Former Buckeye Greg Oden Arrested (Per Report)

It is being reported this morning that Greg Oden was arrested early this morning and charged with battery. Details are sketchy right now but it sounds like it happened in his hometown of Lawrence, Indiana. Here is what is being reported right now…

New details from the Indy Star…

The incident happened around 3:30 a.m. in the 7200 block of Maple Bluff Place, according to a Lawrence Police Department report.

Officers arrived at the home to find the victim crying and lying across a bed holding her face, police said. A woman described as the victim’s best friend first told officers what happened, police said.

“He punched her in the face,” the witness said, according to the report.

The victim initially was “uncooperative,” police said.

The victim’s best friend, police said, told the woman, “There isn’t that much love in the world. You need to tell that he punched you in the face.”

Police “observed blood, swelling to the nose, lacerations to the forehead and nose area of the victim’s face,” according to the report. They also “observed blood on the sofa and floor in the sitting area. (They) observed (blood) on the living room carpet (and) dirt from a flower pot that was knocked over.

The house belongs to Oden’s mother.

Oden was “calm, apologetic and cooperative” when officers spoke with him, police said.

“I was wrong, and I know what has to happen,” Oden told police, according to the report.

Not a good week to be a Buckeye

basketball_icon… if you play basketball, that is.

Evan Turner went down in Ohio State’s spanking of Eastern Michigan. Turner will miss eight weeks after fracturing his second and third lumbar vertebrae. That sounds a lot worse than just a two month injury. That sounds career-threatening. Here’s to hoping Evan has a speedy and full recovery, just in time for the heart of the Buckeyes’ Big Ten schedule.

Greg Oden was carted off the court against the Houston Rockets after fracturing his knee cap and is likely to miss the season. Which is a shame, because this year was really looking good for both Oden and the Trailblazers.

It’s a good thing Michael Redd is already injured for today’s game against the Cavs. Who knows how that would have turned out.

Greg Oden is kind of a big deal

I think the thing that endears Greg Oden to most people is his unashamed self-deprecation. I know he was only a Buckeye for one year, but his impact will be felt for years to come. Check it:

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Oden? More like OLDen.