The Best of the B1G, #3 Bradley Roby

b1g_iconBradley Roby is not the biggest Cornerback in the country at 5’11” and 192 lbs but what the RS JR CB from Suwanee, GA lacks in size he makes up for in insanely impressive speed and skills. Bradley Roby has been one of the best CBs in the country let alone B1G the past 2 years and is predicted to be a finalist for the Thorpe Award (Best DB in the country) and the Bednarik Award and Nagurski Award (Best Defensive players). Bradley Roby is also predicted to be the no 1 CB taken in the NFL draft if he decides to leave early after his RS Jr. season and will for sure be a 1st rounder. he is a shut down CB who is avoided for the most part by opponents. When opposing QBs do attempt to throw his way more times than not he is able to break up the pass or intercept it.

There has been one hiccup in what could be Roby’s last year at OSU. He was recently arrested at a bar in Bloomington, Indiana. That case as of today still hasn’t been finalized and no word about possible suspension or other punishments. As soon as we know more we will share with our readers.


Bradley Roby led the nation in Passes defended per game at 1.73 pg. He was tied for 3rd with total passes broken up with 17. He also tied for 7th with 19 total passes defended. He is also the fastest player on the Buckeye team with a 4.29 40 yard dash. He has great recovery speed that allows him to catch up to WRs if they make a good first move on him. His feet are top notch and all of those things are what makes Bradley Roby not only the best CB in the B1G but in my opinion the country. He has a real instinct for the ball and knows how to make plays and does so often especially when the team needs him to the most in critical games.he also is a lead attacker on Punt blocks and kicks and had one block last season. he also has helped on KO and Punt returns. He is a leader on the team and will do anything asked of him to help the team. For us here at Motsag tere isn’t a better CB in the B1G and barely any better players overall than Bradley Roby and that is why he is ranked no. 3 on our top 25 list. it can be argued he is worthy of the top spot and by seasons end he may very well be there.

Bradley Roby’s career stats….

RS Freshman stats- He played in 13 games and had 37 solo tackles and 10 asst tackles for 47 total tackles, He also had 4 TFL for -23 yards and 1 forced fumble, He also had 6 passes defended and 3 INTs for 57 yards.

RS Sophomore stats- He played in 11 games and had 41 solo tackles and 22 asst tackles for 63 total tackles, He also had 1 sack for -11 yards, 2 TFLs for -13 yards, 1 fumble recovery, 17 passes defended, and 2 INTs for 49 yards.

You can follow Bradley Roby on twitter by clicking his twitter name @BradRoby_1.

You can view his Sophomore year highlights below…

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  1. Man, that lingering suspension is no fun. He should be just fine whenever he gets back into the lineup, but with the unknown hanging over like a black cloud has got to be frustrating, not just for Roby.

    When he does come back, I expect to see him play lights-out. And hey, who knows. I know he’s said he’s probably entering the draft, but maybe this suspension leaves a bad taste in his mouth and he comes back. A fan can dream, right?!


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