Game 9 Preview the Purdue Boilermakers

Today we are going to sit back and discuss the Purdue Boilermakers. Why is it every time I think of Purdue I feel like Jerry Seinfield and Newman? Oh yeah its because they have been a thorn in the Buckeyes side. The last time the Buckeyes won in West Lafayette the current freshman class was in the seventh grade in high school, I’ll let that one sink in for a minute. They have lost four out of the last six at Ross-Ade Stadium. Hmm, “Purdue”.

The Boilermakers are last in the league in third-down conversions (29.5 percent), red-zone offense (62.5 percent) and red-zone defense (92.6 percent) and are tied for third in the B1G for turnovers (15).

What do these stats really mean?

In reality it should mean a another round of internet trolls crying the Buckeyes ran up the score on another hapless B1G team. Still its Purdue and even though they are 1-6 so far this season you can’t overlook them and By the sounds of it coach Urban Meyer and company aren’t.

“We’re going into November, we are competing for championships,” he said. “So you can bet the focus is very intense.”

We can sit here and play the stat game all day like the Buckeyes are 9th in the NCAA in rushing averaging almost 300 yards a game while Purdue’ rushing defense is 90th allowing 192 yards a game. Flip it around and Purdue isn’t very well at running the ball themselves averaging 76 yards per game while the Buckeyes surrender almost 96 yards on the ground per game. So that three, four, five headed monster of Hyde, Wilson, Miller, Hall, and Elliot should all be getting big yardage.

Purdue is averaging 13.1 points per game while surrendering 34.4 points, Ohio State is averaging 47.2 points per game and surrendering 19.1 points a game.

On paper this is going to get ugly, on the field you are going to see Purdue’s new head coach and former Buckeye assistant head coach Darrell Hazell have his team fired up and ready to play. The unfortunate part for the Boilermakers is that they don’t have the athleticism that Ohio State has and that is going to win out in the end.

What to expect when Purdue has the ball

True freshman quarterback Danny Etling has only played three games this season replacing Rob Henry, Etling has thrown four interceptions and zero touchdowns. His top wide receiver DeAngelo Yancey is averaging 21.8 yards per catch and running back Akeem Hunt is averaging 10 yards per catch while he is rushing for 3.7 yards a carry. If Ohio State’s defensive line and linebackers don’t get pressure it can be a long night for the Buckeyes.

I believe Meyer will have his team up for this game remembering how close it got last year and we are going to see that same pressure the Buckeyes showed the Crying Lions.

What to expect when Ohio State has the ball

Fireworks and lots of them. Hyde is going to wear down that defensive line of Purdue and Miller is going to carve them up from the pocket. Look for Jeff Heuerman and Nick Vannett to be more involved as Meyer wants. The Buckeyes speed is going to be no match for the Boilermakers especially the likes of Dontre Wilson. Miller is really showing he is getting this offense and he is running it very well.


Everyone will be crying about something the Buckeyes did like score possibly the 100 points? No seriously I think the Buckeyes can hand Purdue their second shut out in a row and this is going to be a serious blow out.

Insane stat alert: Ohio State is 281-0-1 when they score over 35 points!!


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