckeyes right now. Minnesota makes the biggest drop with a tight win over Kent State. Some movement here and there but nothing else major than the top two spots flipping and the Golden Gophers dropping.

Love to hear you input, leave us a comment and let us know how your B1G Power Poll would shake out

MotSaG Men’s B1G Basketball Power Poll

Another week down which means we move another week closer to March Madness. We are halfway through the B1G season and there is constant movement with some pretenders and some finally figuring it out. Where does your team (if not The Ohio State) fall on my list?

1. Wisconsin 19-2(7-1) Can anyone catch the Badgers right now? They are in total control of their destiny to bring home the regular season crown.
Last Week: #1
RPI: 8

2. Maryland 18-4(6-3) Getting beat by OSU by 14 unfortunately didn’t drop them below my beloved Buckeyes. I have to have the Terps above because of RPI and overall record right now.
Last Week: #2
RPI: 17

3. Ohio State 17-5(6-3) The Ohio State D’Angelo Russell’s are on fire. Thad Matta did a lineup change and it seems to have done wonders for the Buckeyes. Back to back wins over Indiana and Maryland have propelled the Buckeyes into the Top 25 but have a big match up against Purdue Wed.
Last Week: #3
RPI: 35

4. Indiana 16-6(6-3) The Hoosiers took it on the chin losing to their rivals Purdue last week but bounced back beating Rutgers.
Last Week: #3
RPI: 33

5. Michigan State 15-7(6-3) Don’t look now but Sparty catching a roll and defeated both Rutgers and TTUN by an average of 15 points between the two games. Don’t want to say I told you Izzo will get this straightened out but I might be right for the first time.
Last Week: #5
RPI: 37

6. Purdue 14-8(6-3) The Boilermakers have climbed their way into the Battle for Second Place. Purdue is on a three game win streak including beating rival Indiana and Northwestern last week.
Last Week: #9
RPI: 79

7. Iowa 13-8(4-4) The Hawkeyes looked like they were going to be a top team in the B1G but are on a three game losing skid.
Last Week: #6
RPI: 52

8. Michigan 13-9(6-4) Is the injury bug catching up to the Wolverines? Not yet they Beat Nebraska but lost to in state rival “lil Brother” Sparty last week.
Last Week: #7
RPI: 74

9. Illinois 14-8(4-5) The Fighting Illini are struggling losing to Minnesota but beating Penn State last week, their RPI and overall record has allowed them to jump in this weeks poll though.
Last Week: #10
RPI: 65

10. Nebraska 12-9(4-5) The Cornhuskers are on a two game losing slide and their RPI is turrible (Barkley voice). Things aren’t looking good in the Land of Lincoln.
Last Week: #8
RPI: 110

11. Minnesota 14-9(3-7) Golden Gophers might be playing tough and has moments of looking like they are ready to turn the corner and possibly get hot then they drop one to PSU. Beating Nebraska has helped ease some of that pain.
Last Week: #11
RPI: 89

12. Penn State 14-8(2-7) The Nittany Lions have 409 problems and basketball is just one of them.
Last Week: #13
RPI: 100

13. Rutgers 10-13(2-8) Rutgers might be home to the birthplace of college football but the Scarlet Knights aren’t any good at basketball, lost six straight B1G games
Last Week: #12
RPI: 116

14. Northwestern 10-11(1-7) I have no words for the Wildcats, one conference win not good.
Last Week #14
RPI: 160

As always comment down below let me know your thoughts, hit me up on the twitters or email me at and let me know what I have wrong like you always do, looking forward to the talk about basketball just like we did with football.

MotSaG Men’s B1G Basketball Power Poll

Back for another week and there’s a lot of movement in the Big Ten conference this week, lets take a look at where I feel things shook out.

1. Wisconsin 18-2 (6-1) The Badgers are on a perch all by themselves, currently have the solo lead over the Terps in the BiG standings. Wisky smashed Iowa last week and pulled out a tight game against the maize and blue to take over the top spot from Maryland.
Last Week: #2
RPI: 8

2. Maryland 18-3 (6-2) The Terps lost a spot after beating Sparty last week but losing to Indiana. Maryland and the Buckeyes meet up this week big game for Buckeyes to add another quality win to resume (last chance) and for the Terps to try and stay on the heals of Wisconsin.
Last Week: #1
RPI: 14

3. Indiana 15-5 (5-2) The Hoosiers and their, I can’t seem to stay off the court Tom Crean, had a decent week. Beating Maryland by 19 but then lost to OSU by 12.
Last Week: #5
RPI: 32

4. Ohio State 16-5 (5-3) Buckeyes had a really good week winning a tight game at Northwestern then coming home and beating Indiana by 12 to get their first big win of the season. D’eangelo Russel showing why he is considered a top lottery pick in next seasons draft.
Last Week #6
RPI: 53

5. Michigan State 13-7(4-3) Sparty beat PSU but lost to Nebraska last week. Izzo will get this turned around Sparty fans.
Last Week : 4
RPI: 43

6. Iowa 13-7 (4-3) I know how can I have the Hawkeyes lower than the Buckeyes after they beat OSU twice. You get blown out by Wisconsin and lose a close one to Purdue to have a losing week will do that to you.
Last Week: #3
RPI: 52

7. Michigan 12-8 (5-3) The Wolverines might be living on borred time since losing Levert for season. This week they beat Rutgers and barely lost to Wisconsin without him.
Last Week: #7
RPI: 73

8. Nebraska 12-7 (4-3) Cornhuskers aren’t going away quietly mater of fact they are making some noise and making a run it looks like. Beating Minn and Michigan State has allowed them to jump up 3 spots this week.
Last Week: #11
RPI: 91

9. Purdue 12-8 (4-3) Boilermakers in the middle of the hunt for the B1G crown. They lost to Ill by 9 and beat Iowa.
Last Week: #8
RPI: 96

10. Illinois 13-8 (3-5) Fighting Illini beat Purdue but lost to Minnesota and have a below .500 conference mark
Last Week: #9
RPI: 58

11. Minnesota 13-8 (2-6) Golden Gophers lost to Nebraska but beat Illinois at home. Allowing Minnesota to move a spot is there out of conference record and better RPI
Last Week: #12
RPI: 90

12. Rutgers 10-11 (2-6) I should probably put the Scarlet Knights seeing how they are under .500 across the board and on a current 4 game losing skid. Having one more conference win allows them some reprieve for another week.
Last Week: #10
RPI: 102

13. Penn State 13-7(1-6) Nittany Lions lost to Michigan State but beat Purdue this week for their first conference win of the year.
Last Week: #14
RPI: 97

14. Northwestern 10-10 (1-6) Wildcats gave the Buckeyes a run for their money like they always seem to do and they only lost to Maryland by 1. Seems their second win is on the end of the line of the fisherman from the State Farm commercial right now.
Last Week: #13
RPI: 147

As always comment down below let me know your thoughts, hit me up on the twitters or email me at and let me know what I have wrong like you always do, looking forward to the talk about basketball just like we did with football.

MotSaG’s Inaugural Men’s B1G Basketball Power Poll

Since my football power poll was such a huge and rousing success, I have decided it’s time that MotSAG have a Big Ten Men’s Basketball Power Poll. Lets see how I am looking at the league five or six games into conference play.

1. Maryland Terps 12-1(5-1) Newcomers to the B1G are making some noise. I am sure Duke is happy with the move of the Terps out of the ACC since they always seemed to upset Duke once a year. Being only one of two teams at least .500 or above versus Top 25 teams so far this season. The Terps only loss has come at the hands of the Fighting Illini but they have beaten Michigan State by 16.
RPI #13

2. Wisconsin Badgers 16-2(4-1) The Badgers are the favorites in the B1G this season and a preseason Final Four pick by many. The only conference loss is from Rutgers and out of conference loss was to Duke. Best win was over Oklahoma so far.
RPI #9

3. Iowa Hawkeyes 13-5(4-1) The Hawkeyes biggest concern has been closing out games. The seemed to have done fine against Ohio State dominated them in both match-ups. Iowa has lost to Texas, Syracuse, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, and Michigan State. We will find out if they are for real when they face Wisconsin this week.
RPI #43

4. Michigan State Spartans 12-7(3-2) Izzo’s squad has losses against Duke, Kansas, Notre Dame, Texas Southern, and twice to Maryland. Their best wins are Marquette and Indiana so far. Sparty will have this figured out soon I mean come on Tom Izzo is their coach.
RPI #37

5. Indiana Hoosiers 14-4(5-1) What have the Hoosiers done to get this high in the Power Poll? For starters go 3-1 against Top 25 teams, the only B1G team with a winning record in that department. Their only Big Ten conference loss came at the hands of Sparty.
RPI #58

6. Ohio State Buckeyes 14-5(3-3) The Buckeyes are having some issues to what seems (myself included) might possibly be a sweet sixteen team in some preseason picks. Having a NBA lottery pick (D’Angelo Russell) on your squad would almost guarantee that right? With losses to Louisville, North Carolina, Indiana, and basically blown out twice by Iowa has many wondering whats wrong with the current Buckeye team (more on that later)
RPI #56

7. Michigan Wolverines 11-7(4-2) The thought the Wolverines were going to possibly have another great B1G team this season after their win against Syracuse took a huge step back. With four consecutive losses to New Jersey Institute of Technology, Eastern Michigan, Arizona, and SMU. By losing to NJIT that should put the maize and blue at the bottom of the list but being 4-2 in conference play prevents that. Lets see how they cope with losing Caris Levert for the rest of the season. He was their leading scorer and rebounder.
RPI #84

8. Purdue Boilermakers 11-7(3-2) Boilermaker fans I would love to move you up at least one spot since you did beat TTUN but seriously who have you played and beat so far?
RPI #103

9. Illinois Fighting Illini 12-7(2-4) Who is this Illini team? They beat Baylor and Michigan State but lose to TTUN,OSU, Nebraska, and Indiana.
RPI #53

10. Rutgers Scarlet Knights 10-9(2-3) Scarlet Knight fans sorry but losses to Northwestern, Nebraska, and Minnesota have you bellow Illinois despite you are the only team to knock off Wisconsin.
RPI #75

11. Nebraska Cornhuskers 10-7(2-3) The only reason the Cornhuskers are this high is that they have 2 wins in conference play so far. Looking at their out of conference schedule people need to lay off Ohio State’s.
RPI #119

12. Minnesota Golden Gophers 12-7(1-5) Gopher fans starting your conference play with five straight losses is never a good thing.
RPI #97

13. Northwestern Wildcats 10-8(1-4) Wildcat fans lets face it your not a basketball school your a football one am i right? nope
RPI #141

14. Penn State Nittany Lions 12-6(0-5) Nittany Lion fans I have 409 more reasons to hate PSU even more but I digress. No conference wins to date thats statement enough for me to rank you last
RPI #103

As always comment down below let me know your thoughts, hit me up on the twitters or email me at and let me know what I have wrong like you always do, looking forward to the talk about basketball just like we did with football.

Q&A with an Opponents Blog: Purdue

Its the week to beat your drum!! Tomorrow we play the Purdue Boilermakers and their “worlds largest drum” which isn’t but I digress. I got to get with boilerdowd from to discuss somethings about Purdue.

MotSaG: I know its still early in the whole process with a new coach but do you think Coach Darrell Hazell is the right man to get things turned around?

BS: Not many coaching candidates that we had on our list had his credentials…and no one in America is better as a PR man than Coach Hazell…but the team’s play hasn’t reflected the change of attitude, yet. I still think he was the right man for the job…and am excited for the future. I’m still a bit bothered that so many Ohio State fans like the guy…but I’ll get over that with time, I guess. I know one thing that he could do that would make you guys like him a lot less.

MotSaG: This is the first time I have had to ask this question but whats Purdue’s secret at Ross-Ade Stadium versus the Buckeyes?

BS: Plain and simple- mind control. It’s odd that it hasn’t worked on any other opponent, but tons of subliminal messages are being broadcasted during the pre-game into the Buckeye locker room…it’s kind of a shame the same tactics don’t work versus Notre Dame or Michigan. Honestly, we have no idea…but hope the trend continues.

MotSaG: The last time you lost to Ohio State in West Lafayette the current freshman were in 7th grade, whats it like to have won four of the last six match-ups at home?

BS: That’s a silly fact…and pretty unbelievable. I can tell you that the day that Ryan Kerrigan got all touchy-feely with Tats Pryor was one of my favorite Purdue games of the last decade…glad I was there. I had six tickets given to me…and I had to beg people to come watch it with me. No one believed going in to that one, that the good guys would win…I’d say the feeling is eerily similar heading into this Saturday for Purdue fans. (Be afraid!)

MotSaG: What is Purdue’s biggest concern for this game?

BS: With the exception of last week’s strong performance by the defense versus a mediocre MSU offense, there has been reason for concern at every turn. Special Teams have struggled in different facets, the defense hasn’t been able to stop the run or the pass and the offense hasn’t been able to move the ball. Going into this one, it feels like the defense might be OK…but the offense has showed nothing; so that’s my biggest concern.

MotSaG: Do Purdue fans feel disrespected that the spread is like at 30 points?

BS: Not really…that number seems generous at this point. Our Boilers have been beaten by 30 or more way too many times this season by lesser teams.

MotSaG: Since this is one bad year of growing pains for Purdue fans, what is the Boilermakers biggest needs to get in recruiting?

BS: LINEBACKERS! Many of Purdue’s linebackers have been as soft as my midsection for about a decade…but Purdue needs DBs too. (You’ll see evidence in person on Saturday if you go.)

MotSaG: Ohio State historically travels well, will Boilermaker fans show up to try and drown out the Scarlet and Gray chanting O-H-I-O in Ross-Ade Stadium?

BS: I hate that’d be no more dumb for Purdue fans to chant I-N-D-I-A-N-A..You guys do know there is a University of Ohio, right? You’re only helping advertise for them. But back to the question- no, I don’t think the crowd will be able to drown it out..there will be a lot of red in God’s country on Saturday, sadly. I liked the cheer better the last time you guys visited anyway.. O-H S-*-I-T

MotSaG: Since Purdue is a engineering school what do they have to do to pull off the upset Saturday?

BS: I think they’d have to change the contest to a Rube Goldberg type of thing…but on the football field, I’m not sure much can be done at this point.

MotSaG: Is the reason for the Purdue Boilermakers being 1-6 this awesome video (since it seems geared more towards the basketball team)? Karma? haha sorry to easy!!

BS: Ugh.
Actually, Purdue loses too much because they haven’t gotten on the (played out) trend of alternate helmets…uh oh…a team from C’bus is in trouble. Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.03.41 PM

MotSaG: What are your predictions for the game?

BS: Back when I was at Purdue, aOSU came into West Lafayette my Senior year ranked in the top-5…and Purdue was unranked and pretty lousy. The game started out awesome; two long touchdown passes to Brian Alford stunned the thousands of Bucknuts who had invaded the stadium…Purdue was up 14-0 in the first quarter.

The good guys lost 42-14.

I feel like Saturday will probably be worse for my Boilers because Brian Alford doesn’t play on the team any longer…nor does Ryan Kerrigan.

*I’ve attached a photo from the upset a few years ago…I like it because the Ohio State fan looks confused and lonely. I still don’t know what so many of you guys were doing on the field that day.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.06.49 AM

I really enjoyed working with boilerdowd this week. I think the Buckeyes get the “drum” off of their back this season and they put Purdue out of their misery early and fast tomorrow. Yesterday I shared with you my preview of the game and on paper this is a major mismatch. Last bye Urban motivated his guys by dangling off time in front of them if they won, i’m sure there is something besides the National Championship and a trip to their first B1G championship game that Meyer is motivating his troops with for the upcoming bye week. This week I’m not going to predict the score because what I really think will happen seems unfeasible and I rabble on to much and am never right!!

If you want to get involved and have questions about upcoming opponents feel free to send them in to me and I can send them on. Email your questions to or Would love to know your thoughts on this post and hope you enjoyed it.