Bradley Roby also arrested

In the world is coming to an end after the story I had to write this morning concerning Carlos Hyde. Comes a total apocalypse story that Bradley Roby was also arrested.

According to Tim May in the Columbus Dispatch…

According to Monroe County court records, Roby was arrested early yesterday morning in Bloomington and is facing preliminary charges of battery resulting in bodily injury. Sources told The Dispatch he was asked to leave a bar after a disturbance, refused, and was subdued by bouncers at the bar before being taken into custody.

Also in that same story Mr. May says a source he has says that Carlos Hyde has been dismissed from the team….

Sources told The Dispatch this morning that Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer has dismissed No.1 running back Carlos Hyde, who was named as a person of interest in a weekend assault against a female in a Downtown bar, and that he is still looking into a situation regarding starting cornerback Bradley Roby in Bloomington, Ind., over the weekend.

While I have no doubt that Mr. Mays source is anything less than fully credible I imagine it will be announced as suspended indefinitely. But the truth is the team is in a shambles right now and this wont help anything. Lets just hope that these cases get cleared up quickly and everyone else stays at home when not at practice.


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