MotSaG Reader’s Digest for July 21, 2013

b1g_iconOSU LogoOSU FootballThe MotSaG Reader’s Digest is just that — a quick glance at the past week of content here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray. This will give you a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed during the course of the week. This isn’t everything we posted this week, so we always encourage everyone to subscribe to our feed, sign up for email alerts or simply check the website on a regular basis.

Site News

We added another writer to the site, Ronnie. Ronnie will be bring us an insightful look at some of the schemes and technical aspects that the OSU football team will be employing this year.


We had another great Ohio State wrestler profile from Garth, this time of JD Bergman:

JD Bergman is a complex and talented man embarked on the mission of his life, which is to say his entire life. He is just the kind of person you think of when you hear the Abraham Lincoln quote which is something like: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”


Jeremiah took a look at the shape next year’s recruiting class is taking in his “Numbers Crunch” post.

We also had interviews with Class of 2014 Shawn Boone, Class of 2015 Drew Richmond, CJ Sanders and Class of 2017 Danny Clark.


We started this week (actually ended last week) with the news that Marcus Baugh was arrested for underage drinking. Boys will be boys, and Marcus is still a young’un. But, since he plays football for Urban Meyer, boys will also run sprints. And Marcus will be running a lot.

For some reason, Brady Hoke and Will Muschamp were throwing shade at Ohio. Frank Solich has no idea why.

Ronnie looked at five Buckeyes that will need to step up their game if Ohio State has a chance to make a run at the BCS Title, including Linebacker Curtis Grant:

However if this defense wants to become elite, Grant must become a more efficient and smarter football player.

Finally, a plethora of Buckeyes were named to watchlists for the various year-end awards. You can find a round up of all of them here.


Not much on the basketball front here in July, but Shannon wrote a nice tribute to Buckeye favorite Chris Jent as he prepares to take on his next coaching challenge.

Coming up

We’ve got another full week of content coming up, including an extensive preview of the exciting Friday Night Lights event coming up this week. We’ll also continue our look at the best of the B1G, picking up at #20 on Monday. Will there be any more Buckeyes in the second tier of players? Stay tuned.

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