Why I believe Ezekiel Elliott is Innocent Based On Evidence!

First, let me just be emphatic in this statement. I am an OSU fan through and through. I am as biased as they possibly come. I also have zero tolerance for violence of any kind. I detest it and truly believe their is no place in this world for any kind of violence. Having said that let me share what I have learned through a collection of the evidence provided by media and lawyers. Which is far less than the NFL and Prosecutors had access too no doubt.

So how did Zeke get here? Well you see he is as visible as anyone in the NFL right now. Zeke has made himself visible by his play on the field and his infectious smile off of it. He also has put himself in situations that are high risk of negative situations. That happens. To everyone. Being a member of the Dallas Cowboys also puts a spotlight on him like no other team in sports.

Is Ezekiel Elliott guilty of anything? The answer to the best of my knowledge is no. The actuality is though that it doesn’t matter. Society labels. They get out their pitchforks and create mobs out of thin air. He is a victim of society. Society says if a woman says you hit them then you absolutely did. Society says if you are accused of anything you and guilty until proven innocent. That is ass-backwards. Alas though this is the way society works and Zeke needs to learn that and do whatever he can to keep society off his back.

Let’s tackle this domestic violence situation now. The evidence provided by the accuser is suspect at best. She claims to have been beaten over 5 days several times and also claims these weren’t the only times he did it to her.
Battered women absolutely can and do return to their abusers. When they do though in general they are very submissive and hide the abuse. They don’t try to get their friends to lie and say that their boyfriend hit them in front of them. Which is exactly what this girl did.

You can go here to TMZ to see the alleged bruises. In the pictures you can see lots of bruises some appear much older than others. You can see a picture of her hand which is clearly the result of her punching someone. Which goes hand in hand with the accusation that she was in a bar fight the week before with another female. Look at the pictures and judge for yourself. They aren’t the typical pictures of a battered woman. They certainly aren’t the pictures of a 125 pound woman beaten several times over a week by a 225 pound athlete. They appear to me to be the result of a typical girl fight. Lots of grabbing and wrestling and very little punching.

Listen to the 9-1-1 call listen to her voice and her words. Tell me this is the response of a battered woman.

Read the text messages where she asks her friend to lie for her and say she saw Ezekiel Elliott grab her and drag her and beat her.

The totality of this situation leads me to honestly believe Zeke is innocent. Could he be guilty? Yes. Is there enough evidence to say he is by even a 51% to 49% basis? Nope. The Columbus Police and the Franklin County Prosecutors have said the case doesn’t warrant an arrest or trial. Why? Because they don’t believe the “victim”.

Lastly, Info has come out today that NFL commish Roger Goodale did not attend a single meeting with Zeke or the accuser yet still was the judge, jury, and executioner should send you into a rage. The NFL decided this case well before the alleged incident ever happened. The day they received criticism for their handling of Ray Rice they knew they had to fix that image and they are doing it on the back of Ezekiel Elliott.

Until the NFL produces some actual evidence to support their 6 game suspension there is only one thing to say. Shame on the NFL.

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