Bradley Roby charges reduced

In what should come as no surprise to anyone the charges against Bradley Roby have been reduced from Battery to Disorderly Conduct. From the beginning the charges seemed over the top. Roby was accused of pushing a bouncer in the chest causing pain. Yes he was dumb and should have just left the bar when asked but the battery charge seemed over the top to me.

Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch had this to say on his twitter feed…

From the article…

The misdemeanor charge against Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby was changed today from battery, a class A misdemeanor, to disorderly conduct, a less serious charge.

Roby was arrested July 21 after an altercation outside a Bloomington, Ind, bar. Roby has not missed practice time, but the All-Big Ten player has taken reps with the second unit during training camp.

Coach Urban Meyer has said that he is awaiting all of the facts in the case before deciding what, if any, punishment he’ll give Roby. At the Big Ten media days, Meyer said that a suspension was likely.

The motion to amend was filed by Monroe County deputy prosecutor Christopher Pierce this morning. Disorderly conduct is a class B misdemeanor.

The pretrial conference remains scheduled for Aug. 26.

With this news you should expect Roby to plead guilty and most likely get some community service and a fine at worst. He will see some time cleaning Buckeye Grove and may miss 1 game IMO.


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