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All right, everybody, it’s week two! Time to stop losing to FCS schools and turning in mildly disappointing performances that do not meet all of your fans’ absurd expectations!



Sacramento State at Arizona State. Don’t worry about the late kickoff, this game isn’t likely to be on your TV anyway. So why would I include it on a list of games I think you should watch? Well, for starters, there are no other good options tonight, but more importantly, Sacramento State is one of two FCS schools who beat FBS opponents in 2011 and 2012. The other one? North Dakota State, who just beat Kansas State in last weekend’s Dawn of the Living Sisters of the Poor. Working in the Sun Devils’ favor here is the fact that Sac State got shut out by San Jose State last week. (Pac-12 Network, which is a thing I guess)



Wake Forest at Boston College. I mean, maybe ESPN is hoping that “#ACCtion” will catch on or something? I don’t know. These teams are no good; don’t watch this game; I’m sorry I brought it up. (ESPN2)



Florida at Miami. When we last saw our good friends the Gators, they were following up their humiliation at the hands of Louisville in last year’s Sugar Bowl with a less-than-enthusiastic win over the Toledo Rockets of the MAC. Meanwhile, the Miami Hurricanes were beating the Florida Atlantic Owls a little more convincingly in a game I told you to watch but you didn’t (neither did I). Unless the NCAA gets around to ruling on their case sometime soon, the Canes are actually playing for post-season possibilities this year. Beating a prominent SEC team at home would go a long way to rehabilitating their image. (ESPN)


San Diego State at Ohio State. Buckeye fans were a little restless after last week’s unfulfilling 40-20 win over Buffalo. Imagine the reaction if we don’t annihilate a team that got throttled 40-19 by FCS Eastern Illinois last week. Yikes. (ABC/ESPN2)


Sam Houston State at Texas A&M. You probably won’t be able to see this one either, but I had to throw it in here just in case this is the game Johnny Manziel decides to throw rotten vegetables at opposing players and the crowd. I’ll spare you the rant, but suffice it to say: “Go Sam Houston! Whoever you are!” (GamePlan/PPV)


Notre Dame at Michigan. If ESPN’s crack staff of analysts is to be believed, this rivalry has been played every year since the late fourteenth century. When Christopher Columbus discovered America, it was in the middle of a Notre Dame/Michigan game. Regardless of your feelings toward these two teams, this game is usually intense. The last four meetings have all been decided by a touchdown or less, including three won in the last minute of the game. (ESPN)


  1. Florida at Miami should be a great game to watch….

  2. Ooof. Not exactly a stellar week. This is what we waited 8 months for? Barf.

    At least the NFL is on tonight. Oh, wait, it’s the two teams I hate more than anyone but Michigan. NO THANKS.

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