MotSaG Chat with 2017 Athlete JaCoby Stevens

With the way the recruiting world is today, it is no wonder why everybody already knows JaCoby Stevens’ name.  The class of 2017 athlete, from Nashville, Tennessee, already holds offers from some of the top schools in the nation. The offer sheet includes the likes of Ohio State, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, and UGA.  Impressive for a kid who just finished his freshman season right?  While he lists himself as an athlete he said that, “As it gets closer to 2017, is when I’ll know what position I will be playing.”  He retold me the story of how Ohio State offered him while he was at Summer workouts.  “I was at summer workouts and Coach McDaniel came to me and said you have an offer from Ohio State.  I was elated!”  While he was beyond excited for the OSU offer, he also said that he needs to get his head out of the clouds and go to work.

He does not have any favorites because his recruitment is just starting to pick up some steam.  He has a couple of crystal balls to Tennessee so I asked him why people think that Tennessee is the favorite right now and he said, “Everybody around me was going to Tennessee so I guess people just assume that I am too.  I’m open to every school though.”  Ohio State, is near the top of the list.  He had nothing but good things to say about Ohio State.  “I like OSU, they are big on their tradition.  I love that they compete for and win conference championships and the success that they have had in the BCS is just amazing.”  He also loves his main recruiter Coach Hinton, saying that Hinton has a good sense of humor and that he, along with the rest of the coaches on Urban Meyer’s staff, are just being real with him.  He has a good relationship with the Ohio State Staff which is only going to get stronger as his recruitment intensifies.

As for what is next in Stevens’ recruitment?  Next weekend he will be going to the Bayou, and visiting LSU.  He wants to visit Columbus over the summer and is very excited about that visit.  When asked if he could say something to Ohio State fans, he said, “Go Bucks!!”  Stevens has an impressive offer sheet for just a freshman and because he is only a freshman, he will have plenty of opportunities to visit the schools he wants to visit.   I like that he already has a strong relationship with coach Hinton so early in the recruiting process.  I think that can only spell good things for Ohio State. It will be interesting to see his recruitment develop over the next several years and is one that every Buckeye fan should watch going forward.

You can follow Stevens on twitter: @StevensJaCoby 

And Check out his 247sports profile.