MotSaG Chat with Kevin Mensah JR

This article was written by Michael Rockstedt @Mike_Rockstedt the newest member of the MotSag team.

Kevin Mensah JR is just getting started with his recruitment. The 5-8, 171 pound freshman from Massachusetts, is well, just a freshman. But, as we know with the recruitment of Danny Clark, it is never too early for recruiting. He has a lot of interest from schools as just a freshman and even that is difficult to do. He told me that he loves Ohio State and that they are in his top 5. To have a top 5 with Ohio State in it as a freshman is a pretty neat thing. He also qualified for the NUC Combine King National Championship, something he is very excited for. Keep a watch on him as his recruitment develops more and more as I think he is a prospect to watch for the future. Kevin was kind enough to sit down for an interview and answer a couple of questions for MOTSAG…


Mike- What colleges have shown you the most interest?

Kevin- UMass and Holy Cross.

Mike- Are you visiting any schools over the summer and if so, what schools?

Kevin- UConn and UMass

Mike- What camps are you attending this summer?

Kevin- UConn, Pitt, UMass, Holy Cross and BC

Mike- Why are you highly interested in Ohio State?

Kevin- It’s a great football program and their education is what I’m looking for.

Mike- What position do you want to play in college?

Kevin- RB or Safety.

Mike- Current measurables? Height, weight, any sparq numbers?

Kevin- 5’8 for height and I weight 171, no sparq number yet.

Mike- What do you want to say to Buckeye Nation?!

Kevin- You won’t regret giving an offer to me!

You can watch Kevin’s highlights by clicking Hudl.

You can follow Kevin on Twitter by clicking @ARTofKM

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