MotSaG Chat with TaJonn Nickelson

Tajonn Nickelson, a junior from Massachusetts, is a versatile athlete playing multiple positions on the football field.  To show you how versatile he is: his high school team plagued by injuries,  was in need of offensive and defensive linemen.  So, Nickelson standing just 5-10. took the opportunity to showcase his athleticism, by playing both offensive and defensive tackle.  Yes, a 5-10 offensive tackle is not the most ideal OT size, but Nickelson will do whatever it takes for the team to win.  He was kind enough to sit down for some questions with us.

What colleges have shown you the most interest?

TaJonn: Bryant, UMass, Sacred Heart.

Are you visiting any schools over the summer and if so, what schools?

TaJonn:  have not planned any unoffical visits yet. But I will be visiting some schools but I don’t know yet.

    What camps are you attending this summer?

 TaJonn: UConn, UMass,Assumption College (D2), Towson, & Liberty.

    Why are you highly interested in Ohio State?

TaJonn: I’m highly interested  in Ohio St because I like the tradition,coaches and just the school in general.

    What position do you want to play in college?

TaJonn:  I plan on playing defensive back or slot receiver in college.

    Current measurables? Height, weight, any sparq numbers?

TaJonn:  5’10 192. 4.30 shuttle. 

    What do you want to say to Buckeye Nation?!

TaJonn: Go Bucks!!!


Check out his highlights and recruiting page here: 




  1. Coach Corbert says

    this kid is absolute trash. He did not play a west boylston what so ever. He is now a bench player with a high school team who is 0-8

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