Good Luck, The Kid ET

Our best wishes go out to Evan Turner as he prepares to make the jump to the next level of basketball competition, declaring himself eligible for the Association.

Turner’s development has been interesting to watch over the years. Coming in as a highly rated recruit, he reportedly butted heads with teammates and coaches and had an oversized chip on his shoulder. To his credit, he matured, did what was asked of him and became the excellent ball player and teammate that we saw all during the ’09-10 season. When it counted the most, Turner came through in thrilling ways. It has been a pleasure to watch him play.

I think it’s a testament to Thad Matta’s coaching skills that if players are willing to give him more than one year, he will provide the opportunities and tools to compete at the next level. Unless you’re a singular physical unit like Oden or a singular talent like Mike Conley Jr., it takes time to to develop into a well-rounded player. It’s a shame to think what could be with players like Koufos or Mullens had they taken the time. (It’s also sad to think what this team would have been with either of those players, but that thought process simply leads to pain)

So our hats off to you, Evan Turner. Anyone willing to break their back (literally and figuratively) will earn our respect and admiration. You have firmly ensconced yourself in the Pantheon of Buckeyes and our hearts forever.

Was there any doubt?

Tonight, Evan Turner was crowned King of the World. He announced that he will be back for his senior season. He was also awarded the 2010 Naismith Award after already receiving every other significant Player of the Year Award.

(One of those things is true.)

Not a good week to be a Buckeye

basketball_icon… if you play basketball, that is.

Evan Turner went down in Ohio State’s spanking of Eastern Michigan. Turner will miss eight weeks after fracturing his second and third lumbar vertebrae. That sounds a lot worse than just a two month injury. That sounds career-threatening. Here’s to hoping Evan has a speedy and full recovery, just in time for the heart of the Buckeyes’ Big Ten schedule.

Greg Oden was carted off the court against the Houston Rockets after fracturing his knee cap and is likely to miss the season. Which is a shame, because this year was really looking good for both Oden and the Trailblazers.

It’s a good thing Michael Redd is already injured for today’s game against the Cavs. Who knows how that would have turned out.