Justin Boren Theft Case Update: 1 Arrest made, 1 still Sought

Earlier this week we heard the news that former Ohio State Buckeye Justin Boren’s company Grass Groomers being broken into. Here is the info from Justin’s Facebook account….

To all my Facebook friends in Central Ohio please be on the lookout for this truck and message me if you see it or have any information on who may own it and/or where they may live. These still images off our security cameras caught this truck pulling in to scope out our property yesterday, Sunday May 15th at around 8pm, and then this same vehicle returned at around 10pm and then again around midnight parked on the side of our building, cut a hole in our fence, and broke into several of our locked enclosed trailers stealing a total of 7 Redmax backpack blowers, 5 Redmax string trimmers, and a pair of Redmax hedge trimmers with a total value of over $5,000. We believe that the truck is a 2002-2006 white Chevrolet 1500 regular cab 2wd pick-up truck. Some of the more interesting features of this vehicle, which should stick out, are that even though it is a white vehicle it has a solid black tailgate, it has some sort of bumper sticker on the right hand side of the rear bumper, looks to have some damage or black scrape marks on the right rear quarter panel, has a Honda generator in the bed (which I assume is probably stolen), and it looks to have some sort of dealer plate on the rear tailgate (which again I think are probably stolen). Any help in catching this thief is greatly appreciated.

According to the Columbus Police today they have discovered who the thieves are

WANTED: 36-year-old Paul Arthurs is wanted for Breaking & Entering. On Sunday, May 15th & Monday, May 16th Arthurs broke into 3 equipment trailers and stole thousands of dollars worth of power tools from a business on Americana Parkway (E Columbus). He was caught on camera committing the crime. A second suspect, Arthurs girlfriend 23-year-old Kayla Sparks, was arrested this morning and charged with Breaking & Entering in connection to these crimes.

She won’t talk, so we need someone who knows Paul Arthurs whereabouts to come forward. His arrest will be his 12th with CPD.

Contact Det. Beard in CPD’s Burglary Unit at 645-2077 or bbeard@columbuspolice.org.


If you know where Paul Arthurs is please contact the police ASAP and lets help out our fellow Buckeye.

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