The Best of the B1G, #5 Taylor Lewan

b1g_iconTaylor Lewan comes in at #5 on your countdown (best Casey Kasem impression here) and it could have been higher if it weren’t for this:

UM Explosion

Granted, Clowney has done that to many a left tackle…but it’s still funny.

Talyor Lewan is an award winning left tackle for the Michigan Wolverines. In my opinion and the opinions of many, many other know-it-all unprofessional bloggers around the Universe the left tackle position is the second most important behind quarterback. This is because the left tackle protects the blind side of the quarterback — or attempting to keep the Jadeveon Clowney’s of the world from removing helmets/heads/pride of said QB. Let’s listen to Sandra Bullock use a her best non-racist Paula Deen accent as she explains the importance of the left tackle:

Magical, isn’t it?

Taylor Lewan is resposnible for protecting Devin Garner, Michigans quarterback in 2013. Lewan has started games in all three of his previous season and has won a ton of hardware. Second-team Freshman All-American, Freshman All Big Ten (2010), Honorable Mention All American (2011), Rimington-Pace Offensive Lineman of the Year (2012) and First-team All-American (2012). He’s played in three bowl games and helped bring Michigan back to respectability. Lewan made the difficult decision to stay in school rather than jump to the NFL for millions of dollars. There are many that thought he was a shoe-in to be a top ten pick. He did the admirable thing and stayed in school to persue his degree in Kinesiology which of course is the study of old wooden ships — or something.

Lewan is listed at 6’8, 308lbs but is very agile and quick for such a big man. He is able to get down field on screen passes, reverses and handle defenders in space. He is at times struggled with dealing with blitz pickups coming from the inside. The bottom line is he is every quarterbacks best friend and a nightmare for defensive lineman and linebackers to deal with. He wears #77 which is typically given to the best of Michigans offensive lineman. He will not only protect Devin Garners blindside, but clear running lanes for the Wolverines stable of talented young running backs.

I look forward to Noah Spence and Adolphus Washington lining up against him in the season to come.

Lewan vs. Jadeveon Clowney:

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