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MotSaG Chat with 2017 Athlete JaCoby Stevens

With the way the recruiting world is today, it is no wonder why everybody already knows JaCoby Stevens’ name.  The class of 2017 athlete, from Nashville, Tennessee, already holds offers from some of the top schools in the nation. The offer sheet includes the likes of Ohio State, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, and UGA.  Impressive for a kid who just finished his freshman season right?  While he lists himself as an athlete he said that, “As it gets closer to 2017, is when I’ll know what position I will be playing.”  He retold me the story of how Ohio State offered him while he was at Summer workouts.  “I was at summer workouts and Coach McDaniel came to me and said you have an offer from Ohio State.  I was elated!”  While he was beyond excited for the OSU offer, he also said that he needs to get his head out of the clouds and go to work.

He does not have any favorites because his recruitment is just starting to pick up some steam.  He has a couple of crystal balls to Tennessee so I asked him why people think that Tennessee is the favorite right now and he said, “Everybody around me was going to Tennessee so I guess people just assume that I am too.  I’m open to every school though.”  Ohio State, is near the top of the list.  He had nothing but good things to say about Ohio State.  “I like OSU, they are big on their tradition.  I love that they compete for and win conference championships and the success that they have had in the BCS is just amazing.”  He also loves his main recruiter Coach Hinton, saying that Hinton has a good sense of humor and that he, along with the rest of the coaches on Urban Meyer’s staff, are just being real with him.  He has a good relationship with the Ohio State Staff which is only going to get stronger as his recruitment intensifies.

As for what is next in Stevens’ recruitment?  Next weekend he will be going to the Bayou, and visiting LSU.  He wants to visit Columbus over the summer and is very excited about that visit.  When asked if he could say something to Ohio State fans, he said, “Go Bucks!!”  Stevens has an impressive offer sheet for just a freshman and because he is only a freshman, he will have plenty of opportunities to visit the schools he wants to visit.   I like that he already has a strong relationship with coach Hinton so early in the recruiting process.  I think that can only spell good things for Ohio State. It will be interesting to see his recruitment develop over the next several years and is one that every Buckeye fan should watch going forward.

You can follow Stevens on twitter: @StevensJaCoby 

And Check out his 247sports profile.



MotSaG Chat with Austin Clark

4star_recruit_iconosuHelmetAustin Clark is a top Offensive Tackle coming out of the 2015 class. He is 6’6 and weighs around 296. Clark is from Lexington, Virginia in Rockbridge County. Austin is a very highly rated Offensive Tackle in his class. 247 Sports has him has a four star and a top ten player coming out of Virginia. He has many offers from schools such as Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, Virginia, Clemson and Virginia Tech.

Austin plans on committing June 12th and plans to narrow his list down before his commitment. There is high interest with South Carolina and Tennessee but the Buckeyes are still in the hunt. Keep reading below to learn about Austin.


Andrew: How has the recruiting process been?

Austin: It’s been going great. I’m going to be making my decision on June 12th.

Andrew: What schools are showing interest?

Austin: All the schools in my top 7 are showing interest. Including Ohio State. I’m planning on narrowing it down to a top 4 the weekend before the 12th.

Andrew: What schools are recruiting you the hardest?

Austin: Right now I’d say Ohio State, Tennessee and South Carolina are recruiting me the hardest.

Andrew: How was your Ohio State visit?

Austin: It was great. I’d been up for camp and a game before but it was my first time getting to see the facilities and sit down with the coaches face to face. I was very impressed.

Andrew: What did the coaches tell you?

Austin: Coach Meyer and Coach Warriner’s message to me was that they love how I play and they want me to be a buckeye.

Andrew: Any upcoming visits?

Austin: Right now the only visit I really have planned is South Carolina on the 31st of May.

Andrew: How would you describe your game?

Austin: I’m a physical run blocking type. But I can also be physical in pass protection. One thing I’m not satisfied unless I get a pancake every play haha.

Andrew: Is there anything you want to improve on?

Austin: The thing I’ve been working to improve is stopping the speed rush in pass protection. I’m pretty good but you can always be better.

Andrew: What are your max outs?

Austin: My squat is 550. My power clean is 315 and my bench is 310.

Andrew: Is there anything you want people to know?

Austin: I’ll be graduating early and wherever I go I’m going to work my butt off to be the best I can be.

Follow Austin on twitter: @AustinClark76

MotSag Chat with 2016 TE Jake Hausmann

Recruiting the tight end position has been difficult for Urban Meyer and staff.  They swung and missed with Geisicki, as we all know, who committed to Penn State.  They did land a recruit as part of the 2013 class in Marcus Baugh, but that has been, interesting?  One of the nation’s best tight ends for the class of 2016, is right in their own backyard, in Cincinnati, Moeller’s Jake Hausmann.  Holding offers from some of the strongest programs around the midwest and nation, including, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Kentucky, he has many options to choose from. Being from Ohio, and having both parents go to Ohio State, and currently having a sibling at OSU, it is easy to see why he was excited about the Buckeye offer. “The day before they offered, my coach told me they were coming to visit me at school and that they were gonna offer.  I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep the night before.  Coach Coombs came to my school and offered me a scholarship to Ohio State, I was so excited!” Hausmann talked about how close his relationship with coach Coombs is.  He talks to coach Coombs a lot and even talks to coach Meyer directly also.  In fact, the other day when I messaged Jake for this interview, he told me he had just gotten off the phone with coach Meyer and coach Coombs.  Not a bad day I guess.

As for why he loves Ohio State? “The coaches are just awesome, I love the relationship I have with them and they are recruiting me the hardest.  The tight end was not used that much last season, but I think that will change this season because they have some playmakers at that position.  Ohio State is also just everything I’m looking for in a school.”As for what is next on the Hausmann recruiting trail?  He is attending the Columbus NFTC on Sunday and then going to stay overnight and tour the campus, meet the coaches, and all the jazz.   He also wanted to say to buckeye fans, “Go Bucks!”

Jake Hausmann is already one of my favorite players to cover in the nation.  He is an amazing football player, but truly an even better person.  He was honest, sincere, and really just wanted to help with the interview.  I think that the buckeyes are in a good position for his recruitment, but he has no leaders.  But, with all that he has told me, I think it would be hard for him to turn down a chance to play for his favorite school, Ohio State.


You can follow Jake on Twitter: @Jake_Hausmann 

Check out his 247sports page as well as highlights from his sophomore season.


MotSaG Chat with TaJonn Nickelson

Tajonn Nickelson, a junior from Massachusetts, is a versatile athlete playing multiple positions on the football field.  To show you how versatile he is: his high school team plagued by injuries,  was in need of offensive and defensive linemen.  So, Nickelson standing just 5-10. took the opportunity to showcase his athleticism, by playing both offensive and defensive tackle.  Yes, a 5-10 offensive tackle is not the most ideal OT size, but Nickelson will do whatever it takes for the team to win.  He was kind enough to sit down for some questions with us.

What colleges have shown you the most interest?

TaJonn: Bryant, UMass, Sacred Heart.

Are you visiting any schools over the summer and if so, what schools?

TaJonn:  have not planned any unoffical visits yet. But I will be visiting some schools but I don’t know yet.

    What camps are you attending this summer?

 TaJonn: UConn, UMass,Assumption College (D2), Towson, & Liberty.

    Why are you highly interested in Ohio State?

TaJonn: I’m highly interested  in Ohio St because I like the tradition,coaches and just the school in general.

    What position do you want to play in college?

TaJonn:  I plan on playing defensive back or slot receiver in college.

    Current measurables? Height, weight, any sparq numbers?

TaJonn:  5’10 192. 4.30 shuttle. 

    What do you want to say to Buckeye Nation?!

TaJonn: Go Bucks!!!


Check out his highlights and recruiting page here: 



MotSaG Chat with Kevin Mensah JR

This article was written by Michael Rockstedt @Mike_Rockstedt the newest member of the MotSag team.

Kevin Mensah JR is just getting started with his recruitment. The 5-8, 171 pound freshman from Massachusetts, is well, just a freshman. But, as we know with the recruitment of Danny Clark, it is never too early for recruiting. He has a lot of interest from schools as just a freshman and even that is difficult to do. He told me that he loves Ohio State and that they are in his top 5. To have a top 5 with Ohio State in it as a freshman is a pretty neat thing. He also qualified for the NUC Combine King National Championship, something he is very excited for. Keep a watch on him as his recruitment develops more and more as I think he is a prospect to watch for the future. Kevin was kind enough to sit down for an interview and answer a couple of questions for MOTSAG…


Mike- What colleges have shown you the most interest?

Kevin- UMass and Holy Cross.

Mike- Are you visiting any schools over the summer and if so, what schools?

Kevin- UConn and UMass

Mike- What camps are you attending this summer?

Kevin- UConn, Pitt, UMass, Holy Cross and BC

Mike- Why are you highly interested in Ohio State?

Kevin- It’s a great football program and their education is what I’m looking for.

Mike- What position do you want to play in college?

Kevin- RB or Safety.

Mike- Current measurables? Height, weight, any sparq numbers?

Kevin- 5’8 for height and I weight 171, no sparq number yet.

Mike- What do you want to say to Buckeye Nation?!

Kevin- You won’t regret giving an offer to me!

You can watch Kevin’s highlights by clicking Hudl.

You can follow Kevin on Twitter by clicking @ARTofKM

MotSaG Chat with John Kelly

This is post number 3 from Michael Rockstedt A.K.A @Mike_Rockstedt . He is continuing the process of interviewing and again would appreciate any and all feedback on his style and content. If you are on Twitter give him a follow as well.

Although the two states are rivals, Ohio has been recruiting the state of Michigan as hard as almost any other state across the country. That has not changed with the recruitment of Oak Park, Michigan athlete John Kelly. Standing 5-10 and weighing 194 pounds, there are many positions that Kelly can play. With offers from the likes of Michigan State, Minnesota, Maryland, and Cincinnati, most of the schools that are recruiting him are recruiting him to play corner. Although he does not have an offer from Ohio State, he keeps in regular contact with Coach Kerry Coombs, who recruits Michigan, and said of his relationship with Coombs, “He has been recruiting me for a while and really wants me to play DB. He visits me often.” He is visiting this weekend for the NFTC in Columbus and is expecting an offer either there or very soon thereafter.


“They want me to come to visit the school and meet the whole coaching staff and I should get offered then,” says Kelly. It is an offer that Kelly covets and he also said that they would be high on his list if they offered. He has been to Ohio State before but said that he did not get a chance to really talk to the coaches and tour the campus. He went down there just for a camp and said, “I got a chance to show off some of my skills.” This visit will be different because he will be able to tour the campus and talk to the coaches rather than just show off his skills. The coaches know what he can do on the field, but the coaches are hoping to impress him off the field as well.

When asked if there was anything he would like to say to buckeye nation, he said, “I would like to thank you guys for doing the interview with me and maybe I can become the next great buckeye. #GoBucks. Be on the lookout for my squad this year as well #SFC.” Without an offer, there is no way he becomes a Buckeye. But form talking to him it seems he is very excited about visiting Ohio State and could earn an offer from them this weekend. If they offer, I think the Buckeyes shoot right up the list, because of his strong relationship with Coach Coombs. Ohio State fans should follow him closely, especially if he earns an offer. You can follow John on twitter, @D1JohnKelly. Check out his 247sports page as well.

One Fan’s View: Top 10 Most Wanted Recruits

Today is post number 2 from Michael Rockstedt A.K.A @Mike_Rockstedt . He is continuing the process of interviewing and again would appreciate any and all feedback on his style and content. If you are on Twitter give him a follow as well.

Top Ten Recruits that I want OSU to land for 2014.

1. Torrance Gibson- What is the most important piece to any recruiting class? The star quarterback without a doubt. Often times the QB of the class is the “main recruiter” for the class. Torrance Gibson is no different. The 5 star Quarterback from Florida is a freakish-athlete. Urban Meyer covets this type of player because of his athleticism and if Quarterback does not work out, then he could definitely play a wide receiver position because of his athleticism.

2. Damien Harris- The one time Michigan commit de-committed from TTUN and is now wide open in his recruiting. A lot of recruits de-commit, and as Urban Meyer has said before, “Landing a commitment only means you are in that recruits top 3,” but rarely does a recruit de-commit then re-commit to that same school. So I do not expect him to re-commit to TTUN. With blazing fast speed and a big strong build, he is the kind of running back Urban Meyer covets. Plus, it would be awesome to get a recruit that once belonged to Michigan, wouldn’t it?

3. Christian Kirk- Getting arguably the number one quarterback in Gibson, running back in Harris, and wide receiver in Kirk would be an amazing feat for Urban Meyer, and the best part is that all three could easily end up at OSU. He is more of the Hybrid type receiver and will only get faster. He is the type of recruit that Urban Meyer wants for that hybrid/H-back role.

4. Jerome Baker- Baker is one of, if not, the best player in the state of Ohio. He plays multiple positions for Benedictine including outside linebacker and running back. While some schools think he would be a good running back in college, I think he is a better linebacker, and that is where I think he will play if he picks OSU. Urban knows he needs to secure the best players in state of Ohio, and I think he does that with Baker as I feel we lead for his commitment.

5. Justin Hilliard- Hilliard has made many visits to Ohio State and it is no secret about his strong relationship with freshman linebacker Raekwon McMillan. He recently announced a top 5 of Alabama, Iowa, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. He is a big, strong, physical linebacker with great awareness of the game around him. He will add to the recruiting classes that Urban Meyer has brought in recent classes. This will be a tough battle between Notre Dame, Alabama, and Ohio State.

6. Matt Burrell- The 6-5, 312lb offensive tackle from Woodbridge, Virginia, is a monster on the football field. Holding offers from many of the big programs across the country, it is easy to see why so many schools are after him. I think that he is the Demetrius Knox of this class. I think that he loves a lot of schools and is open to many schools and is also ready to play from the day he goes to school. He would be a solid get for Urban Meyer and he is also friends with many other recruits that OSU is interested in, which will help with them also.

7. Van Jefferson- Van Jefferson is an intriguing prospect because he has great height and is well coached by his NFL dad. His dad is the Wide Receivers coach for the Tennessee Titans. Urban Meyer loves the small, speedy receivers, but also loves the taller receivers for deep routes. That is what Jefferson brings to the table. He has amazing route running abilities and is a natural wide receiver. He is deciding relatively soon and I think it is a Tennessee vs. Ohio State battle with OSU holding the edge.

8. Elijah Taylor- The defensive tackle from Cincinnati is heavily considering OSU. He is a big prospect and one that fits the mold for the Larry Johnson defensive tackle; not too heavy, but athletic and strong. This will be a battle between OSU and Notre Dame which I think OSU will win and he could be one of the next couple of commits for OSU.

9. Chris Clark- Oh, the tight end position. We whiffed on Gesicki as he committed to Penn State, and we have not had much in the tight end department in recruiting. Chris Clark was a UNC commit, before de-committing shortly after that. He is wide open now and said that Michigan was ahead of OSU for his services. We need Clark for this position after Hentges committed to Alabama. I think that Clark is the best tight end in the nation. He does want to visit OSU before making a decision at the Opening, and if he does, then game on.

10. Dre’mont Jones- Jones is a tall, lanky defensive end prospect from Cleveland, Ohio. He is athletic and quick, but I do not think he has the college football body yet, which is fine because he is only a junior in high school. I think Jones is one of the best prospects in Ohio and Urban wants him bad. I think that he commits to OSU and he, like Taylor, could be one of the next couple of commits for OSU.

Ohio State lands a QB commit

Well enough of the drought. Ohio state has landed a recruit and it is a quarterback and he is not Torrence Gibson. Before anyone goes bananas and frets about losing out on Gibson… who am I kidding I can already imagine how insane Twitter will be with this news. Ohio State in my opinion has to take two QBs in this class and on the off chance they don’t land a Gibson like talent who more and more appears to be slated as a WR in college they had to land a kid who gives them what they need and from where they need him to be from. There is nothing better than a home state kid getting an offer and if he happens to be a talented QB and a big time Buckeye fan so be it.


Joe Burrow is a 6’4″ 205 Dual Threat QB from Athens, Ohio. He committed to Ohio State today officially via his Twitter account.

Joe Burrow is a giant of a kid. The Junior in High School is already 6’4″ and over 200 pounds. He has had a statistic impressive career so far he has thrown for 7000 yards and 94 TDs he also has 1500 yards rushing and 22 rushing TDs in 2 years. Not to bad at all. His upside is impressive as he will continue to get scouted and taught. He may not be the flashy name but he is the right QB for OSU and Coach Meyers offense. He is a better passer than runner which is the thing OSU fans wanted the most of the next QB recruit. 247sports ranks him a 4 star and the 10th best DT QB in the country. Rivals ranks him a 3 star and the 24th best DT QB in the country.

You can follow Joe on Twitter by clicking @Joe_Burrow10

DE Jamal Marcus Set to Transfer from Ohio State

According to a report from Yahoo Sports, defensive Jamal Marcus is reportedly leaving the Ohio State football program due to academic problems. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Marcus was not dismissed and the decision to leave was mutual between the program and him.

Marcus was going to compete for one of the starting defensive end positions due to starter Noah Spence serving a three game suspension. Spence already served one game in the Orange Bowl last season where Marcus filled in for him. Marcus had six tackles int that game and raised a lot of people’s eyebrows with his performance in that game. Unfortunately Buckeye fans will never see his full potential in a scarlet and gray uniform.

Some in the national media (ESPN in particular) are pointing out the Buckeyes are thin at defensive end, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Steve Miller and Tyquan Lewis should fill in nicely for Spence the first two games, alongside Joey Bosa. It’s only two games and of course ESPN is trying to make this a bigger deal than it should be. The Buckeyes will be just fine without Marcus. It’s disappointing to see Marcus’ time at Ohio State end like this, but it isn’t going to hurt the Buckeyes too much.

As for where Jamal Marcus will end up, here is one possibility:

One more fallout from this is this now drops the Buckeyes down to 82 scholarships. This is the number the Buckeyes have to be at due to the NCAA sanctions from “Tatoo Gate.” This is the final season the scholarship reduction is in place for the Buckeyes.

While the absence of Marcus will hurt in those first two games, it won’t make the Buckeyes completely vulnerable. Remember it’s not even June yet, so Urban Meyer and the coaching staff have months to prepare for this loss.

MotSaG Chat with Matthew Burrell

We here at MotSaG are pleased to welcome guest writer Michael Rockstedt who is writing a series of posts for us as part of his interview process to become a full time writer for our site. We would appreciate any and all feedback to help Michael with his process. You can also follow Michael Rockstedt on Twitter by clicking @OSUFANBRO

Standing 6 Foot 5 and weighing 312 pounds, it is no wonder almost every school in the nation is after Woodbridge, Virginia Offensive Tackle prospect Matt Burrell. The number 67 rated recruit in 247sports’ composite rankings, Burrell has offers from many of the big time schools across the nation. The offers include the likes of Ohio State, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and Texas. It is no surprise to people that follow recruiting heavily that Burrell is very interested in Ohio State. He recently took a trip to Ohio State and had many good things to say about it.


“The atmosphere in Columbus is Awesome! It felt like a home atmosphere.” The atmosphere and attitude surrounding Ohio State is without a question one of the best. He also had good things to say about the weight program. As many buckeye fans know, the weight room is controlled by the fierce Mickey Marotti. Burrell loved the weight program there. “The Weight Program overall is sick! The coach who runs it is awesome. Just the plan they have there at Ohio State is overall great.”

Getting to talk to the coaches on the trip was another thing that stood out to Burrell. He talks to Larry Johnson because he recruits that area. But he also said that he talks to Urban Meyer the most. When you are talking to the head coach directly, you must be an important target for the class. Burrell admits that he was nervous about meeting Urban Meyer. He had talked to him many times but meeting him was different. “I wanted to meet Urban Meyer and just put the name and face together. I was very nervous to meet him, but meeting him was awesome. When I was talking to him it didn’t even feel like he was a coach and I was a player, it felt like we were already friends. We did not even introduce ourselves.” He said that meeting Meyer was just amazing and having that relationship with him is amazing as well.

As for what is next in his recruitment? He does plan on taking all of his official visits. He is hoping to get up to Ohio State for this weekend’s Columbus NFTC but is still working some things out on that. He has no leaders and wants to commit after his official visits. I asked him what he would say to all the Buckeye fans out there and he said, “Go Bucks!! You guys are awesome and just thank you for all the support!” Burrell is a prospect that every Buckeye fan should get to know.

You can follow Matthew Burrell on Twitter by clicking @__Triumphant