Recruiting Spotlight: Tayvion Galloway

For my first bit of content in a while, I want to re-introduce Tayvion Galloway. Tayvion is a four star Tight End prospect out of Chillicothe, Ohio. He is 6’6 and around 230 pounds and he refers to himself as the “Black Sheep”. Tayvion has 18 total Division 1 offers and is looking around to find the best fit for him. Here was a Q&A between the two of us.

RT: Which schools are standing out to you at this moment?

TG: Still building connections with coaches and really just getting to know them. I do believe LSU, Michigan, and Kentucky are definitely recruiting me the hardest.

RT: Which offer(s) are you working on earning at the moment?

TG: Not working on earning any offers. I’m just going to keep grinding and whoever takes their change on me is who I’m going to be looking to build a connection with.

RT: What is your “dream school”?

TG: One of my favorite teams growing up was the Miami Hurricanes.

RT: Which school(s) had/have the best developmental plan for you if/when you commit?

TG: Any school who produces NFL guys regularly.

RT: When do you think you’ll be narrowing your list of top schools?

TG: I will never make an official announcement of who I’ll narrow it down, but all the ones in my corner will know.

RT: When do you think you’ll complete your recruiting process?

TG: Whenever the time is right.

RT: Once committed, give me three players in your class who you want to join you?

TG: My cousin Quinlan Netter & close friend Zechariah Owens.

RT: As a Tight End, what are your strengths, your weaknesses and what are you striving to improve in your overall game?

TG: I believed my key strengths are my versatility and my athletic ability to allow me to make big plays along with not being scared to get dirty in the blocking game. I am trying to improve my strength and explosiveness.

RT: As a player, would you rather be developed (strength, conditioning, life after football, etc.) or would you rather get stats?

TG: I would definitely rather the development at the end of the day. I’m trying to be the best I can be, but I think both is possible.

RT: Can you explain what you bring to the table as a recruit and player?

TG: I believe I’m a leader and I always show better than I can tell. As a player, I believe I’m the guy that can make game winning type of plays.

My Impression: Tayvion Galloway is a born leader, who shows others with actions as opposed to using words. Scrappy and determined to get after it on plays, who isn’t afraid of crucial moments in the game. Galloway is not focused on the glamor of the recruiting game and whoever joins him along his journey does. Whoever doesn’t misses out on a special kid and player with unlimited potential. In an effort to be the best he can be, he remains confident yet humble as he builds relationships with coaches that see the potential in him. I honestly see the “black sheep” mantra as his strength. A lone wolf mentality that once introduced into the fold, has the ability to become the alpha on offense. You want a player like this on your roster and I hope he finds success wherever he goes.


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